Hefty Seed Company

Hefty Seed Company

Hefty Seed Company is dedicated to helping farmers be successful and make the best management decisions for every acre, a philosophy that has allowed us to become an industry leader in seed, crop protection, natural products, and more, backed up by the rigorous training of our agronomy staff. At Hefty Seed Company, we provide the expert guidance and solutions needed to meet your farm goals. Hefty Seed Company – Agronomy. Answers. Yield.

Hefty Seed Company
  • Hefty Brand Corn

    5 seasons

    Hefty Brand Corn is the premier corn seed brand with options for any acre. Building on the foundations of proven genetics, Hefty Brand Corn is also treated with Hefty Complete Corn Seed Treatment, which contains 37 components each designed to bring a greater return on your seed investment.

  • Hefty Brand Soybeans

    6 seasons

    The genetics, seed production standards, cleaning process, and offensive and defensive characteristics of Hefty Brand Soybeans already make it the premium soybean brand in the country. Adding the 75 components of Hefty Complete Soybean Seed Treatment puts these soybeans in a category of their own.

  • Hefty Naturals

    15 items

    Microbes and other biological components, known as Naturals, are exploding to the forefront of the industry as the next step in improving production agriculture. How do you know what works and what doesn’t? The research-proven products of Hefty Naturals are paving the way forward with biological ...

  • How to Grow Better Soybeans

    4 items

    At Hefty Seed Company, we’re all about giving you the information you need to make the best crops possible. In this series, we discuss some of the ways you can manage your soybeans to bring in the beans this harvest.

  • Hefty Agronomist Trainings

    15 items

    If you're a Hefty Agronomist and unable to access these live events or recordings, do not purchase the event. Contact Brittany Burgeson at (605) 690-8251 or [email protected].

  • Farm Club Meetings

    20 items

    If you are a Farm Club Member and unable to access these videos, do not purchase the event. Please send an email to [email protected] or call (605) 529-5412.

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