Farm Equipment Reviews

Farm Equipment Reviews

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Farm Equipment Reviews
  • It Pays To Be Accu-Rate | Griggs Farms

    In this episode, Matt and Andy show step by step how to install the Accu-Volume kit from Simon Innovations on their R series John Deere sprayer that Matt saw at the Farm and Machinery show. Matt explains the difficulty in accurately filling the John Deere sprayer's tank accurately with the exist...

  • So How'd We Like It??? Bourgualt CD-872 Final Review | Griggs Farms

    With harvest 2023 complete and having used the Bourgualt CD 872 air seeder over approximately 1200 acres, Matt gives a final review on it. How did it compare to his expectations? In what areas did the air seeder excel? And more importantly, what parts of it need to be improved????

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  • Bourgault CD872 Air Seeder Review: First Impressions | Griggs Farms

    9/29/23 | Before getting started planting cover crops, Matt gives his initial impressions of the demo Bourgault CD872 air seeder and tells what he thinks he'll like about it, and what he believes might be some shortcomings.

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  • GTS X10 Cornhead Review | Griggs Farms

    Watch as we test the new GTS X10 12 row corn head out for a day and a half on our Case IH 7120 combine during the 2020 corn harvest on Griggs Farms LLC in Humboldt TN.

  • Precision Planting: Is It Worth It??? | Griggs Farms

    Due to viewer request Matt gives his review of all of the Precision Planting systems on his planter and tells you whether he thinks they're worth the money or not.

  • Is Ceramic Coating Farm Equipment Worth It | Griggs Farms

    Matt takes the next step with paint protection on his farm equipment by having Front Row Detailing bring shine back to his equipment and apply a ceramic coating to protect the paint. But is the high cost of ceramic coating worth it in the long run??? Matt and Brian of Front Row Detailing dive d...