Ag on Wheels with Michelle Martin

Ag on Wheels with Michelle Martin

Traveling around the U.S. telling agricultures story. From specialty ag to row crop and ranching.

Ag on Wheels with Michelle Martin
  • Ag on Wheels | Let's Take a Gamble Shall We?

    We traveled to 5 states and this is number 4 on our list. We are putting Syngenta's "Better Yield is the Better Deal," to the test. Does it really work? Follow me on this episode as we traveled to South Carolina with the Gamble family to see just how well the product works on their soybeans.
    We ...

  • Ag on Wheels | Better Yielding Corn in Arkansas Challenge

    Join me as we travel to 4 different states (Arkansas, Virginia, South Carolina, and Mississippi and test Syngenta's "Better Yield Better Deal" on corn, soybeans, and rice. Will the product hold-up to the test? Guess you'll have to find out.
    This episode was filmed last year in Arkansas, at Cotto...

  • Ag on Wheels | Veggie Minute - WHAT THE KALE

    One of the oldest crops, and it took the "health world" by storm, but it's not for everyone. Do you like Kale? If you do... then this episode is for you. Learn all the fun facts and about growing it commercially for grocery stores around the United States.

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  • Ag on Wheels | Veggie Minute - The Popeye Crop

    This is not your baby spinach, this is the POWERHOUSE of Spinach. Learn fun facts about Spinach grown in the Rio Grande Valley, of Deep South Texas. With over 50 varieties of vegetables grown in this area, Spinach might be one of the prettiest.

  • Ag on Wheels | Alpaca Farmin Down South - Alpaquita Ranch

    Not my ordinary farm visit! For this episode we took a detour from farming and ranching and onto an Alpaca Farm! Join me as we visit and see how Alpaca Farming still plays into the world of Agriculture!

  • Ag on Wheels | Veggie Minute - Kohlrabi

    Welcome to my short Veggie Minute episodes! During Veggie Season I will teach you about all the veggies grown along the Texas/Mexico Border.

  • Ag on Wheels | How Citrus Juice is Made! - Lone Star Citrus

    Learn how your citrus fruit juices are made! But that’s not all!! Also learn how grapefruit and cattle go hand in hand!

  • Ag on Wheels | Champion of Greens - L&L Farms

    How the heck does spinach end up in a grocery store and onto your plate? Watch and find out!

  • Ag on Wheels | Eat Them Wheaties - Jepson Farms

    Join me as we visit Willis Jepson, a 7th generation farmer from Orlinda, Tennessee. He grows wheat amongst many other commodities. His wheat is a main ingredient in many familiar products! Watch to find out which ones! We also learn about how he obtained his massive yields.

  • Ag on Wheels | Down to the Tropics - Mangos

    Let's learn about Mangos, how to pick the perfect one in the store, and how to prepare them! Enjoy this short clip all about Mangos!

  • Ag on Wheels | Let's Bring the Hot Stuff! - Peppers

    Ever wondered what kind of peppers are the hottest? What kind of peppers are out there? Well here is a short produce video all about it! Lets bring the heat!

  • Ag on Wheels | Helicopter Cowboy - Armstrong Ranch

    Ever heard of a helicopter cowboy? Well, watch this episode to find out exactly why ranchers use helicopters their ranches!

  • Ag on Wheels | North Carolina Treasures - Strickland Farms

    Ever wanted to know how farming is done in North Carolina? Well, you're in luck! In this episode I take you to Mt. Olive, North Carolina with Reggie Strickland of Strickland farms, where we talk about cucumbers, tobacco, soybeans, and sweet potatoes! The challenges, the triumphs, and more!

  • Ag on Wheels | Extreme Boot Making - Anderson Bean Boots

    Ever wonder how cowboy boots are made? Join me as we see exactly how it's done. Anderson Bean boots are NOT your ordinary boots, they are hand crafted and over 80 hands help make each boot. This is an episode you don't want to miss!

  • Ag on Wheels | Young But NOT Dumb - Farmer Dan

    Take a stroll with me, Michelle Martin to the Panhandle of Texas.. Perryton, Texas-the middle of nowhere with Farmer Dan. Dan grew up on the farm and it is all he knows. He breathes, bleeds, and sleeps farming. We learn about his practices and how faith and farming make it a success.