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  • Is Your Butterfly Net Ready To Catch Climate Cash?

    All indications are, money is going to be blowing into Agriculture from a myriad of sources over the next year, largely in the form of environmentalism. Is this trend for real? Will the funds come from a new Farm Bill? Are corporate players truly investing in Ag or just covering their tales in th...

  • Crop Essential Calcium

    Listen in as Maria Espinosa, AgroLiquid Development Chemist, and Stephanie Zelinko, Agronomist demonstrate the importance of calcium.

  • Boiled Peanuts And The Country Music Rockstar

    North Carolina's Bart Lattimore from the band The Old North State talks with Randy about music, boiled peanuts, and more.


  • Intro and Bringing Home the Cows

    Hello and welcome to the Buzzard's Beat channel! I'm excited for you to see what life is like here in our little corner of heaven as we raise cattle and little cowgirls. Peppered in each episode is a brief commentary on current agriculture and cattle industry issues, observations from my travels ...

  • Optimizing Soil for Nitrogen Efficiency

    In nature, plants are able to access nitrogen present in the air and the soil, while in agricultural systems, most nitrogen is supplied from synthetic inputs. While synthetic nitrogen packs a hearty punch, it is an inefficient process, resulting in much nitrogen lost to the environment. So how ca...

  • Ag PhD Full Episodes

    5 seasons

    Hosted by Brian and Darren Hefty, Ag PhD brings new information on how to improve crop health throughout the season, protect the environment, and produce more yields at harvest. New episodes weekly.

  • Nugget - Relationships Matter

    Natural markets to your operation are relatively few. Build relationships with your buyers. You want to be the one that gets that call when a strong basis comes for filling an emergency need. When challenges arrive, you want a partner in a solution.

  • Season 2

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  • Ag on Wheels | Helicopter Cowboy - Armstrong Ranch

    Ever heard of a helicopter cowboy? Well, watch this episode to find out exactly why ranchers use helicopters their ranches!

  • Working to Understand How Cover Crops Fit in Our Operation

    Gregg shares the successes and challenges that he's encountered as he has incorporated cover crops into his operation.