Back 2 Basics Video Series

Back 2 Basics Video Series

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We know we can’t focus on the end of season and not give attention to the beginning; and that starts with a crop fertility plan based on a complete soil analysis.

Not that long ago, fertilizer management only focused on N-P-K. As yields climb, we know that we are having to increase the productivity of N, P and K through the supporting roles of secondary and micronutrients, such as sulfur and zinc all the way through molybdenum. But which ones? And how do we decide which of those pricey nutrients will be worthwhile? Spending on extra nitrogen and potassium may feel like the right choice, but what if copper holds back the yield of your wheat crop and the result is, the 50 pounds of nitrogen you applied isn’t productive because it wasn’t supported by $5 worth of copper?

The Back-to-Basics video series is intended to take an in-depth look at the nutrients that may make a difference in your crop. We’ll go in the order that we at AgroLiquid look at a soil test analysis and help you understand the role each nutrient plays in the plant, how it interacts with other nutrients in the soil, watch-outs and more. Each video is between three and six minutes long, and focuses on a specific category on a soil test analysis.

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Back 2 Basics Video Series
  • Defining Success | AgroLiquid B2B

    Episode 7

    Whether it’s yield, return on investment, or overall profit, every farmer has goals for their acres. Clearly defining those goals helps determine best crop nutrition management strategy. Join Brad and Ryan as they explore ways to define success on your farm.

  • Disaster Management | AgroLiquid B2B

    Episode 6

    Whether it’s mother nature or human error, crop damage happens on the farm. Many times, we can mitigate damage and salvage the crop. But sometimes it’s wise to walk away for the season. Join Ryan and Brad as they discuss how to evaluate these situations.

  • Evaluating Risk vs Reward | AgroLiquid B2B

    Episode 5

    You’ve probably heard the most expensive words in agriculture are “we’ve always done it this way.” Weighing the costs versus the rewards of an investment can help determine if the expenses – in both time and money – are justified.

    Join Ryan and Brad as they dive into this important topic in this...

  • On-Farm Research | AgroLiquid B2B

    Episode 4

    With social media and other online resources, there are a lot of opportunities to learn about new techniques, products and practices that pay out for growers around the country. But will it pay on your farm? Doing your own research on a prospective change will help make informed decisions for you...

  • Tank Mixing | AgroLiquid B2B

    Episode 3

    A bad mix in your tank can result in a big mess with incompatible products, or it could cause antagonism between products or reduce efficiency in the field. Following proper tank mixing procedures can save you time and money in the long run.

  • Jar Testing | AgroLiquid B2B

    Episode 2

    Nearly every crop input label includes a recommendation to jar test before tank mixing the product. But is it worth the time to do the test, and what is the proper procedure for jar testing?

    Join Ryan and Brad as they discuss the proper procedure for jar testing - and why it's important in the f...

  • Season Four Introduction | AgroLiquid B2B

    Episode 1

    We're excited to introduce Season Four of the Back 2 Basics video series. This season, Brad and Ryan are taking everything we've learned thus far in the series and bringing it together to make on-farm decisions. We hope you'll join us!