Ag PhD Ag Minute

Ag PhD Ag Minute

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A companion piece to Ag PhD, the Ag Minute is a weekly 60-second vignette designed to provide a quick burst of insight into how and why farmers do what they do.

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Ag PhD Ag Minute
  • How Farmers Choose Their Crops

    Episode 1088

    Why don't farmers raise 10 different crops? Darren Hefty explains that weather, markets, and profits dictate what is raised across the US.

  • Snow and Plants

    Episode 1087

    Darren Hefty explains how a blanket of snow can help perennial and winter annual plants.

  • Super Weeds

    Episode 1086

    Are there "Super Weeds?" Darren Hefty explains why that term is false. Weeds like waterhemp have become harder to control; however, we are finding new ways to kill these Roundup resistant plants.

  • Calcium and Magnesium

    Episode 1085

    Darren Hefty talks about the importance of testing for calcium and magnesium in soils.

  • Diversification of Crops

    Episode 1084

    It's usually best to diversify your crops each year; Darren Hefty explains why.

  • Grass Waterways

    Episode 1083

    Darren Hefty talks about the purpose of grass waterways in fields.

  • Acid Soils

    Episode 1232

    Darren Hefty tells us how to identify and fix high pH on the farm.

  • Youth in Agriculture

    Episode 1081

    Learn how young people can find careers in farming in a modern world.

  • Late Fall Field Work

    Episode 1080

    From fertilizer applications to tillage to water management - farmers still have a lot to accomplish before winter.

  • Fall Pasture Management

    Episode 1079

    Darren Hefty explains how farmers can keep pastures greener for cattle later in the season.

  • Compost
    Episode 1078


    Episode 1078

    Darren Hefty explains the importance of composting at home and on the farm.

  • Harvest Decisions

    Episode 1077

    Darren Hefty explains factors that farmers consider when deciding which fields to harvest first.

  • Foam in Rivers

    Episode 1076

    Why do you occasionally see foam in rivers and streams? Darren Hefty explains the science behind this phenomenon and whether you should be alarmed by foamy waters.

  • Gibberellic Acid

    Episode 1075

    Darren Hefty talks about the use of gibberellic acid in pastures.

  • Wind
    Episode 1074


    Episode 1074

    Darren Hefty talks about the importance wind plays in strengthening plants in our fields and our backyards.

  • Fall Drought

    Episode 1073

    Darren Hefty talks about rainy vs. dry weather in the fall.

  • Winter Annual Weeds

    Episode 1072

    Darren Hefty talks about the importance of controlling winter annual weeds in the fall.

  • Grain Storage

    Episode 1071

    Darren Hefty explains how farmers keep grain in bins safe from insects and spoilage.

  • Lawn and Garden Fertility

    Episode 1070

    Darren Hefty explains the importance of a good soil sampling program for fields as well as gardens and lawns.

  • Weeds On Field Borders

    Episode 1069

    Darren Hefty explains why farmers sometimes control weeds on the edges of fields.

  • Early Harvest

    Episode 1068

    Darren Hefty explains why corn harvest will likely be earlier than normal this year.

  • Goss's Wilt

    Episode 1067

    Darren Hefty talks about a corn disease called Goss's Wilt.

  • Hungry Plants

    Episode 1066

    Darren Hefty explains how farmers decide how much plant food, or fertilizer, to apply to fields.

  • Cover Crops

    Episode 1065

    Darren Hefty talks about the use of cover crops after harvest.