FMC Users Weigh In

FMC Users Weigh In

Retailers and growers talk product performance.

Discover firsthand user experience with FMC products and how they perform in diverse operations. From ag retailers to growers, these videos demonstrate the benefits of FMC products and the success they bring. See why growers are keeping FMC top of mind.

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FMC Users Weigh In
  • Grower Experience: Controlling Tar Spot With Adastrio™ Fungicide | FMC

    In the heart of the Corn Belt, tar spot* remains a significant concern for growers. In this testimonial video, discover how Adastrio™ fungicide is helping keep fields clean of tar spot in regions that are affected the most. Hear from Kelly Garrett of Garrett Land & Cattle in Dunlap, Iowa, as he s...

  • Tom Tullis, Champaign County, OH for FMC's Xyway™ Brand Fungicides

    Tom Tullis shares how he stays ahead of disease challenges from late summer humidity by incorporating Xyway™ brand fungicides at planting. Listen as Tullis describes his experience with this revolutionary approach to disease protection to protect his corn from the inside out.

  • Nebraska Grower on FMC's 3RIVE 3D® Application System

    Nebraska grower Roy Houdersheldt plants all of his farm’s acres, making time a huge constraint each spring. Equipped with a 3RIVE 3D® application system on his planter, Roy says it allows him to “plant sunup to sundown and not have to stop for anything but seed.” Listen as he explains other benef...

  • Indiana Retailer on FMC's Xyway® LFR® Fungicide

    Doug Quear, location manager at Co-Alliance in Indian Trails, Indiana, considers Xyway® brand fungicides another tool in the toolbox to help growers maximize their yields and profitability. With more than 30 years of agricultural experience, Doug evaluates the challenges traditional in-season fol...

  • Beck's Hybrids on FMC's Xyway® Brand Fungicides

    Erich Hasler, ag system and agronomy specialist at Beck’s Hybrids, shares how Xyway® LFR® fungicide helps Beck’s Hybrid’s seed corn thrive from planting all the way through harvest. Listen in as Hasler describes how this game-changing fungicide is impacting day-to-day procedures and the advantage...