Animal Health & Nutrition

Animal Health & Nutrition

Feed is among the most expensive inputs in livestock production, and animal health is a constant threat to productivity. These videos can help you sort through the complexities of these closely related topics so you can make the best choices for your operation.

The secret to profitable livestock production is hidden in plain sight: In the bunk, the feeder, or the pasture. Are your feeding program and health protocols working together? Watch these videos to learn what’s new in livestock nutrition and health to keep your livestock eating and performing.

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Animal Health & Nutrition
  • A Federal Fix for Prop 12?! | Buzzard's Beat

    Prop 12 in California has been causing headaches and issues for pork producers and ag producers nationwide. But is a federal fix on the horizon? Watch to find out what's happening on the policy front in between scenes of us branding (sort of), implanting and vaccinating our grass cattle.

  • Is Wheatlage a Word? Plus, Avian Influenza Found in Beef | Buzzard's Beat

    We mowed and chopped our wheat and rye cover crops to store for silage. Is wheatlage a word? That seems so odd. Plus an update (just a few days after the initial report) about avian influenza found in ground beef samples.

  • Avian Influenza in Cattle and Feeding Sorghum Silage | Buzzard's Beat

    Avian influenza has been in the news in the U.S. since March and has been detected in some dairy cattle herds. How is it affecting our nation's public health and food supply? Don't be alarmed - watch and find out! Plus, we still had sorghum silage from August 2024 and the cows need fed!

  • Producers Get Paid for Emissions Management + Preg Checking | Buzzard's Beat

    The time has come to see if our AI work and the bulls did their jobs - preg check day! Plus we wean the fall calves and we discuss a new act that aims to incentivize producers for adopting voluntary emissions management processes.

  • Pasture Management | Ag PhD

    Learn how to increase grass production and maintain livestock health by using fertilizer and maintaining weeds in your pastures.

  • Insect Control in Lawns, Surface Crusting, Pasture Management | Ag PhD

    The Hefty brothers discuss controlling insects in your lawn, how to deal with surface crusting in fields, and how to increase grass production in pastures.

  • Cattle market digesting latest HPAI chatter | Cattle Call

    On this week's Cattle Call, Brad Kooima with Kooima Kooima Varilek looks at the recent information surrounding the avian influenza and the cattle market.

  • Product of the USA + Bringing Cows Home | Buzzard's Beat

    Are you a fan of transparency? You'll love this episode. Are you an advocate for mandatory Country of Origin Labeling? You might like this episode, but I'm not sure. Guess you'll just have to watch to find out where you stand!

  • Beyond Meat Fizzles and Processing Stockers | Buzzard's Beat

    Beyond Meat is having an identity crisis amid some financial woes and we process the our grass cattle in advance of a nasty winter storm.

  • Faux Meat Labeling and Midnight Stockers | Buzzard's Beat

    The majority of our stockers arrived on a balmy January morning (midnight to be exact) and were hesitant to get off the truck and into the mud. Plus, new labeling legislation is aimed at faux meat and the counter argument is a doozy.

  • Heifers Are Still Headed Out | Cattle Call

    Markets on Wednesday saw a correction day after a strong Tuesday. But it goes deeper than that, on this week's Cattle Call, Brad Kooima with Kooima Kooima Varilek looks at the true numbers of heifers headed to the feedlot vs. the pasture.

    Feedlot conditions are worsening with recent warm temper...

  • Breeding Season + Beef Insight | Buzzard's Beat

    As a fall calving herd, we AI breed our cows and place embryos in late November. See a snippet of this process and also learn more about what shoppers consider "important" when it comes to purchasing beef.

  • Bull Prep + Farmer Stress | Buzzard's Beat

    A new study from the University of Georgia showed that farmers and ranchers are stressed but that one particular demographic is stressed to the max. On the ranch, we clip and prep bulls for their sale images and get a short tour of our new barn!

  • Calving Season Transport & Faux Meat - Both Having Some Issues | Buzzard's Beat

    What would a day on the ranch be without something breaking down or causing a headache? And what would plant-based food companies be without a little bit of drama?! Find out the latest squall between faux meat production, labeling regulations and consumers in this week's commentary.

  • Fly Tagging and Food Waste | Buzzard's Beat

    Summertime is prime time for flies so we are fly tagging our yearlings and talking about the shameful problem of food waste in the United States.

  • What is Different About Silage Harvest? | Ag PhD

    Chopping silage isn't the same as harvesting for corn kernels. Darren Hefty explains what goes into raising this crop used for livestock feed.

  • Re-Entry Intervals, Herbicide Carryover, Pasture Fertility Programs | Ag PhD

    The Hefty brothers talk pesticide safety for humans, animals, and next year's crop. Soil sampling is the key to great pasture grasses. The Weed of the Week is fall panicum and Iron Talk covers cleaning up after a downed corn harvest.

  • Pasture Fertility Programs | Ag PhD

    It's important to go beyond soil sampling when considering the nutritional needs of your livestock. Brian and Darren talk nitrogen, sulfur, boron, potassium and more, for healthy pasture grasses and animals.

  • Cattle to Crops: Ranch in Western Nebraska Blessed With Recent Rain| Rural Radio

    Join us as we visit Schuler Red Angus, a ranch located in the panhandle of Nebraska, known for its flagship seed stock of Red Angus cattle.

    David Schuler shares the progress made with their diversified agriculture production.

    The bread and butter of their operation focuses on Red Angus cattle...

  • Moo-phy's Law and mRNA Vaccines | Buzzard's Beat

    Gathering cattle is supposed to be a peaceful occurrence but when "Moo-phy's Law" takes over, watch out! An unexpected run-in with some trees, leads to an unexpected appointment at the doctor and that calls for a timely discussion about mRNA vaccines in livestock.

  • Cows Go to Grass + Is "Grow Your Own" Actually Helpful? | Buzzard's Beat

    Taking cows to summer grass makes a long, dreary winter worthwhile. Follow along as we take the core herd to summer pasture and as we find and doctor a few stockers, which is always entertaining! Plus, I ask a question of agriculturalists whose response to consumer inquiries is "grow your own."

  • Stocking Our Pastures with Grass Cattle | Buzzard's Beat

    The past few years we have started running a few loads of grass cattle in the summer. In this episode, on a very windy day, Hyatt, Brandi and Corey, our herdsman, gather and process the stockers. Hyatt explains the why and how behind our strategy of diversifying High Bar Cattle Company with grass...

  • Slinging Silage and Discussing Factory Farms | Buzzard's Beat

    We're still waiting on grass here in southeast Kansas, which means we're still slinging silage. In between loads, I discuss my thoughts on consumer perspectives around factory farming and how I'm addressing those perceptions in 2023.