Ag PhD Farm Basics

Ag PhD Farm Basics

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In these Farm Basics segments taken from Ag PhD, Brian and Darren Hefty present on-farm topics to a non-farming audience, peeling back the curtain with down-to-earth explanations that help viewers achieve a better understanding of the truth of agriculture.

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Ag PhD Farm Basics
  • Nurse Crops

    Episode 1302

    Brian and Darren explain how a nurse crops are sometimes used to help a main crop grow.

  • Row Spacings

    Episode 1301

    Some fields have wide rows and others are narrow. Brian and Darren Hefty talk about the reasons behind the variety of row spacings.

  • Fences
    Episode 1300


    Episode 1300

    The Hefty brothers explain why fields may or may not have fences around them.

  • Tillering in Crops

    Episode 1299

    Are suckers good or bad? Brian and Darren say tillering in grass crops is not necessarily a negative and may actually improve your yield.

  • Nutrient Movement In Soil

    Episode 1298

    Brian and Darren talk about how various nutrients either move down or stay where they are in the soil profile.

  • Frost Heaves In The Road

    Episode 1297

    The winter can be damaging to the roads near your farm, but there is one thing you can do to help prevent frost heaves according to Brian and Darren.

  • Soil Temperature Variation

    Episode 1296

    The Hefty brothers discuss monitoring soil temperature throughout the day and how it pertains to planting.

  • Surface vs Sub-Surface Drainage

    Episode 1295

    There are two main ways farmers manage water issues in the field. Both ditching and tiling are useful tools to help the crop get ideal moisture.

  • Ears Of Corn Per Plant

    Episode 1294

    Brian and Darren talk about why corn plants usually have only one ear, instead of multiple ears per plant.

  • Nutrient Movement in the Plant

    Episode 1293

    Many nutrients are mobile in the plant but some are not. You can see what plant food you are short on by looking at where the discolored leaves occur on your crop.

  • Bt Corn
    Episode 1292

    Bt Corn

    Episode 1292

    Darren and Brian explain what Bt corn is and the benefits it provides to farmers.

  • Autosteer and GPS

    Episode 1291

    It's a lot easier to get straight rows these days thanks to computers in the tractor cab. Brian & Darren talk about the way producers are using the latest technology to help improve many aspects on the farm.