Ag PhD Iron Talk

Ag PhD Iron Talk

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Equipment technology is constantly evolving. In these Iron Talk segments taken from Ag PhD, Darren Hefty discusses the latest trends in equipment technology. If you’re looking for anything that has to do with tractors, combines, planters, tillage, trucks, and fleet management, including research and maintenance, these are the videos for you.

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Ag PhD Iron Talk
  • Keep up With Technology | Ag PhD

    Episode 1367

    Satellite imagery is an affordable and useful tool to help you manage your fields. Darren Hefty says if you've got time to burn, you got time to learn.

  • Liquid Fertilizer Storage | Ag PhD

    Episode 1366

    Darren explains the advantages of having enough storage tanks for liquid fertilizer.

  • Avoid Spraying During Air Inversions | Ag PhD

    Episode 1365

    The safest weather conditions for spraying might surprise you. Darren Hefty clears it all up.

  • Prepare Your Planter For Storage

    Episode 1364

    Darren Hefty offers some tips and advice to properly store your planter in the off-season.

  • Rainy Day Work | Ag PhD

    Episode 1363

    Mother Nature throwing you a curve ball? When there's a rain delay in the fields, Darren's list of indoor jobs will keep you warmed up in the bullpen.

  • Do Your Own Spraying | Ag PhD

    Episode 1362

    Darren Hefty breaks down the costs of having your fields sprayed and why you should consider doing it yourself.

  • Cleaning the Spray Tank | Ag PhD

    Episode 1361

    Spray it right, with a clean slate. Darren Hefty gives you his family's strategies to protect your crops and equipment.

  • Spray Product Injection Systems | Ag PhD

    Episode 1360

    Darren talks about the Dura Auto-Batch direct-injection system and how it can improve accuracy, safety, and efficiency when filling your sprayer.

  • Understanding Grease | Ag PhD

    Episode 1359

    Darren Hefty greases the wheels with this primer on keeping your planter running smoothly.

  • Mixing In-Furrow Products | Ag PhD

    Episode 1358

    Learn how a Dosatron can help you accurately mix your in-furrow products and avoid antagonism and other problems.

  • Farm Shop Buildings | Ag PhD

    Episode 1357

    Darren Hefty talks shop, with pro tips to help you design the farm shop of your dreams.

  • Cutting Quality Hay | Ag PhD

    Episode 1356

    Darren explains the importance of retaining hay quality and talks about Case IH WD5 Series windrowers.

  • Germinator Closing Wheel | Ag PhD

    Episode 1355

    They say "don't reinvent the wheel," but one farmer did just that, and it could improve your seed-to-soil contact. Darren tells you how.

  • Early Season Planter Inspection | Ag PhD

    Episode 1354

    Darren Hefty goes over a list of things to check on your planter before heading to the fields this spring.

  • Field Cultivator Considerations | Ag PhD

    Episode 1353

    Get your cultivator in shape before you head to the field this spring. Darren says check for worn sweeps, wheel compaction, and residue issues.

  • Grain Moisture and Temperature | Ag PhD

    Episode 1352

    Learn how to safely store your grain by controlling the temperature and moisture in your bins.

  • Drain TiIe Can Help Many Issues | Ag PhD

    Episode 1351

    We all know drain tile can help your soil maintain the right moisture level, but Darren Hefty tells us it can also help your IDC, alkali, and high pH areas, too.

  • Variable Rate Fertilizer Application | Ag PhD

    Episode 1350

    Darren explains the benefits of applying fertilizer at a variable rate across your fields to save money and maximize yield.

  • Tilling Pre-Emerge Herbicides | Ag PhD

    Episode 1349

    What's the best tool to get your first input into the correct place in your soil? Finding the right depth can also be solved with the right speed, too.

  • Split-Applying Nitrogen | Ag PhD

    Episode 1348

    Darren explains how to maximize nitrogen efficiency in corn by doing split application such as broadcast and side-dressing.

  • Dry Insecticide When Planting Corn | Ag PhD

    Episode 1347

    Dry insecticide is coming back. Darren Hefty tells you why and how to do it in today's Iron Talk.

  • Incorporating Pre-Emerge Soybean Herbicides | Ag PhD

    Episode 1346

    Darren talks about best practices when applying and incorporating pre-emerge soybean herbicides.

  • Tire Pressure for Field and Road | Ag PhD

    Episode 1345

    Your tractor and planter tires should be at vastly different psi driving vs planting. Darren talks about the easy way the Hefty Farm handles this issue.

  • Hearing Protection | Ag PhD

    Episode 1344

    Darren Hefty talks about the importance of protecting your hearing when working around loud noises on the farm.