Crop Protection

Crop Protection

Weeds choking out crops. Diseases devastating yields. Insects ravaging acres. Mother Nature doesn’t make it easy for farmers. Find out how to rid your fields of pests and preserve yield potential.

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Crop Protection
  • Ag PhD Field Day, Herbicide Carryover, Later-Season Wheat Treatments | Ag PhD

    Brian and Darren Hefty explain all the great things in Field Day, how to avoid hurting future crops with previous year's sprays, and what your wheat wants at both flag leaf and heading stages. The Weed of the Week is yellow foxtail and the Iron Talk is about air inversions.

  • Yellow Foxtail | Ag PhD

    If your grass weed has hairy ligules - you've got yellow foxtail. Brian and Darren Hefty help you identify and control it in corn, wheat, and soybeans.

  • Herbicide Carryover | Ag PhD

    If your emergence doesn't look quite right it could be last year's weed control products lingering on this year's crops. Brian and Darren help you identify and avoid future issues with herbicide carryover.

  • Later-Season Wheat Treatments | Ag PhD

    Brian and Darren Hefty talk about spraying wheat at both flag leaf and heading. Fungicides, fertilizers, insecticides, and biologicals can all go into the tank to give your wheat a late boost.

  • Spraying and Air Inversions | Ag PhD

    Air inversions are a common weather phenomenon that prevents the normal upwards movement of gasses, which as Darren explains, that's a dangerous time to spray your crops. Learn how you can see, hear, and smell air inversions.

  • Corn Maturity Selection, Plant Tissue Analysis, Iron Deficiency Chlorosis|Ag PhD

    Learn how farmers decide what maturity of corn to plant, how to improve your fertility program by doing plant tissue analysis, and how to fix iron deficiency chlorosis in soybeans.

  • Bull Thistle | Ag PhD

    The Hefty brothers discuss controlling bull thistle in crop ground and non-crop ground.

  • Ag PhD Scouting and Scholarships, Humic and Fulvic Acid, Sidedressing Nutrients

    In this episode the Hefty brothers talk about helping those new to farming, biologicals that you may not have heard of yet, and applying N, S, and B after your crop has come up. The Weed of the Week is compass plant. Plus Darren talks about paying $640/hr to spray fields!

  • Spraying Your Own Crops | Ag PhD

    Darren Hefty has an eye-opening look at how much it really costs to hire an applicator to spray your farm.

  • Sidedressing Nutrients | Ag PhD

    Brian and Darren talk in depth about the best way to apply nitrogen, sulfur, and boron once your crop is up.

  • Compass Plant | Ag PhD

    This perennial forb is not usually a terrible threat to your crop, but Brian and Darren can help you understand the best ways to handle compass plant.

  • How Much Seed Do Farmers Buy, Late-Planted Corn, Post-Emerge Soybean Herbicides

    Learn how farmers decide how much seed to purchase when planting the farm, how to maximize yield when planting corn later in the season, and the best ways to control weeds post-emerge in soybeans.

  • Post-Emerge Soybean Herbicides | Ag PhD

    The Hefty brothers discuss several products and seed traits you can utilize to keep weeds under control in your soybeans.

  • Volunteer Soybeans | Ag PhD

    Darren and Brian Hefty talk about the best ways to get rid of volunteer soybeans in corn, soybeans, and wheat.

  • Cursed Crowfoot | Ag PhD

    This buttercup is not only a yield robber, but a livestock killer. Brian and Darren talk cursed crowfoot control in pastures, wheat, soybeans, and corn.

  • Sweet vs. Field Corn, Post-Emerge Corn Herbicides, Early Season Insects | Ag PhD

    Why don't people eat the corn produced by most farmers, what are the best products for weed control in growing corn, and what are the bugs you should be scouting for right now? Brian and Darren answer these questions and discuss cursed crowfoot and planter technology.

  • Early Season Insects | Ag PhD

    Soon after emergence you need to scout your fields for bugs. Brian and Darren talk in depth about alfalfa weevil larvae, cutworms, bean leaf beetles, and aphids in wheat.

  • Post-Emerge Corn Herbicides | Ag PhD

    There are not many choices for weed killers in corn fields, Brian and Darren give you the pros and cons of each of the options available to spray.

  • Increasing Stalk Size, Keeping Dicamba on Target, Soybean Post Residual | Ag PhD

    In this episode, Brian and Darren Hefty talk about how growers can reduce lodging in crops by increasing stalk size. They discuss how to reduce drift and volatility issues when applying dicamba, and what residual products you could spray post-emerge in soybeans.

  • Soybean Post Residuals | Ag PhD

    The Hefty brothers talk about some of the products you can use in soybeans post-emerge to get additional weed control through the season.

  • Keeping Dicamba On Target | Ag PhD

    Brian and Darren Hefty talk about some things farmers can do to reduce drift and volatility when spraying dicamba.

  • Palmer Pigweed | Ag PhD

    The Hefty brothers discuss the challenge of controlling Palmer pigweed (AKA Palmer amaranth) in soybeans and other crops.

  • Lawn Spray Timing | Ag PhD

    Darren Hefty shares tips on when to spray your lawn to get weeds under control.

  • Palisade Performance | Ag PhD

    If you have shorter crops there will be less lodging. Brian & Darren talk about the plant growth regulator Palisade.