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    Agriculture is the most important industry in the world, and AcresTV is committed to advancing the next generation of agricultural education and the promotion of rural life. AcresTV presents insightful perspectives from farmers, researchers, and industry leaders. AcresTV provides entertainment an...

  • Neal Kinsey Soil & Fertility Seminar 2024

    3 videos  |   Buy $180

    Each day will be recorded and available to watch on AcresTV until March 15th.

  • Ag PhD Winter Workshops 2024

    5 videos  |   Buy $30

    Thanks for joining us for the 2024 Ag PhD Winter Workshops! To submit a question during the live event, enter it in the comment section below the video. (Only available on a computer or mobile device)

    If you're unable to catch the livestream, a recorded version of each workshop will be availabl...

  • Masterclass in Merchandising & Risk Management

    20 videos  |   Buy $2,450

    Join the experts at AgrisAcademy for a unique opportunity to learn from an experienced group of educators with over 50 years of merchandising and risk management experience.

    Learn More - www.agrisacademy.com/online-course

  • Farm Club Meetings

    11 videos  |   Buy $1,000

    If you are a Farm Club Member and unable to access these videos, do not purchase the event. Please send an email to [email protected] or call (605) 529-5412.

  • Hefty Agronomist Trainings

    13 videos  |   Buy $1,000

    If you're a Hefty Agronomist and unable to access these live events or recordings, do not purchase the event. Contact Brittany Burgeson at (605) 690-8251 or [email protected].