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  • Nugget - Relationships Matter

    Natural markets to your operation are relatively few. Build relationships with your buyers. You want to be the one that gets that call when a strong basis comes for filling an emergency need. When challenges arrive, you want a partner in a solution.

  • Nugget - Forward Basis is Lazy

  • Nugget - Always Deliver On A Contract

    Buyers like contracts and so should you. Grain that is sent to the buyer spot and even over fills of contracts often have a lower basis. Make sure you negotiate a basis on all delivered bushels.

  • Nugget - Separate Basis From Futures

    In commodities that use a futures and a basis separating the basis negotiation from the futures will add to your bottom line. Even comparing different bids will be easier if the focus is on basis.

  • Nugget - Cents Per Bushel Matter

    There is no one silver bullet that will improve your merchandising and risk management performance. A series of small gain will add up. The best part is real learning is repeatable year after year!