Farmers worldwide are continually asked to produce more with less, to maximize yield, and to operate more sustainably, protecting the environment and our precious natural resources. That is why Topcon precision agriculture products are painstakingly designed to offer superior value through improved operational efficiency and input cost reduction. Data based decisions from increased precision agriculture adoption improves farmers quality of life, profitability and sustainability.

The agricultural solutions from Topcon address all seasons, feeding programs, crops, terrains and machine types.

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  • Topcon Tillage Depth Control - Making Seedbed Preparation Easy (4 parts)

    4 items

    ► Learn more about how Tillage Depth Control can help you:

  • Topcon Athene SM-1 Spreader System | Customer Testimony

    Jim Palmer in Nebraska explains how using Topcon Spreading Control Solution helps him follow the 4R principles: Right Source, Right Rate, Right Time, and Right Place.

    ► Learn more about the the Athene SL2 and other smart farming technologies fr...

  • Pennwood Dairy’s Feed Man

    Using the latest feed management software from Topcon, listen to Duane Stoltzfus on how he manages the feeding for his family’s farm in Pennsylvania. Learn why he doesn’t use hope as a feeding strategy since starting with TAP Feed Lite from Topcon. You too can take control of your feed management...

  • Topcon SmartCart Wilson Farms Harvest Data Strategy

    Jeremy Wilson shares how Topcon’s Smart Cart system reduced hours of data crunching to mere minutes and improved his yield data accuracy. This system uses the GT 560 scale and allows the grain cart driver to just focus on driving. It gathers 3 important things, GPS location, moisture, and weight....

  • Topcon Tillage Depth Control | The Power Users Testimonial

    Michigan farmers share why they use and love Topcon’s Depth Control solution. Watch to learn about an emergence trial and additional reasons TDC is a must have for your farm.

    ► Learn more about how Tillage Depth Control can help you

  • Topcon TAP FEED Lite

    Learn what and how a digital feed management system works. TAP Feed Lite is the economical and easy system to eliminate paper feed sheets and increase accuracy. Utilize your mobile phone and trusted Bluetooth, USB or DataLink Digi-Star scale from Topcon and start today with a free 90-day trial....

  • AgPhD Field Day 2022 Topcon Highlights

    A perfect day for a farm show, check out the Topcon plot, learn about the impact of depth control and how to use all that data! This is a quick recap of the Topcon experience during the Ag PhD Field Day in Baltic, SD.


  • Topcon This is Positioning

    Now and into the future, the pressure to keep up with the demands of our growing world will continue. At Topcon, we help the people that build and feed the world work smarter, faster, and more efficiently so they can turn this challenge into opportunities.

    No matter the size of your project, ou...

  • Topcon Highlight Video from 2021 Ag PhD Field Day

    Topcon is a proud supporter of Ag PhD Field Day. This video shows highlights of the 2021 event.

    ► Watch and learn more about the Topcon Agriculture Guidance Solutions

  • Guidance Installation on Steer Ready Tractors

    3 items

    After-market guidance system installation on steer ready Deutz-Fahr tractors

  • AES-35 Guidance System Installation

    5 items

    Complete after-market guidance system installation on non-steer ready Deutz-Fahr tractors

  • Tillage Depth Control Installation

    8 items

    This series of videos walks you through a four sensor install plus infield setup and run processes. Watch before you purchase or during your installation process to make things quick and easy.

  • SMART CART Connectivity Installation on a Grain Cart

    6 items

    Previous series of Topcon Grain Cart videos explained how to install aftermarket load cells. This series of videos provides a detailed indicator and sensor installation to gather the load cell, moisture, and location data automatically with a SMART Cart system from Topcon.

  • TAP Feed Lite App

    There is finally an easy button for digital feed management. TAP Feed Lite is an economical and easy system to eliminate paper feed sheets. Utilize your mobile phone and trusted Bluetooth Digi-Star scale from Topcon and start today with a free 90-day trial. Don’t have a Bluetooth indicator?

  • CropSpec System Overview

    CropSpec from Topcon is an easy to incorporate crop sensing system that works with your current system. This video shows how it is being included on Hefty Farms Patriot Sprayer. Crop Spec provides accurate, stable readings with repeatable values.

    – Fertilizer costs reduced by application based ...

  • Boom Height Control - NORAC UC7

    Through our Norac heritage in time- and field-proven ultrasonic sensor technology, the boom height control solution automatically maintains a pre-set height. It smoothly follows the contours of the land, enabling accurate, advanced application control.

  • Sustainable Sugarcane - Controlled Traffic

    Watch as Topcon technology dramatically improves the sugarcane yield, year-over-year, while enhancing the quality of life for those whose livelihood depends on it.

    ► Learn more about sustainable sugarcane with controlled traffic and other harvesting solutions