Season 3

Season 3

13 Episodes

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Season 3
  • Corn Warriors | 301| Kings of Corn

    Episode 1

    David Hula and Randy Dowdy bring in the 2019 planting season with some exciting and innovative practices. David Hula is strip tilling and Randy Dowdy is trying his hand at some land in Florida.
    These two record breaking yielders are at it again but this year gave formed a seemingly unstoppable ...

  • Corn Warriors | 302 | Forty Days

    Episode 2

    The epic journey of 5 real life warriors has begun again. With a new year in front of them, their hopes of a profitable year go out the window quick when mother nature decides to flood the entire midwest. This keeps most of the midwest warriors out of the fields till late in the planting season...

  • Corn Warriors | 303 | A Mother Scorned

    Episode 3

    With record breaking rain fall, some of the Warriors are still not able to plant this year. The ones that have are not sure if it was the right decision. Mother nature is not easing up and time is running out to get the crops in the ground.

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  • Corn Warriors | 304 | Shucks

    Episode 4

    Dan Luepkes checks some tissue samples, Kevin Kalb deals with some equipment malfunction but keeps planting, David Hula checks a field.

  • Corn Warriors | 305 | Attention to Detail

    Episode 5

    Kevin Kalb, Brooks Cardinal, and Randy Dowdy keep themselves focused in mid-season management.

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  • Corn Warriors | 306 | Jimmy Cracked

    Episode 6

    It’s competition time on Corn Warriors. David Hula and Randy Dowdy are giving it everything they have this year to secure the crown. Airplanes and Helicopters are both a big part of crop management.

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  • Corn Warriors | 307 | Market Dents

    Episode 7

    Brooks Cardinal and Kevin Kalb are working through the July 4th holiday. They discuss the horrible weather this year and how to deal with the corn prices.

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  • Corn Warriors | 308 | Let Us Spray Again

    Episode 8

    The Corn Warriors are doing everything they can to survive this year. Treatments have stopped on lots of acres, but there is still hope in places for a good contest pull. Kevin seems to have had it the worst with most of his acres totally wiped out. Dan has corn in the ground but it is still v...

  • Corn Warriors | 309 | Nutrient Levels

    Episode 9

    With the few Warriors that are still in the running, management is at a crucial stage. Knowing when and what rates is crucial. Kevin Kalb shows us some tiling techniques, Matt Swanson gets a surprise, and our Warriors go to Hefty Field Day.

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  • Corn Warriors | 310 | Red vs Green

    Episode 10

    King Randy Dowdy and World Record Holder David Hula go head to head in an epic beginning to the harvest 2019 season. They discuss some of the challenges from this year but stay focused on what has been working. This year, it looks like things are going pretty well for both of them. It's a tight...

  • Corn Warriors | 311 | Moisture Levels

    Episode 11

    The Indiana boys are staying busy on the farm. Kevin is putting in tile and Brooks has started harvesting. Hopes are not high this year for big yields...

  • Corn Warriors | 312 | Good Pickin'

    Episode 12

    Harvest continues! Dan and Matt pick their crops, reflect on the tough year and what they've learned. Next up, the Season 3 Finale on 12/19!

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  • Corn Warriors | 313 | Corntest Results

    Episode 13

    And the winner of Corn Warriors Season 3 is...

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