Ag PhD Iron Talk

Ag PhD Iron Talk

4 Seasons

Equipment technology is constantly evolving. In these Iron Talk segments taken from Ag PhD, Darren Hefty discusses the latest trends in equipment technology. If you’re looking for anything that has to do with tractors, combines, planters, tillage, trucks, and fleet management, including research and maintenance, these are the videos for you.

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Ag PhD Iron Talk
  • Prepare Your Planter For Storage

    Episode 1264

    Darren Hefty goes over various things you can do before putting the planter away for the season.

  • Tractor Air Conditioning

    Episode 1263

    Darren Hefty gives his advice on how to stay cool in the cab during the hot Summer weather.

  • Keeping Spray On Target

    Episode 1262

    Darren talks about what you can do to ensure your spray lands and stays where it's supposed to.

  • Fungicide Application

    Episode 1261

    Darren Hefty talks about ways to set up your sprayer to get great coverage when applying fungicides.

  • Adding Tile in Problem Areas

    Episode 1260

    If you've drain tile, but you still have parts of the field that is often too wet - Darren says you may need to narrow your tile spacings. Not only will you fix your wet spots, but you'll flush out salts, improve your pH, and help eliminate IDC.

  • Spraying Without Hurting Bees

    Episode 1259

    Learn how you can protect both your crop and bees when spraying.

  • Combine Header Maintenance

    Episode 1258

    Darren says it's never too early to make sure your combine is ready for the fall. A new product of the Hefty farm helps you work on the shaft and discs more quickly, safely, and simply. Learn about the DISCruptor in today's Iron Talk.

  • Sprayer Preparation

    Episode 1257

    Darren Hefty talks about the benefits of checking over your sprayer before heading out to the field.

  • Spray Tank Compatibility

    Episode 1256

    Can you put your herbicide, fungicide, and fertilizer all in your spray tank together? Darren talks jar tests and more in this week's Iron Talk.

  • Rainy Day Jobs

    Episode 1255

    Darren Hefty explains ways to use your time when weather prevents you from getting out into the fields.

  • Micronutients at Planting

    Episode 1254

    Darren tells why he's been running blended micronutrient products at planting on the farm for many years.

  • Get Out of the Tractor

    Episode 1253

    Learn how getting out of the tractor to check your planter or tillage performance can improve your crops.

  • Data Management on the Farm

    Episode 1252

    Darren explains the importance of managing all of your farm data.

  • Sprayer Speed

    Episode 1251

    Darren explains why you may want to slow down when spraying your crops.

  • Spring Seedbed Preparation

    Episode 1250

    Darren talks about using technology with your tillage tool to achieve a great seedbed.

  • Grain Storage Tips

    Episode 1249

    Darren talks about storing grain and avoiding spoilage in the bin.

  • Inoculant Application Tips

    Episode 1248

    Darren talks about the importance of properly applying liquid or dry inoculants to soybean seed.

  • 2x2 Fertilizer Placement

    Episode 1247

    Darren Hefty explains the benefits of using a 2x2 fertilizer system.

  • Spray Nozzle Checklist

    Episode 1246

    In this week's Iron Talk, Darren Hefty gives you 4 ways to greatly improve your broadcast spray applications. Examining your spray nozzles is the first step to getting the perfect coverage.

  • Missing The Strip

    Episode 1245

    Darren Hefty talks about poor emergence and yield loss due to planting outside your strip-till zones.

  • Spring Residue Solutions

    Episode 1244

    You may have noticed a lot of residue on your fields this winter. Tillage and biological products could help with residue breakdown.

  • Replaceable Parts

    Episode 1243

    Darren Hefty explains why you may want to invest in replacing parts for long-term gain instead of short-term savings.

  • Dry Insecticide Systems for Corn

    Episode 1242

    Dry insecticides with corn planting are coming back. Darren Hefty tells us why and how to use and obtain this older technology.

  • Split-Applying Nitrogen

    Episode 1241

    Darren Hefty talks about various ways to get nitrogen applied in-season.