Adventures of Farmer King

Adventures of Farmer King

Thank you so much for coming and checking out my channel. I hope you like it. We are located here in western Kentucky; we have a growing amount of row crop acres, and we have 6 large production broiler chicken houses. I hope you will join my family and I as we come upon new adventures each day. As we show our faith in Jesus Christ, our family working together, and our farm.

Adventures of Farmer King
  • Spreading Chicken Litter and Getting ready for Plant 2024!!!

    Using chicken litter as fertilizer is a common practice that can provide valuable nutrients to the soil.
    After applying the chicken litter, preparing your planter is indeed a logical next step.

  • This is God's Country! | Adventures of Farmer King

    Well, hello there farm fans! Emerson here getting ready to kick off an exciting new season on Acres TV. There's just something special about this time of year as we start prepping all the equipment to get back out in the fields.
    Those winter months are long, but seeing those first green shoots po...