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  • Intro and Bringing Home the Cows

    Hello and welcome to the Buzzard's Beat channel! I'm excited for you to see what life is like here in our little corner of heaven as we raise cattle and little cowgirls. Peppered in each episode is a brief commentary on current agriculture and cattle industry issues, observations from my travels ...

  • The Future of Ag Is De-Globalized

    If you’ve worked in the Business of Agriculture for one year or the past 50 years, all you’ve known is increased globalization of our industry. That’s changing and the pace of change will likely accelerate during the next decade. Todd Thurman, co-host of The Business of Ag Success Group discusses...

  • Ag on Wheels | Helicopter Cowboy - Armstrong Ranch

    Ever heard of a helicopter cowboy? Well, watch this episode to find out exactly why ranchers use helicopters their ranches!

  • Boiled Peanuts And The Country Music Rockstar

    North Carolina's Bart Lattimore from the band The Old North State talks with Randy about music, boiled peanuts, and more.

  • Why North American Ag Must Wean Itself Off China

    North American Agriculture has benefited greatly by China’s rise during the last couple decades. But, as you’ve heard, all good things must come to an end and in this case, the end might not end well. Tensions between China and the west — particularly the United States — have ramped up. And frank...

  • Our Farm Fleet Grows! || This Farm Wife

    Watch to see what we’ve added to the farm - some expected and some not. Never a dull moment! We appreciate you being here. Until next time, Farm Hard Live Well, The Bernards

  • Going Going Gone! || This Farm Wife

    This one;s theme is "There it went, here we go!" That's the theme around here a lot, though, isn't it? Watch to see what got away and what I'm hoping to get into. Feel free to share your favorite sourdough uses and recipes! We appreciate you being here. Until next time, Farm Hard Live Well, The B...

  • Why We Should Sell Mexico Non-GMO Corn

    American Agriculture often times suffers from a disorder I’ve termed Acute Commodity Mindset. Symptoms of this disorder include thinking customers should purchase what we produce — regardless of what they actually want — and resisting opportunities to up-sell higher profit margin products. We saw...

  • Everything Blew Up || This Farm Wife

    Welcome back! Or welcome for the first time if you're new here. 👋 In this vlog, everything blows up - my leg, the sky, and our plans for cutting hay. We have a really "fun" mineral feeding trip; end up with a wasp sting and swollen leg; have a random "tornado?!" encounter; purge the house only to...

  • Work Hard, Play Hard || This Farm Wife

    We're moving on to 2nd cut hay! All 9 bales of it. 😅 And we're hanging on for dear life - literally. Watch and see. 🙃 We think it's good to work hard and play hard. Come hang out with us as we try our "new" boat on the lake. We appreciate you being here! Until next time, Farm Hard Live Well, The...

  • Peanuts, Sweet Potatoes & Auto Steer || This Farm Wife

    Wow. Big day for this farm wife! Come along with me as I see peanuts and sweet potatoes harvested for the first time AND get to ride in not one, but two, big auto steer tractors. Hope you learn something, because I sure did. Special thanks to my friends, Brent, Sue, Colin and Carter Leggett with...

  • Private Equity Focused on Funding Agriculture

    A few years ago, it seemed that capital was on every corner looking for a place to invest. But even in those cash-rich days, not a lot of investors looked at Agriculture as an investment objective — aside from biological crop inputs and technology. Then there is Open Prairie, an Illinois-based pr...

  • Workin’ Dirt | Live To Farm Ep. 101

    The Kalb family welcomes us to their wonderful world of farming. Rain threatens to disrupt the planting season, so the Kalbs host a friendly shooting contest. Dallas Cardinal shows us the best way to maintain a cultivator. Tilling the dirt gets explosive when Mikey is in town.

  • The End is the Beginning | Live To Farm Ep. 110

    With another year of farming under their belts there’s no time to rest; the preparation for next year is immediately underway. The families start working ground to prepare the soil for the planting season…will they finish before the ground freezes?

  • Go With the Flow | Live To Farm Ep. 109

    Water can either be a farmer's best friend or biggest enemy. Kevin and Brooks tile their fields to better control the flow of water on their land. The slip-and slide gets an update, but who dares to try it first.

  • Don’t Fear the Reaper | Live To Farm Ep. 108

    It’s harvest time! Watermelons, Corn, and Soybeans headline this year's successful yields. Chelsea shows us the best way to cut a watermelon. Kevin harvests his NCGA contest fields hoping the hard work paid off. Will he retain his National Title?

  • Girls Just Wanna Have Farms | Live To Farm Ep. 107

    We’re spending time with a few women in agriculture! The farmers get some help from their friends, making sure their crop is ready for harvest. Farmer Grayce gives us a tour of her farm, how the millennials get it done.

  • Say it AND Spray it | Live To Farm Ep. 106

    The farmers attend a “Field Day,” learning about the latest farm technology. They’re the first to test drive a one-of-a-kind sprayer. Kevin and Brooks spray their own fields with nutrients, but Tar Spot disease threatens to destroy Brooks’ corn crop.

  • All’s Fair in Love and Boars | Live To Farm Ep. 105

    The county fair isn’t just funnel cakes and theme rides; the Cardinals are showing off their best hogs at the 4H pig show! A pig-gone-wild threatens to disrupt Dallas’ winning title.

  • Slide into Summer | Live To Farm Ep. 104

    It’s a 4th of July celebration at Kalb farm. A homemade slip’n’slide is the star of the party, but not everyone makes it down smoothly. Kevin and Brooks update us on their corn. A fireworks show is the perfect finale.

  • One in a Melon | Live To Farm Ep. 103

    It’s watermelon planting season! The Cardinal family shows us the importance of pollination using Honey Bees, and provides a tour of their farming operation. Kevin’s equipment seems to break down at the worst time possible.

  • Rootn’ Around | Live To Farm Ep. 102

    The Cardinal family harvests their wheat crop, while planting soybeans right behind. Joe Dedman the “Corn Whisperer” visits the Kalb’s to share his wealth of agricultural knowledge. The Cardinal family navigates their flooded fields using water-sports.

  • Managing For The Future — A Candid Conversation with 30 Year Old 4th Gen Farmer

    Luke Roush was just a kid when I met him, now he’s managing a diversified Indiana farming operation with his father. We talk about skill sets, strengths, weaknesses, employee management, growth, money, the future, and more. What does Luke see from his perspective? Where are the challenges, and wh...

  • Wild Times at the National Farm and Machinery Show

    The whole family goes to the National Farm and Machinery show in Kentucky. The size of the show is massive and is truly a sea of tractors, combines,planters and everything in between!
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