Ag PhD Farm Basics

Ag PhD Farm Basics

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In these Farm Basics segments taken from Ag PhD, Brian and Darren Hefty present on-farm topics to a non-farming audience, peeling back the curtain with down-to-earth explanations that help viewers achieve a better understanding of the truth of agriculture.

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Ag PhD Farm Basics
  • Crop Canopy

    Episode 1264

    Learn about the various benefits that having good crop canopy can provide.

  • Air Inversions

    Episode 1263

    When smoke goes sideways don't spray. Air temperature inversions are a regular weather phenomenon that can be seen, smelled, and heard. Brian and Darren explain why identifying them is important to farming.

  • 2022 Ag PhD Field Day

    Episode 1262

    Brian and Darren invite you to attend the 2022 Ag PhD Field Day on Thursday, July 28th, 2022.

  • Treating Spray Water

    Episode 1261

    Find out why farmers "treat" the water they use when spraying crop fields.

  • Spray Tank Cleanout

    Episode 1260

    Whether it's big farm chemical sprayers or your small yard backpack canister, both need to be properly cleaned after each use. Brian and Darren talk about this dirty job in today's Farm Basics.

  • Types of Root Systems

    Episode 1259

    Plants can have various types of root systems. Find out why this is important for farmers to know when it comes to controlling weeds or fertilizing crops.

  • Crop Stages of Corn and Soybeans

    Episode 1258

    Brian and Darren describe the different stages of corn and soybeans from emergence to harvest. The crop will change quickly as it matures, each new stage brings new ways to prepare it for getting the most yield possible.

  • Plant Tissue Analysis

    Episode 1257

    Darren and Brian explain how farmers check what nutrients are in their plants from week to week.

  • Tillage Directions

    Episode 1256

    Why are the rows going the direction they are out in fields? Brian and Darren explain all that goes into the decision to till and plant down specific lines.

  • How Much Fertilizer Does It Take To Raise A Crop?

    Episode 1255

    Brian and Darren discuss the fertility needs of crops and various ways that plants can get the nutrients they need.

  • Riparian Areas

    Episode 1254

    Brian and Darren discuss the importance of having streams, rivers, ponds, and/or lakes near your farm fields. These riparian areas can provide many benefits for your soil, but they also need to be maintained regularly.

  • Controlling Weeds in Shelterbelts

    Episode 1253

    Weed control in shelterbelts can be challenging. Brian and Darren offer some tips.

  • Controlling Grubs in Your Lawn

    Episode 1252

    The Hefty brothers discuss ways to get rid of grubs in your lawn.

  • Ditch Care and Use

    Episode 1251

    Brian and Darren explain how farmers maintain ditches.

  • Driverless Tractors

    Episode 1250

    Darren and Brian explain how autonomous tractors can improve safety and productivity on the farm.

  • Weed Control in Lawns

    Episode 1249

    Brian and Darren talk about products you could use for a weed-free lawn.

  • Road Safety Around Farms

    Episode 1248

    Driving safely is always important, especially when it comes to sharing the road with farm equipment.

  • How Farmers Reduce Erosion

    Episode 1247

    Brian and Darren Hefty discuss various things farmers can do to reduce soil erosion in fields.

  • Why Do Farmers Rotate Crops?

    Episode 1245

    The Hefty brothers discuss various reasons that farmers plant different crops each growing season.

  • What Are Bales Used For?

    Episode 1243

    Darren and Brian Hefty explain the various uses for different kinds of bales.

  • How Long Can Grain Be Stored?

    Episode 1241

    Brian and Darren Hefty talk about grain storage and how farmers keep it "alive" in grain bins until it can be sold or used.