360 Yield Center

360 Yield Center

Even the smartest agronomist cannot predict the right nitrogen rate for the season ahead, but many of us sink our nitrogen investment in the ground months before the corn plant puts that N to work. There are nitrogen application strategies that give growers the flexibility to adjust rates and timing to match the needs of the growing crop. The 360 Base Plus approach can boost nitrogen efficiency and ensure that nutrients are available when and where the plant needs them.

360 Yield Center
  • Working to Understand How Cover Crops Fit in Our Operation | 360 Yield Center

    Gregg shares the successes and challenges that he's encountered as he has incorporated cover crops into his operation.

  • 360 BULLET: Details Make the Difference

    360 BULLET is a berm buster - lifting and fracturing the complete soil profile. Nowell Moore talks through the details of 360 BULLET that result in that full fracture without significantly more horsepower or wear.

  • Twenty Years of Vertical Tillage | 360 Yield Center

    Over the years Gregg knew that to continue to push yields, root structure was going to need to be improved. See his journey to vertical tillage.

  • 360 WAVE: The Details Make the Difference

    We develop products that just plain work. For a long time. Products that do what we say they will do. But for that to happen, our engineers have to sweat over each component. they have to know what it takes to plug it, break it, and wear it out. Then redesign it to make it more robust. Take a loo...

  • 360 CHAINROLL: Details Make the Difference

    360 CHAINROLL creates "chains" of processed stalks that are perforated to speed microbial breakdown and sized to be easily moved by row cleaners. It sounds simple but it takes a lot of detail to get precision residue management.

  • 360 YIELD SAVER: Capture More Ears in Down Corn

    Down corn is an unfortunate occurrence for any farmer to experience. And, while the causes cannot be controlled, using 360 YIELD SAVER can help capture more ears and kernels. Take a look with regional manager, Dave Murphy.

  • 360 YIELD SAVER: The Details Make the Difference

    360 YIELD SAVER cushions the ear and captures any loose kernels. It sounds like a simple concept but there are a lot of details that go into the design to result in that reduction in kernel loss.

  • Mid-Season Report Card | 360 Yield Center

    Gregg returns to the field mid-season to evaluate his nitrogen program and plant health.

  • 360 Y-DROP: The Details Make the Difference

    Creating a tool that consistently places nitrogen at the base of corn plants isn't as easy as it looks. Engineer Reid Aberle walks through the details of 360 Y-DROP that result in the ideal in-season nitrogen application.

  • Planting Report Card | 360 Yield Center

    Gregg spends a lot of time evaluating planter performance once the corn emerges. Walk with him through the summer to find what he looks for as he grades his planter performance.

  • 360 TANKS: The Details Make the Difference

    Tractor tanks often look like an afterthought - hanging off the front or side of the tractor. 360 TANKS have a streamlined design that maintains visibility and transport width. Most importantly, the integrated design distributes the 700 gallons more evenly between the front and rear axles. You ge...

  • Our Four-Year Transition to Banding Nutrients | 360 Yield Center

    With today’s input prices, growers are looking to save money without sacrificing yields. Gregg reviews his farm's transition to banding nutrients and how that reduces input costs and boost yields.

  • 360 BANDIT: The Details Make the Difference

    Your planter has gotten complicated - applying nitrogen shouldn't be. 360 BANDIT includes features that don't interfere with the performance of the planter's row units: minimal downforce; no change to the geometry of the closing system; maintains ground contact over rough terrain; a hose guide th...

  • Six Things I Learned From This Growing Season | 360 Yield Center

    Gregg reviews the top six things that drove yields in Central Illinois in 2022 and what we can do to try to replicate them.

  • 360 RAIN Adds Bushels Even in an Ideal Growing Season

    360 RAIN mimics the friendly growing season in Central Illinois this year with timely small rains. Tim explains how 360 RAIN works and reviews the first-year experiences with this year's growers.

  • 360 Yield Center: The Drive Behind Product Innovation

    With a long history of innovation in farm equipment and technology, Gregg Sauder shares some of the things that motivate him to keep inventing.

  • Savings Demonstration with 360 YIELD SAVER

    Reduce header loss by 80% or more with 360 YIELD SAVER.

    Learn more at https://www.360yieldcenter.com/products/360-yield-saver/


    Speed up residue breakdown with 360 CHAINROLL.

    Learn more at https://www.360yieldcenter.com/products/360-chainroll/

  • Reducing Nitrogen Cost in Corn Production | 360 Yield Center

    We tested application methods and timing in a large scale nitrogen plot. This video shows how keeping flexibility in your nitrogen timing can allow your to increase efficiency and lower N cost per bushel of corn.

  • Making a Splash with 360 RAIN

    By delivering bands of water directly to the base of the plant, 360 RAIN provides advantages over traditional irrigation methods. With a 60-foot boom (24 rows), 360 RAIN applies water through Y-DROP style hoses. Up to 2,600 feet of 3-inch diameter hose is dispense by a computer-controlled reel. T...

  • 360 CHAINROLL Stalk Rolls

    360 CHAINROLL is a replacement stalk roll system for corn heads. Developed by 360 Yield Center, the rolls size corn residue for optimum breakdown by soil microorganisms. That helps improve nitrogen availability in the spring for the growing corn crop. This video shows how 360 CHAINROLL crimps ...

  • More Grain in the Tank with 360 YIELD SAVER

    Cut header loss by an average of 80% with 360 YIELD SAVER replacement gathering chains. Kernel savings mean you get a fast payback.

  • Upgrade to 360 Y-DROP Sidedress for Less Weight and Maintenance

    Southwest Michigan grower, Jon Drozd, converted his Blue Jet bar from coulters to 360 Y-DROP Sidedress. He enjoys the lighter bar, less maintenance, and better placement. "It made the rig simpler and trouble-free."

  • User Experiences with 360 CHAINROLL

    Hear what users say about the performance of 360 CHAINROLL