Crops don’t grow well without ample plant food, and fertility is the biggest recurring expense on any farm. Finding the best and most cost-effective ways to meet the fertility needs of your crops will help them thrive all season long and build better yields at harvest.

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  • Margin Calls Are a Good Thing! | AgrisAcademy

    A margin call against a hedge as a grower is the result of a rising market. When we look at the total risk of a farm this is actually a good thing. As farmers we often have ownership in the bin, in the field, and years of factors of production

  • Defining Success | AgroLiquid B2B

    Whether it’s yield, return on investment, or overall profit, every farmer has goals for their acres. Clearly defining those goals helps determine best crop nutrition management strategy. Join Brad and Ryan as they explore ways to define success on your farm.

  • Disaster Management | AgroLiquid B2B

    Whether it’s mother nature or human error, crop damage happens on the farm. Many times, we can mitigate damage and salvage the crop. But sometimes it’s wise to walk away for the season. Join Ryan and Brad as they discuss how to evaluate these situations.

  • Evaluating Risk vs Reward | AgroLiquid B2B

    You’ve probably heard the most expensive words in agriculture are “we’ve always done it this way.” Weighing the costs versus the rewards of an investment can help determine if the expenses – in both time and money – are justified.

    Join Ryan and Brad as they dive into this important topic in this...

  • On-Farm Research | AgroLiquid B2B

    With social media and other online resources, there are a lot of opportunities to learn about new techniques, products and practices that pay out for growers around the country. But will it pay on your farm? Doing your own research on a prospective change will help make informed decisions for you...

  • Tank Mixing | AgroLiquid B2B

    A bad mix in your tank can result in a big mess with incompatible products, or it could cause antagonism between products or reduce efficiency in the field. Following proper tank mixing procedures can save you time and money in the long run.

  • Jar Testing | AgroLiquid B2B

    Nearly every crop input label includes a recommendation to jar test before tank mixing the product. But is it worth the time to do the test, and what is the proper procedure for jar testing?

    Join Ryan and Brad as they discuss the proper procedure for jar testing - and why it's important in the f...

  • Season Four Introduction | AgroLiquid B2B

    We're excited to introduce Season Four of the Back 2 Basics video series. This season, Brad and Ryan are taking everything we've learned thus far in the series and bringing it together to make on-farm decisions. We hope you'll join us!

  • Be a Farmer of Your Lawn | Ag PhD

    Agriculture expert Darren Hefty encourages you to think of the grass in your yard as a crop, and provides wisdom from the farm, to keep your summer weed-free.

  • Talking Taters (and Much More!) with Oregon Potato Company | Damian Mason

    Frank Tiegs started farming in the Columbia basin region of Washington in 1975. Then he bought an apple packing facility. From there, the operation has expanded mightily to involve 140,000 acres of farming and 15 food processing facilities. Upon Frank’s recent passing, his son Keith re-joined the...

  • Fertilizer Analysis, Using High Rates of Herbicide Safely, Seed Planting Depth

    Brian and Darren explain what the numbers mean on fertilizer packaging. They also discuss how to use high rates of herbicide without damaging your crop, and how do decide how deep to plant your seed.

  • Fertilizer Analysis | Ag PhD

    Learn what the numbers mean on fertilizer bags.

  • Spray Water Quality | Ag PhD

    The Hefty brothers take a deep dive into your spray tank water: what to put in and what to keep out.

  • Nutrient Know-How: Building the Plant's Immune System with Zinc | XtremeAg

    Zinc is key for building a plant's defense mechanisms, germination and balancing phosphorus.

  • Insects vs. Mites, Spring-Seeded Alfalfa, Weed Control in XtendFlex Soybeans

    Brian and Darren discuss mites and insects, and how growers use different products to control them. They also talk about getting great weed control and fertility when establishing alfalfa in the spring, and what products you could use in your XtendFlex soybean fields.

  • Spring-Seeded Alfalfa | Ag PhD

    Darren and Brian discuss how to get great weed control and fertility when seeding alfalfa this spring.

  • Spring Manure Applications | Ag PhD

    There is much more to consider when adding manure right before planting. The Hefty brothers inject their advice into this complicated situation.

  • Is It Too Early To Fertilize Your Lawn? | Ag PhD

    Darren Hefty talks about when to fertilize your lawn to get the most out of what you apply.

  • Fertilizer Application Timing | Ag PhD

    The Hefty brothers provide some advice on when to apply fertilizer so your crops get what they need - when they need.

  • 2024 Ag PhD Field Day, Cover Crop Termination, Fertilizer Application Timing

    Brian and Darren invite you to attend the 2024 Ag PhD Field Day. They also discuss the best ways to terminate your cover crops, as well has how to time your fertilizer applications so your plants receive the nutrients they need.

  • Nutrient Know-How: We Need to Process Nitrogen for the Plant | XtremeAg

    Nitrogen is an essential building block for plants, but the XtremeAg farmers are looking for ways to use less of it through more efficient processing.

  • No-Till vs Strip-Till, Sclerotinia White Mold, Enlist Soybeans Program | Ag PhD

    Welcome to the Soybean Episode. Brian and Darren tell you 10 steps to white mold prevention. They give you the total weed control program for Enlist soybeans. Plus they talk no-till and strip-till, purslane weed control, and using drain tile for more than water issues.

  • Nutrient Stratification | Ag PhD

    Brian and Darren talk about the importance of getting nutrients placed properly in the soil for better uptake by your crop.

  • Variable Rate Fertilizer Application | Ag PhD

    Darren explains the benefits of applying fertilizer at a variable rate across your fields to save money and maximize yield.