Ag PhD Iron Talk

Ag PhD Iron Talk

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Equipment technology is constantly evolving. In these Iron Talk segments taken from Ag PhD, Darren Hefty discusses the latest trends in equipment technology. If you’re looking for anything that has to do with tractors, combines, planters, tillage, trucks, and fleet management, including research and maintenance, these are the videos for you.

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Ag PhD Iron Talk
  • Mixing Herbicides and Fertilizer

    Episode 1134

    Darren Hefty offers tips on successfully spraying herbicides and fertilizer at the same time.

  • Soybean Herbicide and Tools

    Episode 1133

    In this week's Iron Talk, Darren Hefty discusses some tips and tricks to managing weeds in soybeans.

  • Installing Tile with Laser vs. GPS

    Episode 1132

    Darren Hefty talks about using laser and GPS to install drainage tile in fields.

  • Preparing Your Planter for a Busy Season

    Episode 1131

    In this week's Iron Talk, Darren Hefty discusses some important secrets to help boost your yield. It all starts with preparing your planter.

  • Field Cultivator Maintenance

    Episode 1130

    Darren Hefty talks about replacing shovels on your field cultivator.

  • Should You Invest in Vertical Cone Bottom Bins?

    Episode 1129

    Should you invest in vertical bins on your farm? In this week's Iron Talk Darren Hefty discusses why heavy-duty vertical bins are a great investment.

  • Planting in the Strip

    Episode 1128

    Darren Hefty talks about the importance of making sure your planter is properly aligned with strip-till strips.

  • Soil Probes

    Episode 1127

    A $100 soil probe, may be the most important piece of equipment you own. In today's Iron Talk Darren Hefty discusses why this small tool should be on every farm.

  • Variable Rate Micronutrients

    Episode 1126

    Darren Hefty talks about variable rate micronutrient application on the farm.

  • Maintaining DEF on Your Farm

    Episode 1125

    Diesel Exhaust Fluid is beneficial for some diesel engines, but how do you store it on your farm? In this week's Iron Talk, we'll discuss it.

  • Harvest Loss

    Episode 1124

    Darren Hefty explains how to check and find the cause for harvest loss in your field.

  • Preparing Fields After Downed Corn

    Episode 1123

    What should you do with those old corn stalks? In today's Iron Talk, Darren Hefty shares some great tips on preparing for next year's planting season.

  • Anhydrous Ammonia Safety

    Episode 1122

    Darren Hefty talks about steps to take to ensure safety when using anhydrous ammonia on the farm.

  • The Basics of Grease

    Episode 1121

    In this week's Iron Talk, Darren Hefty discusses the importance of grease on your machinery.

  • Corn Stalk Issues in 2019

    Episode 1120

    Darren Hefty talks about the challenges that farmers may face when harvesting corn after a season of heavy rains and wind.

  • Increase Profits by Reducing Shatter Loss

    Episode 1119

    In this week's Iron Talk Darren Hefty discusses how to reduce shatter loss on your farm and therefore, improving your profits.

  • Avoiding Spray Drift During Burndown

    Episode 1118

    Darren Hefty shares tips on getting an effective post wheat harvest burndown without spray drift.

  • The Importance of Quality Hydraulic Fluid

    Episode 1116

    Darren Hefty talks about the importance of using high-quality hydraulic fluid in your tractors.

  • Preventing Combine Fires

    Episode 1115

    With harvest season around the corner, Darren Hefty discusses an important topic to keep you and your family safe while combining.

  • Achieving an Even Corn Stand

    Episode 1114

    Darren Hefty talks about getting your planter set up for an even and consistent corn stand.

  • Storing Liquid Fertilizer on Your Farm


    In this week's segment, Darren Hefty discusses why it may be a good idea to invest in storage for liquid fertilizer on your farm.

  • Seeding Cover Crops

    Episode 1112

    Darren Hefty explains the challenges of and possible solutions to successfully seeding a cover crop.

  • AC Maintenance in Your Tractor

    Episode 1111

    On hot days, your tractor's air-conditioner can make the difference of getting the job done or taking a break until the weather cools down. Is your AC ready? Here are some tips to make sure your AC is up to the task.

  • Drift Control Spray Nozzles

    Episode 1110

    Darren Hefty explains the importance of using drift control nozzles on your sprayer.