Back 2 Basics Video Series

Back 2 Basics Video Series

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We know we can’t focus on the end of season and not give attention to the beginning; and that starts with a crop fertility plan based on a complete soil analysis.

Not that long ago, fertilizer management only focused on N-P-K. As yields climb, we know that we are having to increase the productivity of N, P and K through the supporting roles of secondary and micronutrients, such as sulfur and zinc all the way through molybdenum. But which ones? And how do we decide which of those pricey nutrients will be worthwhile? Spending on extra nitrogen and potassium may feel like the right choice, but what if copper holds back the yield of your wheat crop and the result is, the 50 pounds of nitrogen you applied isn’t productive because it wasn’t supported by $5 worth of copper?

The Back-to-Basics video series is intended to take an in-depth look at the nutrients that may make a difference in your crop. We’ll go in the order that we at AgroLiquid look at a soil test analysis and help you understand the role each nutrient plays in the plant, how it interacts with other nutrients in the soil, watch-outs and more. Each video is between three and six minutes long, and focuses on a specific category on a soil test analysis.

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Back 2 Basics Video Series
  • Nitrogen | AgroLiquid B2B

    Episode 1

    Nitrogen is one of the primary plant nutrients and is responsible for a significant portion of crop yield potential. Therefore, it is vital to have ample nitrogen available to crops throughout their growth and development. Because of how it cycles through various forms, nitrogen can sometimes be ...

  • Zinc | AgroLiquid B2B

    Episode 2

    Zinc is one of the most essential micronutrients and it plays a key role in plant growth and reproduction. Having enough zinc available in the soil, while staying in proper proportion to primary nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus is critical in producing a healthy and successful crop. Join St...

  • Manganese | AgroLiquid B2B

    Episode 3

    Manganese is one of the most important micronutrients and plays numerous roles within plants. Sometimes referred to as 'The Nutrient of Life,' manganese is essential for photosynthesis, the development of reproductive structures, disease resistance and much more. In this week's Back 2 Basics vide...

  • Iron | AgroLiquid B2B

    Episode 4

    Iron is another micronutrient that is vital to plant health and development. Soil availability of iron is dependent on several factors, including pH and iron's proportion in relation to other nutrients.

  • Copper | AgroLiquid B2B

    Episode 5

    This week we're taking a closer look at copper. This nutrient is needed for plants to produce chlorophyll, as well as for reproduction, and it can help the plant fend off disease. Join Brian and Stephanie in the latest Back 2 Basics video about copper.

  • Boron | AgroLiquid B2B

    Episode 6

    Boron aids in transporting sugars and hormones within the plant and is especially involved in seed and cell wall formation. While this micronutrient is vital in the production of crop yields, it is needed in very small amounts and requires careful management. In this week's Back 2 Basics video, B...

  • Other Micronutrients | AgroLiquid B2B

    Episode 7

    So far in the Back 2 Basics video series, we have explored the primary, secondary and micronutrients that are most critical to plant health. But there are some other nutrients that, while still important, aren't as commonly discussed in conversations about crop fertility.