Season 2

Season 2

13 Episodes

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Season 2
  • Crossin' The Equator | 201 | Live To Farm

    Episode 1

    Kevin and Shawn travel to South Africa to escape the Indiana winter. They meet up with their friend Danie Bester for an educational field day and walk his crop…then the safari fun begins! Part 1 of 3

  • The Cutting Edge | 202 | Live To Farm

    Episode 2

    Come along to the Africa Agri Tech conference. Shawn spends her day with horses and honeybees. The farmers enjoy an evening of fun and competition, with Danie's family and friends. Part 2 of 3.

  • Down to Cape Town | 203 | Live To Farm

    Episode 3

    The farmers travel to Cape Town! They visit a planter manufacturer. Kevin, Danie, and Shawn spend time learning about grape harvest and winemaking. The Kalbs sightsee before flying home. Part 3 of 3.

  • A New Chapter | 204 | Live To Farm

    Episode 4

    Planting begins on the Kalb and Cardinal farms; the farmers take great care to ensure soil health for the coming growing season; playful arm wrestling and grip strength tests determine who is the strongest at the Kalb's.

  • Set Up for Success | 205 | Live To Farm

    Episode 5

    The Cardinals and Kalbs continue planting corn and soybeans, sharing strategies to set each crop up for optimal growth. Later, they visit Emmick Farm and join Farmer Grayce to discuss soil health and other tips and tricks for planting.

  • I Heart NY Farm Girls | 206 | Live To Farm

    Episode 6

    The Kalb women visit the NY Farm Girls. They learn what it takes to be a dairy farmer -- milking cows, cleaning troughs, bottle-feeding calves and more.

  • No Pain No Grain | 207 | Live To Farm

    Episode 7

    Kalb Farm gets a brand new grain vac. Kevin hosts a MACC field day to teach farmers how to increase crop yields. The Kalbs clean up after an unforeseen tornado wreaks havoc on their farm.

  • The G.O.A.T. Farmer | 208 | Live To Farm

    Episode 8

    The Kalb women visit their friends at Hope Hill, hanging out with goats, chickens and bees. Back home, Kevin attends a field day and reflects on a test plot. Then, he and Cassidy look at corn crop progress.

  • Progress Makes Perfect | 209 | Live To Farm

    Episode 9

    Kevin and Brooks attend the Farm Progress show, learning about the latest in agriculture. Back on the farms, maintenance is in full swing, including tissue samples, spraying and side dressing.

  • Eyes on the Prize | 210 | Live To Farm

    Episode 10

    Cardinal Farm gets an upgrade to its grain bins. At the state fair, the Cardinal boys show their prize pigs. Brooks and Cassidy walk the fields, checking how the corn is doing.

  • Mission: Melon | 211 | Live To Farm

    Episode 11

    It's watermelon harvest season on Cardinal Farms, and the Cardinal kids are here to show us how to make it more enjoyable. Kevin checks in with his agronomist regarding the effectiveness of a test plot at Kalb Farms.

  • Reap What You Sow | 212 | Live To Farm

    Episode 12

    Harvest is in full swing. The Kalbs and Cardinals reap the yield of another farming season. They consider the ROI of each part of managing the agriculture business.

  • The Cycle Continues | 213 | Live To Farm

    Episode 13

    Kevin and Brooks plan for next year as another growing season concludes. Farmers tile for water management after harvesting their fields and preparing the ground for winter.