Ag PhD Farm Basics

Ag PhD Farm Basics

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In these Farm Basics segments taken from Ag PhD, Brian and Darren Hefty present on-farm topics to a non-farming audience, peeling back the curtain with down-to-earth explanations that help viewers achieve a better understanding of the truth of agriculture.

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Ag PhD Farm Basics
  • Why Crops Stand Until Spring

    Episode 1238

    Why do farmers let their crops stand until spring instead of harvesting in the fall? Brian and Darren give reasons why some choose to leave their corn standing through winter.

  • Township Roads and Ditches

    Episode 1237

    The Hefty brothers talk about ownership and maintenance of ditches and township roads in "farm country".

  • Variable Rate Fertilizing

    Episode 1236

    New technology has allowed today's farmer to control exactly how much various fertilizer can be spread on different parts of the field.

  • Cattle Grazing Corn Stalks

    Episode 1235

    The Hefty brothers explain why farmers let cattle graze corn fields after harvest.

  • Augers vs. Beltveyors

    Episode 1234

    For years, farmers have used augers to move their grain. Beltveyors are a newer option that may help keep your grain in better shape.

  • Terminating Cover Crops

    Episode 1233

    Brian and Darren Hefty explain why farmers may want to kill a cover crop before winter.

  • The Purpose of Tillage

    Episode 1231

    Brian and Darren explain various reasons why farmers do tillage.

  • When Weeds Go To Seed

    Episode 1232

    Find out what can happen when farmers don't get weeds under control before they go to seed.

  • Burning Ditches

    Episode 1230

    Why do you see farmers burning ditches and sometimes fields? Brian and Darren point out the perfect occasions to start a fire.

  • Grain Trucking

    Episode 1229

    Do farmers spend more time trucking these days than they did 30 or 40 years ago? Brian and Darren Hefty explain.

  • Grain Piles

    Episode 1228

    Why all the piles of corn and beans around farms and elevators? The Hefty brothers answer that question.

  • Plants & Carbon Dioxide

    Episode 1227

    Brian and Darren Hefty discuss the importance of plants in relation to carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

  • Tillage Depth

    Episode 1226

    Darren and Brian discuss the reasons that farmers till at various depths.

  • What is a Lift Station?

    Episode 1225

    Brian and Darren Hefty explain what a lift station is and why farmers may choose to install one.

  • The Impact of Frost

    Episode 1223

    The Hefty brothers explain some of the benefits of frost for farmers in the northern US.

  • Controlled Traffic in Fields

    Episode 1224

    Brian and Darren Hefty discuss how farmers drive on fields to minimize yield loss.

  • Reproductive Stages of Soybeans

    Episode 1222

    The Hefty brothers explain the reproductive stages of soybeans.

  • Corn Harvest - Silage vs. Grain

    Episode 1221

    Brian and Darren Hefty explain the differences between harvesting corn for silage and harvesting corn for grain.

  • Humidity and Crops

    Episode 1220

    The Hefty brothers explain the importance of humidity for crops.

  • What Is The Green Bridge?

    Episode 1219

    Brian and Darren explain why farmers may want to "eliminate the green bridge" between crops.

  • What Is A Fallow Year?

    Episode 1218

    The Hefty brothers explain what a fallow year is, and why many farmers choose to use other tools such as no-till, cover crops, and herbicides.

  • Finding Soil Compaction

    Episode 1217

    Why are your plant roots not growing deep into the soil? It could be due to soil compaction.

  • Spider Mites in Dry Years

    Episode 1216

    Find out why spider mites are a bigger problem in dry years.

  • Corn Reproductive Stages

    Episode 1215

    The Hefty brothers discuss the stages of corn reproduction.