Tony Reed

Tony Reed

Tony Reed is a first-generation farmer from Illinois, known for his tell-it-like-he-see's it attitude! Tony's fame began on TikTok, but his knowledge and passion extend far beyond that platform. Off the Pavement is exclusively on AcresTV.

Tony Reed
  • Florida Silage

    We met up with Wes Reagan of Sarasota, Florida and learned the in's and out's of forage harvesting in the sunshine state.

  • The Strawberry Capital of the World

    Just south of Plant City, Florida we visited the largest contiguous strawberry farm in the world. A lot of time, money, and manpower goes into raising this wonderful crop.

  • Longino Ranch

    The Longino Ranch has been around for many decades. Ranch manager Cliff Coddington shows us how diversification, along with thinking outside the box will keep this ranch preserved well into the future.

  • Indoor Farming

    Nebullam Farms in Ames, Iowa shows us how to raise crops indoor. We discuss water usage, overall footprint, and how consumers really like the farm to table advantage.

  • Florida Sugarcane Harvest

    Buckle up as we head to the south end of Lake Okeechobee to watch a custom sugarcane harvest crew in action.

  • Robotic Dairy Farming

    Dairy farming is changing as fast as grain farming, and it's becoming just as automated. Dan Venteicher shows us the in's and out's of his robotic dairy farm, and how automation has changed his workload.