Ag PhD Full Episodes

Ag PhD Full Episodes

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Hosted by Brian and Darren Hefty, Ag PhD brings new information on how to improve crop health throughout the season, protect the environment, and produce more yields at harvest. New episodes weekly.

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Ag PhD Full Episodes
  • Nurse Crops, Wheat Post-Emerge Broadleaf Herbicides, Planting Into Cold Soils

    Episode 1302

    The Hefty brothers discuss what a nurse crop is, what post-emerge products you should use to control broadleaf weeds in wheat, and how to successfully plant into cold soils.

  • Row Spacings, Fungicides at Planting in Corn, Jump Start Your Pasture

    Episode 1301

    Brian and Darren Hefty discuss setting wide or narrow row crops, how putting a fungicide in-furrow can improve yield, and the best way to get your pasture thick and lush. Plus they give advice on spotted spurge weeds and planter opening discs.

  • Fences, Seeding Depth, Three Pre Program in Soybeans

    Episode 1300

    Brian and Darren discuss fences around fields, what depth to plant your corn, soybeans and wheat, and what products to apply pre-emerge in soybeans.

  • Tillering in Crops, Super Early Pre-Emerge Spraying, Nutrient Stratification

    Episode 1299

    In this episode, Brian and Darren Hefty talk about suckers in wheat and corn, the earliest you can spray before you plant, and where the fertility should be in the different layers of soil. Volunteer corn is the Weed of the Week. And Darren discusses field cultivators in the Iron Talk segment.

  • Nutrient Movement In Soil, Plant Growth Hormones, Mulder's Chart

    Episode 1298

    The Hefty brothers discuss how various nutrients move or stay put in the soil profile, what plant growth hormones you could use, and how to use Mulder's Chart to help balance your soil's fertility.

  • Frost Heaves In The Road, Molybdenum Matters, Planting Population

    Episode 1297

    Brian and Darren Hefty talk about how to stop winter damage on your roads, how much molybdenum your crops need, and exactly how thick or thin you should plant your corn and soybeans. Tough puncturevine is the Weed of the Week and the Germinator Closing Wheel is discussed in this week's Iron Talk.

  • Soil Temperature Variation, Elemental Sulfur & Soil pH, Herbicide Incorporation

    Episode 1296

    In this Ag PhD episode, the Hefty brothers discuss how much a soil temp can vary during the day, what to consider when applying elemental sulfur, and when you should incorporate your soil-applied herbicide.

  • Surface vs. Sub-Surface Drainage, Silica and Your Crops, Dry Beans Management

    Episode 1295

    Brian and Darren Hefty discuss tiling and ditching, their trials with silica, and weed control and more in dry beans. The Weed of the Week is crabgrass. Plus we talk about how drought can actually help you prepare variable rate planting maps.

  • Ears of Corn Per Plant, Corn Smut, Soil Organic Matter

    Episode 1294

    This week, the Hefty brothers discuss how many ears of corn can be on a single plant, how to fight corn smut, and how to increase or decrease soil organic matter.

  • Plant Nutrient Movement, Saline Soil Solution, Continuous Corn Considerations

    Episode 1293

    Brian & Darren talk about the mobility of nutrients within your crop, fixing salty soils, and corn on corn management. The Weed of The Week is the awful musk thistle. Plus the Iron Talk concerns how to apply dry seed treatments correctly on your planter.

  • Bt Corn, Soil Test Conversions, Alfalfa Production

    Episode 1292

    Darren and Brian explain what Bt corn is, how to do common fertility conversions when reading a soil test, and how to maximize tonnage and quality in your alfalfa crop.

  • Autosteer and GPS, Sunflower Weed Control, Sulfur Needs in Crops

    Episode 1291

    Brian and Darren Hefty talk about the latest technology in the tractor cab, how to raise the best sunflower crop, and why sulfur is needed even more today than yesterday. Plus johnsongrass is the Weed of the Week, and Iron Talk is all about a new way to adjust your tires to the right rates for t...