Crop Protection

Crop Protection

Weeds choking out crops. Diseases devastating yields. Insects ravaging acres. Mother Nature doesn’t make it easy for farmers. Find out how to rid your fields of pests and preserve yield potential.

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Crop Protection
  • Longer Grass in Lawns and Pastures | Ag PhD

    A thick grass canopy can shade out weeds. The Hefty brothers remind you to raise your mower for a healthier lawn.

  • Wild Sunflower | Ag PhD

    The gardener's favorite flower might be a farmer's weed. Brian and Darren shed some light on how to handle this large-seeded annual broadleaf.

  • Longer Grass in Lawns and Pastures, Help After Hail, Cobra Confidential | Ag PhD

    The Hefty brothers share the secrets to getting the best lawns and pastures, surprising research on hail's effect on yields, and getting the maximum impact from Cobra. This week's weed is wild sunflower, and Darren talks the latest tech trends in agriculture.

  • Help After Hail | Ag PhD

    Hail destroys crops - or does it? Brian and Darren share the surprising research, and give tips on post-hail crop care.

  • Cobra Confidential | Ag PhD

    The Hefty brothers give you insider tips on mastering Cobra, including an unexpected role on white mold suppression.

  • How To Tell If A Weed Is Dead | Ag PhD

    The Hefty brothers explain how to tell if your herbicide application was successful in killing your target weeds.

  • How To Tell If A Weed's Dead, Insecticides, Spraying In Adverse Weather | Ag PhD

    Learn how to identify whether or not your herbicide application killed your weeds, what insecticide groups you could choose from when spraying for insects, and how to adjust your spray program when weather conditions aren't ideal.

  • Foliar Insecticides | Ag PhD

    Brian and Darren discuss the different groups of insecticides you could choose from when spraying for insects in your crops.

  • Canada Thistle | Ag PhD

    Learn how to control Canada thistle, a tough perennial weed.

  • Spraying In Adverse Weather | Ag PhD

    Learn how to adjust your spray program when making applications in various weather conditions, like hot or cold temps and high or low humidity.

  • Avoid Spraying During Air Inversions | Ag PhD

    The safest weather conditions for spraying might surprise you. Darren Hefty clears it all up.

  • How to Best Use Liberty | Ag PhD

    Protecting crops with glufosinate has never been more affordable or accessible. The Hefty boys give you expert advice, to make the most of Liberty.

  • Unpredictable Planting | Ag PhD

    Early isn't always better: late might be good, it depends on the weather! Darren Hefty explains why.

  • Flexstar Fundamentals | Ag PhD

    The Heftys are fans of fomesafen in their soybeans. They explain how to get the most out of this PPO.

  • Giant Foxtail | Ag PhD

    Outfox this week's weed with these sly tips from the Hefty Brothers.

  • Ag PhD Field Day 2024, Flexstar Fundamentals, How to Best Use Liberty | Ag PhD

    Get ready for Ag PhD's annual Field Day this July. The Hefty brothers focus on Flexstar, and give lessons on Liberty. Plus the Weed of the Week is giant foxtail, and Darren breaks down the science behind air inversions and spray timings.

  • The Promise | The XtremeAg Show, S1. Ep 11.

    Farming can be immensely rewarding, however, it promises no guarantees. The only promise farming holds is that it will always involve a struggle. Fueled by their passion and resilience, farmers try to stay one step ahead in order to overcome the everyday hardships of farming.

    The XtremeAg Show i...

  • Little Bugs Cause Big Problems

    Darren Hefty explains how small bugs can be such a problem for farmers.

  • Woolly Cupgrass

    Woolly cupgrass can be a challenging weed to get rid of. Brian and Darren share some experience and herbicide options to help you control woolly cup in your fields.

  • Pennysylvania Smartweed | Ag PhD

    Outsmart this summer annual lurking in the lower, wetter parts of crop fields, with Brian and Darren's expert tips on products and practices.

  • BASF - Introducing Surtain™ Herbicide

    Introducing Surtain herbicide from BASF - the innovative solution for corn farmers looking to maximize their yield potential. Surtain brings together group 14 and 15 herbicides in an early post application timing, providing more power in early season applications. Its solid encapsulation technolo...

  • BASF Fungicides: Proof to Be Proactive

    Just because you don’t see something, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Check out microscopic imagery that reveals a closer look at a field under siege by Gray Leaf Spot. This illustrates how disease can wreak havoc for 19 days before it can be seen by the naked eye –proving that protecting your field...

  • Enlist Corn | Corteva

    What is Enlist Corn? What benefits does it provide to my farm? Find out about the latest trait innovations from Corteva and the Enlist System now in corn offering new herbicide tolerances and next generation insect protection.

  • Insect Control in Lawns, Surface Crusting, Pasture Management | Ag PhD

    The Hefty brothers discuss controlling insects in your lawn, how to deal with surface crusting in fields, and how to increase grass production in pastures.