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  • Troy Smith awarded 2023 Service to Agriculture Award | Rural Radio

    His dedication to finding the stories that matter, combined with his talent and passion for helping livestock producers, is what makes Troy Smith the 2024 Nebraska Rural Radio Association Service to Agriculture winner.

    “I just tried to tell stories that I thought were worth telling,” Smith said...

  • A Federal Fix for Prop 12?! | Buzzard's Beat

    Prop 12 in California has been causing headaches and issues for pork producers and ag producers nationwide. But is a federal fix on the horizon? Watch to find out what's happening on the policy front in between scenes of us branding (sort of), implanting and vaccinating our grass cattle.

  • This is God's Country! | Adventures of Farmer King

    Well, hello there farm fans! Emerson here getting ready to kick off an exciting new season on Acres TV. There's just something special about this time of year as we start prepping all the equipment to get back out in the fields.
    Those winter months are long, but seeing those first green shoots po...

  • Best pastures in three years - Rancher Grateful for Rain | Fridays in the Field

    Pastures in central Nebraska are looking the best they have in three years, according to Jordan Popp, a rancher near Broken Bow.

    Popp says the rain and days of sunlight has made the ideal conditions for grass growth and allowed them to turn cattle out to pasture without the concerns of previous ...

  • Farm Rescue 2023 - Palestine, IL (1,000th Assisted Family)

    Farm Rescue is incredibly honored to have extended a helping hand to more than 1,000 farm families in crisis throughout our history. It has truly taken a village to accomplish this feat. Our mission is driven by the generosity of some amazing volunteers, individual donors and a dedicated family o...

  • Addressing American Agriculture's Trade Imbalance | Damian Mason

    For six decades, American Agriculture ran a trade surplus — meaning, we sold more dollars worth of Ag products to other countries than we bought. That’s changed. American Ag has run a trade deficit (bought more than we sold) four of the last six years. A record trade imbalance of $32 Billion is p...

  • Is Wheatlage a Word? Plus, Avian Influenza Found in Beef | Buzzard's Beat

    We mowed and chopped our wheat and rye cover crops to store for silage. Is wheatlage a word? That seems so odd. Plus an update (just a few days after the initial report) about avian influenza found in ground beef samples.

  • The Control | The XtremeAg Show, S1. Ep 12.

    Farming is about control. The more you have the more successful you will be. The XtremeAg farmers take every opportunity to gain control over pests, weather, natural disasters, technology and equipment to produce the most successful crop possible.

    The XtremeAg Show is presented by Concept AgriT...

  • Technology Failed Us!!! Cotton Planting #2 | Griggs Farms

    Just when cotton planting is getting cranked up, a guidance steering issue pops up on Andy's tractor. In what seems to be a common event this planting season, Matt Kelly, and Andy race to beat the rain.

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  • Raing Dust On May 1st!!! Cotton Planting #1 | Griggs Farms

    Thanks to a good stretch of late April weather, Matt, Kelly, and Andy made quick work of corn planting and have now turned their sights on getting some cotton planted. Matt is ecstatic over being able to plant cotton earlier than he ever has before, hopefully setting the stage for record breaki...

  • Good Decisions & Bad Decision...Corn Planting #4 | Griggs Farms

    Corn Planting 2024 is drawing to a close. However Matt, Kelly, and Andy have to battle constant rain showers in order to finish and the yield on the corn crop might have already been cut due to a fertilizer misapplication.. Matt talks about some more technology upgrades he's making. Andy has t...

  • Precision Planting Technology Pays Off Big! Corn Planting #3 | Griggs Farms

    Corn Planting 2024 is rolling along quickly and smoothly! But a surprise overnight thunderstorm brings things quickly to a halt. However, due to the thick living cover crop, Matt, Kelly, and Andy are able to start back quickly. Matt shows how important Precision Planting DeltaForce is for his ...

  • Avian Influenza in Cattle and Feeding Sorghum Silage | Buzzard's Beat

    Avian influenza has been in the news in the U.S. since March and has been detected in some dairy cattle herds. How is it affecting our nation's public health and food supply? Don't be alarmed - watch and find out! Plus, we still had sorghum silage from August 2024 and the cows need fed!

  • The Value of Professional Peer Groups for Farm Operations | Damian Mason

    Farming is a business. Complete with a lot of moving parts, huge capital investment, and low margins. Adding in the trend toward farm consolidation, those larger farms that remain are left feeling a bit isolated. What’s a forward-looking farmer to do? Join a professional peer group where you get ...

  • Busy Day Planting Peanuts | Randy the Farmer

    Busy times on the farm! Follow along as we finish planting peanuts on our Florida farm.

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  • Consolidation’s Limitations | Damian Mason

    Agriculture has been consolidating for almost a century. There were 6.8 million American farms in 1935, today, less than 2 million. About 160,000 of those two million American farms do the bulk of the heavy lifting, production wise, with more than 90% of farm revenue. Consolidation has been the n...

  • “The best time to plant a tree is now” | Fridays in the Field

    A love for trees and demand knocking on their front door was the start of Luthy’s Tree Farm near Aurora, NE.

    Greg Luthy explained the importance of bringing trees to the Midwest and what varieties he provides for his customers.

    Unlike some regions in the state, the moisture from continuous ...

  • Ag PhD Field Day 2024 | Ag PhD

    Bring the family for a day at the Hefty Farm in Baltic, SD on July 25th, 2024.

  • Ag PhD Field Day 2024, Flexstar Fundamentals, How to Best Use Liberty | Ag PhD

    Get ready for Ag PhD's annual Field Day this July. The Hefty brothers focus on Flexstar, and give lessons on Liberty. Plus the Weed of the Week is giant foxtail, and Darren breaks down the science behind air inversions and spray timings.

  • It's A Little Thick Out Here!!! Corn Planting #2 | Griggs Farms

    After a quick start to corn planting, a breakdown on Kelly's sprayer bring things to a halt. Matt gives an in depth explanation of some of the planting technology he's utilizing with variable rate seeding and the benefits behind it. A sudden overnight rainstorm stops planting in its tracks but ...

  • The Quest For Big Yields Start Here! Corn Planting #1 | Griggs Farms

    After quickly getting their soybeans planted, the crew at Griggs Farms does a quick turnaround to start getting some corn planted into some great looking cover crop. With almost ideal planting weather, Matt, Kelly, and Andy race to get the corn crop planted as quickly as possible to start settin...

  • Last to The Field, Hopefully Not Last in Yield - Soybean Planting | Griggs Farms

    Planting season is finally here. Fresh off last year's record soybean harvest Matt decides to plant soybeans before he plants corn. This year, he has a new tool to plant his soybeans with, the Bourgualt CD-872 air seeder that he used to plant cover crops and wheat last fall. However, Matt must...

  • The Promise | The XtremeAg Show, S1. Ep 11.

    Farming can be immensely rewarding, however, it promises no guarantees. The only promise farming holds is that it will always involve a struggle. Fueled by their passion and resilience, farmers try to stay one step ahead in order to overcome the everyday hardships of farming.

    The XtremeAg Show i...

  • Consolidation in Corporate Agriculture — Who Benefits? | Damian Mason

    Big companies have gotten bigger in Agriculture, generally by acquiring, or merging with, other companies. Consolidation in the Business of Agriculture has been going on for decades and it’s likely to continue. The question is: Who benefits from consolidation in the Agriculture industry? Damian M...