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  • Another Level of Sick and TIRE-D! || This Farm Wife

    Name something more frustrating than tractor tires - I'll wait. 😅 We've hit another level of frustration the past few days, but that's farming. We do have something new to share with you - watch and see! Hint. It squeaks. 🙃 We appreciate you being here! Until next time, Farm Hard Live Well, The B...

  • Nebraska farmer still weeks away from soybean harvest | Fridays in the Field

    Drive across the state and you'll see dozens of combines already cutting soybeans due to this year's dry conditions.

    But one farmer in south central Nebraska said he still has two to three weeks before his crop will be ready for harvest.

    Don Batie, who farms in Dawson County, said timely rains...

  • It's Not a Purse, It's a Satchel // Dirt Poor Episode 5

    Join us while we finish planting and spraying Montgomery with Gavin's nephew, Chason!

  • Where There's a WHEEL, There's a Way || This Farm Wife

    Hay, y’all! We’re moving on up. Come see the newest thing on the farm, hang out with us at our last show, and listen to LB describe the most beautiful skunk he’s ever seen. 😆 Thanks for being here!

  • Smart Grain Bins | Successful Farming

    On this episode of Successful Farming, Laurie Bedord visits a farmer who is outfitting his bins with technology to better monitor the grain. Dave Mowitz heads to an auction to see what seed tenders are selling for. We feature an innovative farmer-built grain cart camera. Then Dave heads to Utah t...

  • Flying Drones While Picking West Texas Peanuts | Randy the Farmer

    Oobree Martens makes amazing drone videos of his peanut crops in west Texas. He has acquired a large social media following posting amazing videos of his farming operation on his west Texas farm.

  • Organic Poultry — at Scale — with Farmer Focus | Damian Mason

    Organic food sales growth still outpaces conventional, despite food inflation and even after nearly two decades of “organic” being a thing. Additionally, the margins are better for organic. So, how much longer can “organic” grow organically? How do organic chicken farms operate, is it the same as...

  • What Could Go Wrong? || This Farm Wife

    Wow, lots going on here! What's different, huh? 😅 Come along with us to check beans, see if the bears are "wallowing" in our corn, help Lawrence fix the gate latch on the baler (for good?) and see what our ranch kids have found as their new past time. We appreciate you being here! Until next time...

  • Bringing Clarity to Tire Markings | Successful Farming

    On this episode of Successful Farming, our tire expert gives advice on how to read tire markings. Dave Mowitz heads to an auction to track prices on John Deere 610 D tractors. Then we feature a beautifully restored Rock Island Heider in North Carolina.

  • Overcome Soil Compaction with Tire Inflation | Successful Farming

    On this episode of Successful Farming, Jessie Scott talks with experts on how tire inflation systems can overcome soil compaction during fieldwork. Then Dave Mowitz heads to an auction to track prices on Case IH Magnum tractors. We feature a power tool battery storage solution from a Mason City, ...

  • Hauling Sudan & A Full Bin! || This Farm Wife

    The past few days have been FULL. Hay, feed and rain. Happy to have all of it! We appreciate you being here! Until next time, Farm Hard Live Well, The Bernards

  • If I Had a Billion Dollars, Where in Ag Would I Invest It? Or, Would I?

    I was recently asked by two investor friends of mine, “Damian, if I handed you a billion dollars, where in Ag would you invest it?” The question, as well as the six weeks of pondering it inspired in my head, made me think this was a solid and stimulating topic for The Business of Agriculture. Loo...

  • She's A Beast!!! Cotton Picker Repair #1 | Griggs Farms

    8/10/23 | Matt and Andy get the new to them John Deere 7760 baler picker in the shop to begin going through it and getting it ready for it's first harvest on Griggs Farms. But first, the International truck needs a little attention and a big new purchase shows up...

    We have new merchandise! Ge...

  • Ancient Infrastructure Needs A Major Upgrade!!! | Griggs Farms

    8/1/23 | Back from a weeks vacation, there's a lot that needs to be done before harvest! The crops need to be sprayed...again...and Matt gets started on overhauling some old infrastructure that is in dire need of attention!

    We have new merchandise! Get your Griggs Farms gear here: https://www...

  • 2nd Cut Sudan || This Farm Wife

    Last big push for hay! If we can get the baler to cooperate. And a few more fun surprises. We appreciate you being here! Until next time, Farm Hard Live Well, The Bernards

  • Extreme Drought Forces Early Harvest for Nebraska Dryland Crops | Rural Radio

    Much of eastern Nebraska was in a D3 extreme to D4 exceptional drought the entire 2023 growing season. Consequently, the combines have started rolling much earlier than normal across the area.

    Despite a few rains, the dryland corn and soybeans in the region matured very quickly.

    The September 5...

  • It's All About Word Choice // Dirt Poor Episode 4

    Join us as we haul corn and disk in Kentucky, and cultivate and plant corn in Missouri!

    Grayce and Gavin. Two young, American farmers building their operations and their relationship. Oh yeah, and they live five hours apart. Grayce’s family has been farming for well over 200 years. Gavin… Well, ...

  • Riding High, Bean Check and Storm Damage || This Farm Wife

    It's "bean" a busy several days. Started the "long weekend" with a nice long trail ride as a family, ended the evening with a sunset bean check (they're turning it on!) and then went to the river to check on Idalia damage. Hope this finds you well and that you all had a nice Labor Day weekend! We...

  • Is The Future of Silage Bagged for Efficiency & Environment? | Damian Mason

    Silage — in case you’re unfamiliar— is high moisture forage chopped and stored for cattle feed, principally dairy animals. It derives its name from the fact we used to blow this forage into silos. That’s not done much anymore for reasons of safety, practicality, and scale. The most common method ...

  • Visiting a Flower Farm in the Fall! | Fridays in the Field | Rural Radio Network

    Fall is just around the corner, but for West Mill Flowers, that means it's time to ramp up their fieldwork and prepare for fall planting.

    Owner Becca Monroe said this time of year, the flowers are in full bloom and frost is on her mind.

  • Dog Driving Lessons & Broken Baler Repair || This Farm Wife

    How do you even sum this one up? I really can't. But I can promise you it will probably make you laugh, you'll hear more from Lawrence than ever (NO, REALLY) and stick around to the end if you want to see some baler repair. I know some of y'all love that stuff. 😅 We appreciate you being here! Unt...

  • Issues Upon Issues...With a Silver Lining! || This Farm Wife

    No joke, it's really and truly finally here and I still can't believe it. Now if we can just get our air conditioner to work. In the house AND tractor. 🙃 Maybe by the next video we'll have tractor, baler and house fixed. Maybe? 🤷‍♀️ Thanks for sticking it out with us, we appreciate you being here...

  • Regenerative Ranching — For Environment AND Economics | Damian Mason

    Regenerative practices have become a new area of focus in production Agriculture. But what about our grazing lands — are we managing those lands for healthier soil, a healthier environment AND a healthier bottom line? Hugh Aljoe and Jim Johnson with Noble Research Institute, an Oklahoma-based ran...

  • A HOT MESS: Broken Baler and Tractor! || This Farm Wife

    It's been a doozie of a week here, y'all! Started strong getting back to school, then in one day it all went south. 😅 Ain't that the way it goes? Thank you for hanging in there with us, we appreciate you being here! Until next time, Farm Hard Live Well, The Bernards