Keeping Business Flowing

Keeping Business Flowing

5 Episodes

We know that with each pipe, fitting and chamber shipped, we are helping improve the environment and lives of farmers everywhere. But don't just take our word for it, hear directly from drainage contractors who utilize ADS Agriculture products and services every day to keep their businesses flowing.

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Keeping Business Flowing
  • Worth the Work: Steve's Story | ADS

    Meet Steve Gerten, owner of Inbody Drainage Company, who has been tiling since 1974. Steve is dedicated to transforming farmlands and helping farmers thrive through water management. Discover the passion and pride he takes in seeing the progress of the fields he tiles.

  • Worth the Work: Dan's Story | ADS

    Meet Dan Hovest, an Ohio farmer whose roots run deep in the land. Discover Dan’s dedication to ensuring the success of his farm, all the while managing the unexpected challenges that life throws at him.

  • Tales from the Dirt: The Test of Time | ADS

    Drainage contractor Aron Mason is an operator at Mason Excavation, LLC in Clinton County, Ohio. His dad started the family business years ago, which is still thriving today thanks to their hard work and reputation.

  • Tales from the Dirt: What's in a Name? | ADS

    Drainage contractor Eric Brown owns and operates EB Drainage, Inc. in Liberty, Iowa. He "grew up in the ditch" and knows what it takes to keep a family business flowing.

  • Tales from the Dirt: Quality is Number One | ADS

    Trevor Young and his family own Hecksel Farm Drainage in Ravenna, Michigan. Their family business motto is simple yet effective: Quality is number one.