Ag PhD Weed of the Week

Ag PhD Weed of the Week

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In these Weed of the Week segments taken from Ag PhD, Brian and Darren Hefty discuss hundreds of yield-robbing weeds and how to kill them out in your fields.

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Ag PhD Weed of the Week
  • Jerusalem Artichoke | Ag PhD

    Episode 1343

    A weed is a plant growing where you don't want it. This weed is a perennial, with rhizomes and tubers - don't worry, the Hefty brothers have a good plan to control it.

  • Stinging Nettle | Ag PhD

    Episode 1342

    Find out why you shouldn't touch this weed and what products you can use to get rid of it.

  • Prostrate Vervain | Ag PhD

    Episode 1341

    It's low to the ground and scrappy, but you can still defeat it. The Heftys tell you how to knock out this tough competitor.

  • Dog Fennel | Ag PhD

    Episode 1340

    Find out how to get dog fennel under control in winter wheat and other crops.

  • Buckbrush | Ag PhD

    Episode 1339

    Buckbrush is a perennial forb that can prevent 80% of grass growth in pastures. The Heftys talk about the many new products that can help you eliminate this large weed.

  • Curly Dock | Ag PhD

    Episode 1338

    Find out how to get rid of this perennial noxious weed.

  • Perennial Sow Thistle | Ag PhD

    Episode 1337

    This tough weed may look like dandelion, but it's twice as hard to control. The Heftys tell us their favorite product that'll knock out this pasture invader.

  • Absinth Wormwood | Ag PhD

    Episode 1336

    Learn how to control absinth wormwood, which is a tough perennial weed.

  • Roughstalk Bluegrass | Ag PhD

    Episode 1335

    It can be difficult to keep grass weeds out of your wheat. The Heftys tell you exactly what to use to control this perennial with stolons out of your fields.

  • Marshelder | Ag PhD

    Episode 1334

    Learn how to identify marshelder and how to control it in corn, soybeans, and especially sunflowers.

  • Russian Knapweed | Ag PhD

    Episode 1333

    This is a tough and toxic creeping perennial with rhizomes, and it's one of the worst things to find in your pasture. Brian and Darren offer ideas on how to control it and prevent it from taking root in the first place.

  • Jointed Goatgrass | Ag PhD

    Episode 1332

    Jointed goatgrass can be a challenge to control in wheat and other crops. Find out how to get it under control in this Weed of the Week segment.

  • Broadleaf Signalgrass | Ag PhD

    Episode 1331

    This big grass is difficult to identify and kill. The Hefty brothers help you control it in your corn, wheat, and soybeans.

  • Cattails | Ag PhD

    Episode 1330

    Cattails can be a troublesome weed if it's out in your fields. Learn how to get it under control on your farm.

  • Prostrate Pigweed | Ag PhD

    Episode 1329

    If you've got this weed on your farm, the good news is that there are many ways to kill it. Brian and Darren talk prostrate pigweed control in in soybeans, corn, and wheat.

  • Hoary Vervain | Ag PhD

    Episode 1328

    The Hefty brothers talk about various products you could use to get rid of hoary vervain on the farm.

  • Creeping Charlie | Ag PhD

    Episode 1327

    Keep the creepers out! Brian and Darren discuss how to control this perennial ivy in your yard.

  • Sagebrush | Ag PhD

    Episode 1326

    The Hefty brothers discuss control options for sagebrush.

  • Fall Panicum | Ag PhD

    Episode 1325

    Despite the name, it's a summer annual grass that can quickly overtake an area in the heat of August. The Hefty brothers help you identify and control fall panicum in wheat, soybeans, and corn.

  • Honeyvine Milkweed | Ag PhD

    Episode 1324

    There aren't many options for controlling this challenging weed. Darren and Brian talk about ways to get rid of honeyvine milkweed.

  • Horsenettle | Ag PhD

    Episode 1323

    This primary noxious perennial weed is a tough customer. Brian and Darren Hefty talk horsenettle control in ditches and non-cropland.

  • Yellow Toadflax | Ag PhD

    Episode 1322

    Brian and Darren discuss the best ways to get yellow toadflax under control around the farm.

  • Buffalobur | Ag PhD

    Episode 1321

    It's better to stop this thorny annual early instead of dealing with its long sharp spikes. Brian and Darren discuss buffalobur control in corn, wheat, soybeans, and yards.

  • Biennial Wormwood Sage | Ag PhD

    Episode 1320

    Brian and Darren discuss the best control options if you have biennial wormwood sage on your farm.