Equipment & Tools

Equipment & Tools

From the biggest combines to the smallest wrenches and parts, agriculture is full of specialized gear needed to keep everything rolling. And farmers have to know it all. Learn more here about the right tools for every job on the farm.

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Equipment & Tools
  • John Deere ExactApply™ Nozzle Body Product Overview | C & B

    C & B Product Specialist Wayne Will shows us the components inside a John Deere ExactApply™ nozzle body. Get a full look at each part of the nozzle body and how it works.

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  • John Deere See & Spray™ Ultimate Nozzle Body Overview | C & B

    C & B product Specialist Wayne Will walks us through the ExactApply™ nozzle body from a See & Spray Ultimate machine, showing us the internal components and differences.

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  • The Gold | The XtremeAg Show, S1. Ep 14.

    Temple and Kelly take a field trip to see how a tractor comes together, and engage in some friendly competition along the way. Matt explains how he enriches his soil.

    The XtremeAg Show is presented by Concept AgriTek.

    Season 1 | Episode 14
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  • Controlling Spray Drift | Ag PhD

    Darren Hefty talks about ways to prevent your crop protection products from drifting off-target.

  • Drop Tube Applications | Ag PhD

    Precision application tech is revolutionizing crop protection and nutrition. Darren Hefty explains how a simple but elegant solution can keep your crop growing.

  • The Green Bridge, Scouting Insects, Late-Season Nitrogen | Ag PhD

    Brian and Darren talk about why the green bridge might be a highway to harm, how to go on pest patrol in your fields, and ways to boost your N until the fall. This week's weed is the noxious jimsonweed and there's an Iron Talk on drop tubes for sprayers.

  • The Method | The XtremeAg Show, S1. Ep 13.

    Farming goes beyond cultivating crops; it's about using modern farming tools to boost profitability.

    Kelly, Chad and Matt use utilize different methods to increase ROI after the crop is harvested. Matt's experience with rice farming in Arkansas is shared, emphasizing the sustainable practices us...

  • Tank Mix Compatibility | Ag PhD

    Darren explains how to avoid problems in your spray tank when mixing two or more products.

  • John Deere See & Spray™ Ultimate Full Walkaround | C & B

    Get an up-close look at John Deere's cutting-edge See & Spray™ Ultimate technology in this comprehensive walkaround video. Follow along with C & B product specialists, Justin Myhre and Wayne Will, as they explore the advanced camera systems, precise spray nozzles, and intelligent software that al...

  • Liquid Fertilizer Storage | Ag PhD

    Darren explains the advantages of having enough storage tanks for liquid fertilizer.

  • The Value of Professional Peer Groups for Farm Operations | Damian Mason

    Farming is a business. Complete with a lot of moving parts, huge capital investment, and low margins. Adding in the trend toward farm consolidation, those larger farms that remain are left feeling a bit isolated. What’s a forward-looking farmer to do? Join a professional peer group where you get ...

  • Innovation, Sustainability, Profit: A Visit with Lehenbauer Farms | Fendt

    Lehenbauer Farms, located just west of the Mississippi River in Northeast Missouri, is a fourth-generation, diversified family farm that embodies innovation, sustainability, and profitability. They recognize that staying relevant and efficient requires embracing new technologies and practices. Wh...

  • Avoid Spraying During Air Inversions | Ag PhD

    The safest weather conditions for spraying might surprise you. Darren Hefty clears it all up.

  • Ag PhD Field Day 2024 | Ag PhD

    Bring the family for a day at the Hefty Farm in Baltic, SD on July 25th, 2024.

  • Prepare Your Planter For Storage

    Darren Hefty offers some tips and advice to properly store your planter in the off-season.

  • John Deere ExactEmerge™ Planter Component Overview | C & B

    Unlock the potential of precision planting with John Deere ExactEmerge™. This technology allows you to cover more acres in a day, plant in the optimal planting window, and finish planting faster than traditional planters without sacrificing quality and yield. In this video, C & B product speciali...

  • Moving at the Speed of Fendt: A Visit with Panek Farms

    Join Phil and Jim Panek as they reveal the secrets to their thriving 11,000-acre farm in upstate New York. Discover how the Panek family leverages cutting-edge technology to boost efficiency on their farm and learn why they made the switch to Fendt equipment. From embracing precision agriculture ...

  • Experience The Fendt Lodge

    Discover Fendt's North American customer experience center - The Fendt Lodge. A new landmark for Fendt, celebrating a century of innovation and welcoming the future of farming. The Fendt Lodge in Jackson, Minnesota, is now open to the public. Drop by the new Fendt Lodge M-F from 8:00 am - 4:30 ...

  • Compaction Concerns | Ag PhD

    Feeling the pressure of soil compaction in your field? The Heftys provide a ton of advice on identifying and mitigating this pressing problem.

  • Rainy Day Work | Ag PhD

    Mother Nature throwing you a curve ball? When there's a rain delay in the fields, Darren's list of indoor jobs will keep you warmed up in the bullpen.

  • John Deere Implement Guidance, AutoPath™ & ATTA Product Overview | C & B

    There's a lot to know about precision agriculture technologies in your farming operation. Implement Guidance, AutoPath™ and AutoTrac™ Turn Automation (ATTA) from John Deere seamlessly integrate implements with your tractor, providing automatic steering capabilities for enhanced accuracy, efficien...

  • Planter Disc Openers & Row Cleaners Product Overview | C & B

    There are many components on a planter, and making sure those parts are well maintained and working properly is important to your overall farming operation. In this video, C & B parts manager Jeff Bruner takes a closer look at planter disc openers and row cleaners - critical tools for efficient p...

  • Kauai Coffee Company | Tony Reed

    We explore the Kauai Coffee Company and learn all about the process of growing America's favorite drink. Coffee farmers today face different pests and diseases than those of 100 years ago.

  • It Pays To Be Accu-Rate | Griggs Farms

    In this episode, Matt and Andy show step by step how to install the Accu-Volume kit from Simon Innovations on their R series John Deere sprayer that Matt saw at the Farm and Machinery show. Matt explains the difficulty in accurately filling the John Deere sprayer's tank accurately with the exist...