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Grain IQ Podcast
  • Season 4, Ep. 3 - Does South American Production Impact My Farm? | Grain IQ

    It seems like market analysts always bring up South American corn and soybean production. Does that really matter for your farming operation?

    Jeff Peterson, president of Heartland Farm Partners in Lincoln, breaks down South American agriculture – especially in Brazil and Argentina – and how it i...

  • Using Crop Budgets in Your Grain Marketing Plan | Grain IQ

    For the first episode of season four, we taped the segment live at the Nebraska Ag Expo.

    Joined by Glennis McClure, UNL Farm, and Ranch Management Analyst, and Luke Beckman, Grain Sales Manager at Central Valley Ag, we explore the topic of crop budgets and the strategic use of these budgets in ...

  • How Did Brokers Execute a Commodity Trade Before the Internet? | Grain IQ

    Long before the instantaneous internet, grain traders in Chicago made trades by hand. Literally.

    In fact, traders basically came up with their own version of sign language for this highly-active job.

    Mark Gold of Top Third Ag Marketing in Chicago described what his job looked like in the 1970s...

  • The Good Ol' Days: Grain Trading with Mark Gold of Top Third Ag | Grain IQ

    Once a city kid who went to school to be a doctor, Mark Gold with Top Third Ag Marketing in Chicago became a widely-respected grain trader and analyst who continues to serve producers.

    The story goes like this.

    One college summer, Gold was asked if he wanted to work at the Chicago Mercantile Ex...

  • What Do the Grain Trading Months Mean? | Grain IQ

    You turn up the radio when the broadcaster gives the latest market numbers, and you hear him rattle off multiple months for each commodity. Why? What do those trading months mean?

    On this episode of Grain IQ, why are there different trading months for corn and soybeans? How do the trading months...

  • How Wheat Impacts Corn and Soybean Marketing | Grain IQ

    Even if you don’t grow wheat, the wheat crop impacts corn and soybean prices

    Each May, the Wheat Quality Tour travels through fields in Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and Colorado to get a snapshot of the year’s wheat crop.

    Mike Zuzolo of Global Commodity Analytics breaks down how small grains infl...

  • Strategies for Grain Marketing in 2023 | Grain IQ

    As spring fieldwork gets underway across the country, what grain marketing strategies should your operation consider this year?

    Darin Fessler of Lakefront Futures and Options and Doug Simon of Tredas break down the current market and what’s important for producers to consider.

    This episode was ...

  • Where Are the Grain Markets Going? | Grain IQ

    We’ve seen the grain markets have been active lately, leading to numerous questions for grain producers.

    Market analysts Darin Newsom of Darin Newsom Analysis and Wade Stevens of Agriculture Risk Consulting (ARC) Group join us today Grain IQ to discuss the recent movements in the markets.