FMC Solutions for Your Challenges

FMC Solutions for Your Challenges

Protecting your productivity, profitability and sustainability.

Witness the actual performance of FMC products. These videos demonstrate the protection FMC brings to your operation and its overall success. See the control come to life.

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FMC Solutions for Your Challenges
  • Unlocking Nature's Potential: Biologicals | FMC

    Host Jake Turner and subject matter expert Matthew Pye discuss why biologicals are a logical solution to help safeguard crop yields, nurture the soil and improve root health for enhanced drought tolerance. Watch the video linked below to discover the At-Plant flexibility growers can expect from t...

  • Building the Case for Overlapping Residuals | FMC

    Deploying a layered residual program for superior soybean weed control is key for growers’ fields to start clean and stay clean.

    In this episode of the FMC Upside Insights, Jake Turner talks with Camille Lambert, FMC technical service manager for Tennessee and Kentucky, on the current state of ...

  • Tips on Tackling Italian Ryegrass with Donnie Miller, LSU Ag Center | FMC

    Dealing with problematic weeds year-round is a challenge many growers face. Managing herbicide-resistant winter annual grasses, like Italian ryegrass, is difficult in geographies with mild winters and when crop fields are left fallow.

    Donnie Miller, weed scientist at LSU Ag Center, explores the ...

  • Control Downy Brome with FMC's Anthem® Flex Herbicide

    See how well Anthem® Flex herbicide from FMC controls downy brome* in wheat, then add it to your weed control strategy. The advantages in winter wheat are easy to see in side-by-side field comparisons. Your use rate will depend on your timing and soil type.

    *See 2(ee) recommendation for ID, MT, ...

  • FMC's Authority® Supreme Herbicide: Time-Lapse of Preemergent Control

    When put to the test, Authority® Supreme herbicide outpaced the competition in preemergent control. See the difference in performance with this one month time-lapse of plant emergence in Mt. Vernon, Illinois.

  • FMC's Anthem® Flex Herbicide Winter Wheat Time Lapse

    See the performance of Anthem® Flex herbicide in this time-lapse video, showcasing residual management of Italian ryegrass, henbit, common chickweed and mayweed chamomile in winter wheat. Filmed at the FMC Stine Research Center in Elkton, MD.