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  • XtremeAg's Planter Showdown: The Results | Fendt

    The results are in from a recent XtremeAg planter trial and the winner is the Fendt Momentum planter by seven bushels per acre! Kelly Garrett was skeptical at first, but now admits, “Momentum is a very impressive planter.”

  • XtremeAg Trials the Fendt 936 Vario

    Watch the full video to see what XtremeAg's Matt Miles says about the performance of the CVT transmission and the efficiencies of the Fendt 936 Vario tractor.

  • A First-Generation Farmer Finds the Right Fit With Fendt

    A Fendt 516 Vario tractor helps a first-generation farmer become more sustainable and profitable.

  • Fendt Rogator: Innovations in Crop Protection and Soil Conservation

    The intelligent engineering of the Fendt Rogator 900 series allows farmers to protect their crops and improve yield with late-season herbicide application. Jason Lee, AGCO agronomist, breaks down the challenges of planting cover crops at the ideal time to fight erosion and improve soil health. L...

  • Canadian Farmers Review the Fendt IDEAL Combine

    Canadian farmers growing a variety of crops (wheat, barley, canola, oats, peas, and lentils) report increased fuel economy and capacity, impressively clean samples, and loss reductions with the IDEAL combine. Learn more about the innovative features of the Fendt IDEAL from this panel of experien...

  • Customer Testimonial: Farming Efficiently with Fendt

    The Justisons are combining the best soils, best practices and Fendt equipment to grow a farm business built to last through generations. See how utilizing a full fleet of Fendt machines including tractors, a Momentum planter, and IDEAL combine has been instrumental to this farm's success.

  • Trail Boss: Grooming Snowmobile Trails with Fendt

    Scott Schneider grew up on a dairy in northern Wisconsin, but the farm economy of the 1980s altered his career plans. After spending 35 years as a firefighter, though, he still feels a connection to that farm life. And, he is still climbing into the cab of a tractor. It’s just that not all tracto...

  • A Farm Ahead of Its Time - Barnard Farms Converts to Fendt

    Learn why Matt Barnard of Barnard Farms Partnership converted to a progressive fleet of Fendt equipment and how Fendt's total farm management solution delivered more efficiencies and productivity for his operation.

  • XtremeAg's Planter Showdown Update - Fendt Momentum Planter

    Watch the second episode of the XtremeAg planter trial with the Fendt Momentum planter to see why Kelly Garrett, Temple Rhodes, and Matt Miles are impressed with the uniformity, healthy roots, and one leaf stage advantage of the Fendt corn.

  • XtremeAg's Planter Showdown with Fendt

    Follow the XtremeAg Planter vs. Planter Showdown featuring the Fendt Momentum planter versus the JD 1770 NT on Kelly Garrett's farm in the rugged hills of Western Iowa. Watch the first episode of Kelly Garrett's head-to-head corn yield contest.

  • Fendt Momentum Planter Crop Tour - Maximizing Optimal Planting Windows

    The key to a successful planting season begins with the Fendt Momentum planter offering the highest capacity seed and fertilizer tanks in the industry. Regardless of planting conditions, Momentum's VarioGrip tires with automatic tire deflation offer the best flotation with minimum soil compaction...

  • Customer Testimonial: Burka Farm Saves Time and Money with Fendt IDEAL Combine

    Darrin Burka is a 3rd generation farmer and owner of Burka Bros Farm - a 10,000-acre wheat, oat, canola, and fava bean operation in Saskatchewan, Canada. With a short growing season of only 90-100 frost-free days, Darrin and his son are pleased with the capacity, productivity, efficiency, and lo...

  • 2023 Fendt Momentum Crop Tour: Bringing Agronomy to Life

    Join the virtual 2023 Fendt Momentum Crop Tour to see the fascinating results of Fendt's soybean spacing and population trials, liquid fertilizer trials, and soil compaction demonstrations.

  • Fendt Rogator 937H Applicator Dry to Liquid System Instructions

    Follow step-by-step instructions from Fendt's product specialist on how to convert the Fendt Rogator 937H from a dry to liquid applicator. With combo capabilities, flexible clearance and a flotation chassis, the Fendt Rogator applicator provides year-round utilization, from dry to liuqid from pre...

  • Farming in the Arizona Desert with Fendt

    Terry and Ramona Button have been farming in the heart of the Gila River Indian Reservation in Arizona for 50 years. The Buttons grow tepary beans, Indian corn, Sonora wheat, and garbanzo beans on their 4,000-acre farm and depend on the Fendt 1162 Vario MT tractor for dependability and fuel savin...

  • The History of Fendt

    For over 90 years ago, Fendt has been bringing ground-breaking technological developments to the industry and setting important milestones in agricultural engineering. This history will continue because Fendt has always stood for progress as a tradition.

  • Xtreme Ag's Kelly Garrett Trials the Fendt Rogator 937H

    Xtreme Ag includes the Fendt Rogator 937H in an application trial on Kelly Garrett's Iowa farm. Learn more about the precision and versatility of the Rogator AirMax boom system and how it performs on Kelly's farm.

  • Fendt Rogator 937H Applicator Liquid to Dry System Instructions

    Follow step-by-step instructions from Fendt's product specialist on how to convert the Fendt Rogator 937H from a liquid to dry applicator. With combo capabilities, flexible clearance and a flotation chassis, the Fendt Rogator applicator provides year-round utilization, from liquid or dry from pre...

  • Fendt Rogator Applicator 937H with Mike Evans

  • Fendt Momentum on the Road With David Hula

  • Fendt IDEAL Combine Animation

  • Fendt VarioDrive Transmission

  • Fendt Momentum Planter Walk-Around