Ag PhD Farm Basics

Ag PhD Farm Basics

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In these Farm Basics segments taken from Ag PhD, Brian and Darren Hefty present on-farm topics to a non-farming audience, peeling back the curtain with down-to-earth explanations that help viewers achieve a better understanding of the truth of agriculture.

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Ag PhD Farm Basics
  • How Farmers Reduce Erosion | Ag PhD

    Episode 1343

    SOS - Saving our soils. Brian and Darren explain the modern ways farmers keep the dirt in the field.

  • 2024 Ag PhD Corn Workshop

    Episode 1342

    Darren and Brian Hefty invite you to the 2024 Ag PhD Corn Workshop on Wednesday, January 17, 2024 at the Morton Center in Baltic, SD.

  • Yield Map Uses | Ag PhD

    Episode 1341

    Yield maps not only tell you how you did this year, it's a tool for next season too. Brian and Darren help you turn those colorful diagrams into fertility and planting solutions.

  • 2024 Ag PhD Soils Clinic

    Episode 1340

    The Hefty brothers invite you to attend the 2024 Ag PhD Soils Clinic at the Morton Center in Baltic, SD on January 16, 2024.

  • Ground Freezing: Pros and Cons | Ag PhD

    Episode 1339

    How can a hard winter actually help your crops? The Hefty brothers lay down some cold hard facts about Brian's least favorite season.

  • Crop Residue | Ag PhD

    Episode 1338

    The Hefty brothers explain how farmers can speed up the breakdown of crop residue in fields.

  • Price Protection on Crop Inputs | Ag PhD

    Episode 1337

    Protecting prices is just as important as protecting your crop. Brian and Darren help you save money on your seed and chem.

  • Flat Rate vs. Variable Rate Fertilizer | Ag PhD

    Episode 1336

    The Hefty brothers explain how farmers use technology to apply fertilizer only where it is needed.

  • Catching Snow in the Field | Ag PhD

    Episode 1335

    Cover crops, snow fences, and residue can help turn that winter nuisance into a spring blessing. The Hefty boys know a lot about snow.

  • Golden Rice | Ag PhD

    Episode 1334

    Brian and Darren explain what "Golden Rice" is and how biotechnology can save lives across the world.

  • Surface vs Subsurface Drainage | Ag PhD

    Episode 1333

    Water is always moving - whether or not you can see it. Brian and Darren talk about the unique differences between water on versus in your soil.

  • Harvest Loss | Ag PhD

    Episode 1332

    Brian and Darren Hefty explain harvest loss and how to calculate how much income could be lost per acre.

  • Burning Ditches and Residue | Ag PhD

    Episode 1331

    Some burning questions: Why do farmers burn fields and ditches, and what are the benefits and drawbacks of doing so? Brian and Darren explain why you might want to hold your fire.

  • Drying Grain | Ag PhD

    Episode 1330

    Find out how and why farmers dry grain down to a desired moisture percentage.

  • Discolored Soybeans at Harvest | Ag PhD

    Episode 1329

    Mature soybeans can be discolored for a whole rainbow of reasons. Brian and Darren walk you through the possibilities from weather to disease.

  • Corn Silage vs Grain | Ag PhD

    Episode 1328

    Brian and Darren Hefty explain why farmers harvest their corn crops for grain or for silage.

  • Automatic Bin Fan Controls | Ag PhD

    Episode 1327

    Monitor your moisture and protect your profits. The Heftys show you how a simple switch to smart grain bin technology can simplify your life and boost your yield.

  • Personal Protective Equipment | Ag PhD

    Episode 1326

    Brian and Darren discuss how to stay safe when applying pesticides.

  • Re-Entry Intervals | Ag PhD

    Episode 1325

    Brian and Darren remind farmers and homeowners to abide by product labels when going back into a recently sprayed field or house.

  • Pre-Harvest Intervals | Ag PhD

    Episode 1324

    Brian and Darren discuss why pesticides have limits on how close to harvest they can be sprayed.

  • Soybean Reproductive Stages | Ag PhD

    Episode 1323

    R1 to R8. Brian and Darren discuss flowering through pod.

  • Corn Reproductive Stages | Ag PhD

    Episode 1322

    Learn the basics of how a corn plant reproduces.

  • Warm vs. Cool-Season Grasses | Ag PhD

    Episode 1321

    Different grasses do better in different weather. The Hefty brothers talk about the importance of grass seed mixes to keep your yard green through the entire growing season.

  • Removing Crop Residue | Ag PhD

    Episode 1320

    Darren and Brian discuss why farmers may remove wheat straw or other crop residue after harvest.