Advancing Chemistry to Advance Agriculture.

FMC North America innovates the science of crop protection in order to be the fearless, independent and collaborative partner that customers trust to maximize their productivity, profitability and sustainability.

For over 130 years, FMC has been investing in farming’s future and bringing innovative solutions to farmers. Join us as we follow along with real American farmers and experience their stories as they take on each growing season.

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  • FMC Solutions for Your Challenges

    6 items

    Protecting your productivity, profitability and sustainability.

    Witness the actual performance of FMC products. These videos demonstrate the protection FMC brings to your operation and its overall success. See the control come to life.

  • FMC Tech Talks

    27 items

    Agronomic insights straight from the field.

    The FMC technical service team brings their product knowledge and expertise to the field in this series, FMC Tech Talks. Listen in on tips, management strategies and advice on how FMC products can assist you best in your operation. No question goes un...

  • FMC Users Weigh In

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    Retailers and growers talk product performance.

    Discover firsthand user experience with FMC products and how they perform in diverse operations. From ag retailers to growers, these videos demonstrate the benefits of FMC products and the success they bring. See why growers are keeping FMC top of...