Season 1

Season 1

10 Episodes

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Season 1
  • Corn Warriors | 101 | Yellow Gold, That's Right - Pilot

    Episode 101

    Five American farmers take to the field on an epic journey and battle for the corn crown. They all have different ground and various challenges each year, but this year they are adding a new challenge. They are competing with each other for the highest bushels per acre in 1 acre plot. They all...

  • Corn Warriors | 102 | Big Money, No Whammy

    Episode 2

    Matt Swanson, Mike Rother, and Dan Luepkes begin their 2017 planting season in hopes of getting top yield this year in the NCGA competition. The quest for this title is an elusive one, but these farmers are pulling out all the stops in order to come out on top. Some of them have even tasted victo...

  • Corn Warriors | 103 | If You Ain't First, You're Last

    Episode 3

    Follow Mike Rother and David Hula as they deal with the aftermath of challenging weather events including weeks of heavy rain and an unexpected hail storm.

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  • Corn Warriors | 104 | Foo Foo Juice

    Episode 4

    Dan Luepkes and Matt Swanson check their crops and run their sprayers.

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  • Corn Warriors | 105 | After the Flood

    Episode 5

    Kevin Kalb deals with the aftermath of a flooding event, keeps planting, and starts spraying.

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  • Corn Warriors | 106 | Corn Whisperer

    Episode 6

    Mike Rother checks his roots and Dan Luepkes tissue samples beans.

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  • Corn Warriors | 107 | Let Us Spray

    Episode 7

    Kevin Kalb examines his crop. Matt Swanson puts a plane in the air and sprays for Japanese beetles.

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  • Corn Warriors | 108 | Pickin' Time

    Episode 8

    Matt Swanson, Dan Luepkes and Mike Rother head back out to the fields to harvest their 2017 Corn crops. They all have one goal in common, to get the highest yield possible. Who will emerge as champion of Corn Warriors 2017?

  • Corn Warriors | 109 | Green vs Red

    Episode 9

    David Hula and Kevin Kalb harvest their 2017 corn crops in this episode of Corn Warriors. They both had a great year and are excited to see what kind of yields they get in their contest plots.

  • Corn Warriors | 110 | Hail the King

    Episode 10

    All the Corn Warriors (David Hula, Kevin Kalb, Dan Luepkes, Matt Swanson and Mike Rother) get together to discuss the challenges and successes they had throughout the 2017 planting season. Learn who got the highest yield for the year and is crowned King of the Corn.