Our highly engineered products, technological expertise and exceptional customer support help you deliver sustainable, precision farming. Feel empowered to rule the field with our experienced employees who are knowledgeable about many agricultural issues you may be facing and can provide expert advice. We are your trusted partner for improving spray accuracy and managing droplet size, spraying faster, smarter and cleaner, while enhancing environmental stewardship and yield production.

HELPING MAKE ALL YOUR HOURS PRODUCTIVE ONES Pentair Hypro Spray Accessories maintain efficiency and effectiveness of your spray operation. Enhanced technologies prevent chemical build-up, overlap spraying and provide a wider speed range.

THE PUMP IS THE HEART OF EVERY SPRAY OPERATION Spray pumps are a critical part of every spray system, ensuring that you have the flow and pressure required for your specific application. From non-positive displacement pumps, like centrifugal pumps, to positive displacement pumps, diaphragm and roller pumps, Pentair has the pumps you need to keep your spray system running smoothly.

SMARTER SPRAY SYSTEMS FOR PRECISE NOURISHMENT How can you enable efficacy? Help minimize drift potential? Help keep your spray on target? It starts with the right spray nozzle for the right application. Then consider beyond the nozzle to the pump and other spray system components. No matter your agricultural spray application needs, Pentair Hypro has the solution to help you achieve your ideal yield.

ONE-STOP-SURE-SPRAY-SHOP From the pump to the nozzle, and all components in-between, our products are carefully engineered to help ensure your spraying needs are covered.

  • Using the UV Method to Evaluate Coverage and Adjust Your Sprayer Setup | Pentair

    Evaluating the effectiveness of your sprayer and its coverage can be tricky in the field. Using this UV dye method in your sprayer can help analyze droplet size and coverage. This allows you to assess consistency and customize your setup for better results.

  • Tips on Checking Nozzles for Build-Up or Damage | Pentair

    Inspecting your nozzles for physical damage or build-up is important to ensure spray pattern uniformity. Here are some tips for how and when to ensure you use the best nozzle technology for your spraying setup.

  • Maximizing Efficiency and Performance with Versatile Spray Nozzles | Pentair

    Identifying nozzles that provide a balanced approach toward drift reduction and coverage should be the focus in tank mix nozzle selection. Additionally, seeking out more versatile nozzles for your operation can save you money by limiting the number of nozzles needed for your sprayer. It may also ...

  • A Simple Way to Increase the Efficiency of Your Spraying Operations | Pentair

    Consider utilizing a 3-inch poly transfer pump for optimal spraying results. Not only will this save you time during loading, but it will also improve the efficiency of your spraying tasks.

  • Understanding the Lifespan of Spray Nozzles | Pentair

    Discover how long spray nozzles typically last and the impact of wear on flow rate and spray pattern uniformity. Learn when to replace your nozzles and where to look for signs of wear.

  • How To Avoid Dry Run Failure and In-season Downtime | Pentair

    By switching to Pentair Hypro ForceField Pumps, productivity can be increased, and downtime prevented from mechanical seal failures. This results in a more efficient and effective spraying process overall

  • The Impact of Crop Canopy on Coverage and Nozzle Selection | Pentair

    When selecting a spray nozzle for your crop, it is important to consider the type of crop you are spraying and choose the appropriate nozzle accordingly. Take these factors into account to ensure that your crop receives. By taking the time to consider these factors carefully, you can improve the ...

  • Use Cleanload for Smoother and More Efficient Loading | Pentair

    Bring convenience, safety, and speed to your everyday operation by adding a Cleanload to your machine. Adding Cleanload is a safe and efficient way to minimize loading time for your sprayer and maximize your productivity.

  • Seeds of Progress: Empowering a Sustainable Future | Pentair

    We are continually inspired by the unwavering dedication of our farmers, who work tirelessly to sustain our communities and inspire us to innovate and enhance their efforts with quality solutions.

  • Pentair ForceField Wet Seal Technology

    Crop care is a job that can’t wait. The health of your plants and sustainability of your livelihood depend on it. Don’t let a seized pump slow you down. If you’ve been inconvenienced by a mechanical seal failure due to dry-run or improper flushing after pump use, consider upgrading to a Pentair H...

  • Pentair Hypro ForceField Pump

    The Pentair Hypro ForceField pump is ideal for use in the most demanding spraying conditions. The Hypro ForceField Wet Seal Technology is designed to protect against today’s harshest chemical and application environments such as; high volume liquid fertilizer application on large capacity sprayer...

  • Pentair Hypro Spray Coverage

    Pentair Agronomist Nick Fleitz talks about spray coverage as relates to chemistry being applied. This video utilizes black light to help you visualize your spray coverage.

  • Pentair Hypro Ultra Lo-Drift Max Spray Nozzles

    When spraying Plant Protection Products, where your droplets land is key. Droplets can drift away and be gone with the wind. These droplets could end up in places they're not supposed to be in. Each chemical droplet needs to be accounted for and well utilized. Help minimize the impact on the surr...

  • Pentair Hypro Hi-Flow Spray Nozzles

    Pentair Hi-Flow nozzles are excellent for high volume or high speed applications. The wide angle spray (140 degrees) allows for lower spray height to reduce drift or wide nozzle spacing to match existing equipment. Patented straight-through design reduces clogging and easily fits directly on stan...

  • Pentair Hypro GuardianAIR Spray Nozzles

    Hypro GuardianAIR is the only spray nozzle with a pattern and droplet size scientifically designed to maximize coverage and productivity at spray rates around 10 GPA. The inclined spray pattern of 10-13° provides increased spray coverage. The spray nozzles reduce drift and environmental impact wh...

  • Pentair Hypro ESI Spray Nozzles

    Hypro ESI spray nozzles create six individual streams that distribute fertilizer on the soil while getting less on the crop. A ceramic metering orifice and low pressure distribution chamber provides superior stream stability for reduced atomization and prevention of leaf burn. The Hypro ESI spray...

  • Pentair Hypro 3D Spray Nozzles

    The Hypro 3D spray nozzles delivers improved efficiency and reduced water volume without compromising weed control. They have a 60-75% drift reduction compared to flat-fan nozzles, achieving 2 Star LERAP rating at specific nozzle size/pressure combinations.

    Hypro 3D spray nozzles are engineered...

  • Pentair Hypro Ultra Lo-Drift Spray Nozzle

    Hypro Ultra Lo-Drift nozzles are engineered for superior spray uniformity at all pressures (20-115 psi). The nozzles have a patented dual air inlet design for reduced drift in a smaller footprint and are precision-molded in tough and durable polyacetal.

    The Hypro Ultra Lo-Drift spray nozzle has...