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Sound Agriculture

Sound Agriculture is improving how we farm and what we eat by unlocking the natural power of plants to help agriculture adapt faster and become more resilient. The company's flagship product, SOURCE, uses patented technology to activate soil microbes and supply plants with 25 lbs of both nitrogen and phosphorus.

Sound Agriculture
  • Sound Advice: Mastering Boll Retention in your Cotton Crop

    Boll retention across different positions and branches is critical to optimizing cotton yield. In this episode of Sound Advice, Senior Agronomist Calvin Murphy discusses how each position may influence your bottom line.

  • Sound Advice: Protect Your Soil with Cover Crops

    In this episode of Sound Advice, Agronomist Chase Snowden joins us from the Southern High Plains of Texas to discuss how cover crops can protect your farm's most valuable asset—soil. Watch now to learn how cover crops can reduce wind erosion and soil compaction, leading to a more productive opera...

  • Sound Advice: Boost Your Soil's Potential with the Haney Test

    Tune into the episode of Sound Advice with Agronomist Chase Snowden to learn why the Haney Test is critical to ensuring a successful farming operation.

  • Sound Advice: Are You Missing Out on the Benefits of Crop Stubble? | Sound Ag

    Crop stubble sometimes get's a bad rap. Sure, it can pose some challenges, but in this video, Senior Agronomist Jessica Shultz explains the many benefits of leaving crop stubble on the field over winter and what kinds of benefits growers can expect when doing so.

  • Johnny Verell on Loving the Products He Recommends | Sound Ag

    Johnny Verell is an influential grower outside of Jackson, TN. Throughout the years, he has tested and trialed many products, working closely with Volunteer Ag, a local dealer, to make sure they believe in a product before recommending it to their clients. For the last few years, they've been tri...

  • Sound Advice: Dealing with Winter Microbe Dormancy | Sound Ag

    For most of us, fall means good food, family gatherings and a start to football season, but for soil microbes, it’s time to prepare for the colder months ahead. With little to no plant activity and harsh weather, microbes often go dormant over the winter before waking up when the temperature rise...

  • Sound Advice: Fall Field Tests | Sound Ag

    You may be about to harvest, but it's not too late to learn a few things about your nutrition program and how to improve fertility next year. In this episode of Sound Advice, Sound Senior Agronomist Jessica Shultz walks you through a few simple tests and field observations that growers can make i...

  • Understanding Corn Stages | Sound Ag

    This week's Educational Tuesdays shows you everything you need to know about corn growth stages and how to identify them in 60 seconds.

  • Ryan Speer on Navigating Hardship with Innovation | Sound Ag

    Outside of Wichita, Kansas, Ryan Speer has worked his way into Jacobs Farm one harvest at a time, and between harsh weather and a changing industry, it's never been easy. Taking his first major learning from addressing wind erosion with cover crops, Ryan is now trying out new techniques to build ...

  • What is pH Really? | Sound Ag

    In this week's Educational Tuesday, take a closer look into what pH really is and what impact it has on your crops in 94 seconds.

  • Make Micronutrients Work for You | Sound Ag

    Managing micronutrients can be a major challenge for growers. And it's not just a matter of having the micronutrients your crops need in the soil — you also need to make sure those micro nutrients make it to your plants. In this video, we break down how growers can keep micronutrients from limiti...

  • Optimizing Soil for Nitrogen Efficiency | Sound Ag

    In nature, plants are able to access nitrogen present in the air and the soil, while in agricultural systems, most nitrogen is supplied from synthetic inputs. While synthetic nitrogen packs a hearty punch, it is an inefficient process, resulting in much nitrogen lost to the environment. So how ca...

  • How Phosphorus Behaves in the Soil | Sound Ag

    Phosphorus can be a challenge to get a hold on — getting it into your crop is not as simple as applying it. In this video, we break down how phosphorus behaves in the soil, how to get phosphorus into your crop, and how you can make the most of the phosphorus already in your soil.

  • Kasey Bamberger on Growing for the Next Generation | Sound Ag

    Meet Kasey Bryant Bamberger, 3rd generation farmer and partner at Bryant Agricultural Enterprise in Ohio. Kasey is constantly looking for new tools and technology to become more sustainable so that they're able to farm for generations to come, especially when it comes to nutrient use.

  • Sound Advice: Soil Microbes and Yield | Sound Ag

    Microbes are a crucial part of the farm system, but how exactly do they impact yield outcomes? Join Sound Sales Agronomist Lake Gogolin for a brief update on how microbes behave in the soil, all the benefits they provide and how growers can take full advantage of them

  • Brandon Hunnicutt on Solving Water Quality with Soil Health | Sound Ag

    Meet Brandon Hunnicutt, 5th generation farmer embracing innovation to improve sustainability. As part of their ongoing efforts to reduce nitrogen application and loss to local water ways, Hunnicutt Farms has turned to cultivating health soil and an active microbiome and in the process saw a 10 bu...

  • Sound Advice: Strategizing for Efficient Inputs in the Coming Season | Sound Ag

    N prices may be enticing, but don't let them suck you into an ineffective N program this season. In this Sound Advice, Sound Sales Agronomy Manager Rich Haynes walks you through what you should consider before jumping into a one-shot N program, how to avoid losing up to 60% of your applied N and ...

  • Kyle Mehmen on Innovating Sustainably | Sound Ag

    Meet Kyle Mehmen. The owner and GM of MBS Family Farms, he's a 5th generation farmer from Northeast Iowa. When it comes to farming, Kyle's likely seen it all. And SOURCE is a product that he trusts. Here's his story.

  • Sound Advice: Three Tips to Plan for Planting | Sound Ag

    Sound Agronomist Landon Williams talk through 3 easy tips you can implement today to help you plan for successful planting come Spring.

  • Sound Advice: Planning for a 2x2 Fertilizer Placement System | Sound Ag

    Sound Agronomist Landon Williams covers the benefits of and how to plan for a 2x2 system.

  • Sound Advice: Fall Fertility Considerations | Sound Ag

    Sound Agronomist Jenna Stonehocker dives into tips for avoiding the biggest risks of fall inputs.

  • Roric Paulman on Always Innovating at Paulman Farms | Sound Ag

    Roric Paulman has been farming the land outside Sutherland, Nebraska, his whole life. The defining feature of his operation: innovation. Through a willingness to test out new technology and lead the pack in implementing new practices, Roric has remained on the cutting edge and kept his ROI high.

  • How Trey Hill Manages His Land at Harbor View Farms | Sound Ag

    At Harborview Farms in Rock Hall, Maryland, grower Trey Hill has the next generation on his mind. The bottom line will always be the bottom line, but in recent years he's been rethinking how he invests in his land and the surrounding community and ecosystems. Take a look at how Trey thinks about ...