Equipment & Tools

Equipment & Tools

From the biggest combines to the smallest wrenches and parts, agriculture is full of specialized gear needed to keep everything rolling. And farmers have to know it all. Learn more here about the right tools for every job on the farm.

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Equipment & Tools
  • How To Encounter Farm Equipment On The Road | Griggs Farms

    In this video, Matt shows the best ways to approach farm equipment when you encounter it on the road to minimize disturbing the flow of traffic and keep yourself and others safe. He shows through encounters he has filmed the last couple of years what drivers have done correctly and also how some...

  • Saddle Tanks | Ag PhD

    Darren Hefty explains the benefits of the new SideQuest saddle tanks from Demco.

  • Fendt Momentum Planter Crop Tour - Maximizing Optimal Planting Windows

    The key to a successful planting season begins with the Fendt Momentum planter offering the highest capacity seed and fertilizer tanks in the industry. Regardless of planting conditions, Momentum's VarioGrip tires with automatic tire deflation offer the best flotation with minimum soil compaction...

  • Ag PhD Scouting and Scholarships, Humic and Fulvic Acid, Sidedressing Nutrients

    In this episode the Hefty brothers talk about helping those new to farming, biologicals that you may not have heard of yet, and applying N, S, and B after your crop has come up. The Weed of the Week is compass plant. Plus Darren talks about paying $640/hr to spray fields!

  • Spraying Your Own Crops | Ag PhD

    Darren Hefty has an eye-opening look at how much it really costs to hire an applicator to spray your farm.

  • SoilWarrior Ride Along - Mike Trom | ETS SoilWarrior

    Ride along with Mike Trom, a corn and soybean farmer from Blooming Prairie, Minnesota, as he runs his SoilWarrior and explains why he started strip-till and what he has learned since starting the practice in 2015.

  • Customer Testimonial: Burka Farm Saves Time and Money with Fendt IDEAL Combine

    Darrin Burka is a 3rd generation farmer and owner of Burka Bros Farm - a 10,000-acre wheat, oat, canola, and fava bean operation in Saskatchewan, Canada. With a short growing season of only 90-100 frost-free days, Darrin and his son are pleased with the capacity, productivity, efficiency, and lo...

  • Irrigation Technology | Ag PhD

    Darren Hefty talks about some new ways you can utilize your center pivot irrigation system.

  • Sweet vs. Field Corn, Post-Emerge Corn Herbicides, Early Season Insects | Ag PhD

    Why don't people eat the corn produced by most farmers, what are the best products for weed control in growing corn, and what are the bugs you should be scouting for right now? Brian and Darren answer these questions and discuss cursed crowfoot and planter technology.

  • A Lighter Planter in the Field | Ag PhD

    Planters seem to get bigger and heavier, which can effect your crops and soil. Today Darren talks about technology solutions that some manufacturers, like Fendt, incorporate into their machines to limit compaction, uneven seed depths, and pinch rows.

  • How To Turn A Grain Bin Into A Swimming Pool | Griggs Farms

    In this video, Matt shows you step by step how to turn an old grain bin into a swimming pool for a fraction of the cost of a new swimming pool.

  • 2023 Fendt Momentum Crop Tour: Bringing Agronomy to Life

    Join the virtual 2023 Fendt Momentum Crop Tour to see the fascinating results of Fendt's soybean spacing and population trials, liquid fertilizer trials, and soil compaction demonstrations.

  • Succeeding Despite A Consolidating Ag Customer Base | Damian Mason

    Fact: There will be fewer American farmers ten years from now than there are today. In no way is this meant to be fatalistic or negative, it’s just reality. “Peak farm” occurred in 1935 with 6.8 million farming operations in the U.S. The number has been declining ever since to two million farming...

  • Smart Spring Tillage | Ag PhD

    Darren Hefty talks about getting the most out of your spring tillage implement.

  • Herbicide Vapor Pressure, Managing Lentils, Palisade Performance | Ag PhD

    The Hefty brothers discuss vaporization/volatility, everything lentils, and raising a small crop on purpose. The Weed of the Week is whorled milkweed and there's an Iron Talk on sprayers.

  • Herbicide Vapor Pressure | Ag PhD

    There are 5 inputs that can either vaporize or volatilize. Brian and Darren talk about what you need to do when applying these products pre or post emerge.

  • Spray Tank Clean Out | Ag PhD

    Avoid possible crop injury and gunk - Darren Hefty says make sure everything that you poured into your tank is no longer there before your next run.

  • Farming in the Arizona Desert with Fendt

    Terry and Ramona Button have been farming in the heart of the Gila River Indian Reservation in Arizona for 50 years. The Buttons grow tepary beans, Indian corn, Sonora wheat, and garbanzo beans on their 4,000-acre farm and depend on the Fendt 1162 Vario MT tractor for dependability and fuel savin...

  • Xtreme Ag's Kelly Garrett Trials the Fendt Rogator 937H

    Xtreme Ag includes the Fendt Rogator 937H in an application trial on Kelly Garrett's Iowa farm. Learn more about the precision and versatility of the Rogator AirMax boom system and how it performs on Kelly's farm.

  • The History of Fendt

    For over 90 years ago, Fendt has been bringing ground-breaking technological developments to the industry and setting important milestones in agricultural engineering. This history will continue because Fendt has always stood for progress as a tradition.

  • Fendt Rogator 937H Applicator Dry to Liquid System Instructions

    Follow step-by-step instructions from Fendt's product specialist on how to convert the Fendt Rogator 937H from a dry to liquid applicator. With combo capabilities, flexible clearance and a flotation chassis, the Fendt Rogator applicator provides year-round utilization, from dry to liuqid from pre...

  • How to Plant into High Biomass Cover Crops | Griggs Farms

    Every year during springtime, we get many calls about how we successfully plant into our high biomass cover crops. In this video, we detail what we've learned about what works and what doesn't on planter setup into high biomass (30,000+ lbs/acre) cover crops.

  • How Investing in Technology Helps a Farm Operation

    On this episode, Dave Mowitz heads to an auction to track prices on John Deere backhoe loaders. We feature an invention on All Around the Farm that makes quick work on changing tractor tires. Dave continues his tour of the Paquette museum in Leesburg, Florida. Then Laurie Bedord interviews a farm...

  • Planter Prep Checklist

    Darren Hefty goes over some important things to check on your planter before you start putting seed in the ground.