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  • Nebraska farmer still weeks away from soybean harvest | Fridays in the Field

    Drive across the state and you'll see dozens of combines already cutting soybeans due to this year's dry conditions.

    But one farmer in south central Nebraska said he still has two to three weeks before his crop will be ready for harvest.

    Don Batie, who farms in Dawson County, said timely rains...

  • Are the Shorts Ready to Give Up on Trade? | Cattle Call

    On this week's Cattle Call, Brad Kooima with Kooima, Kooima, Varilek looks at the shorts and the possibility of giving up on the trade, southern cattle views and has a reversal happened in the trade.

    Also, consumer demand continues to push towards the grounds.

  • Extreme Drought Forces Early Harvest for Nebraska Dryland Crops | Rural Radio

    Much of eastern Nebraska was in a D3 extreme to D4 exceptional drought the entire 2023 growing season. Consequently, the combines have started rolling much earlier than normal across the area.

    Despite a few rains, the dryland corn and soybeans in the region matured very quickly.

    The September 5...

  • Visiting a Flower Farm in the Fall! | Fridays in the Field | Rural Radio Network

    Fall is just around the corner, but for West Mill Flowers, that means it's time to ramp up their fieldwork and prepare for fall planting.

    Owner Becca Monroe said this time of year, the flowers are in full bloom and frost is on her mind.

  • Nebraska's Gamble: Crop Conditions Vary Statewide | Fridays in the Field

    Crop conditions across Nebraska are widely varied this year.

    Some areas received ample moisture and ideal growing conditions, while other areas were pummeled by hail and scorched from heat and dryness. In some cases, those two scenarios occurred just miles apart.

    Glenn Miller of Miller Farms i...

  • What Do the Grain Trading Months Mean? | Grain IQ Podcast | Rural Radio Network

    You turn up the radio when the broadcaster gives the latest market numbers, and you hear him rattle off multiple months for each commodity. Why? What do those trading months mean?

    On this episode of Grain IQ, why are there different trading months for corn and soybeans? How do the trading months...

  • Cattle Market Analyst: Cattle Market is Tired | Rural Radio Network

    Brad Kooima and Susan Littlefield discussed the cattle market, which Brad described as feeling "tired".

    Lighter cattle kills in recent weeks were bringing packer boxes back up, but global economic uncertainty from China and the stock market dip were causes for concern.

    Brad also mentioned the...

  • Nebraska Volleyball ‘Meats’ Nebraska Beef | Rural Radio Network

    The Nebraska volleyball team recently enjoyed a five-course beef meal organized by Anna Kobza, a digital creator and Ph.D. student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The event, which took place earlier this month, aimed to connect Husker Athletics with Nebraska beef production.

    Kobza’s inspi...

  • Nebraska Farmer Experiments with Nitrogen Application on Corn | Rural Radio Net.

    Dawson County has been fortunate to avoid major rain or hail damage, which has allowed for crops to grow in excellent conditions in many areas.

    Don Batie, a central Nebraska farmer, has been utilizing Sentinel Fertigation to track his nitrogen levels in each yield zone of various corn fields.


  • Nebraska Farmer Receives Destructive Storms With Rain | Rural Radio Network

    In Polk County, Nebraska hail and green snap took a toll on the corn crop.

    Much needed rainfall has allowed corn crops to survive from intense heat waves.

    “It was surprising to me how much growth we got. I thought maybe it would be short and tassel out, but it actually got some pretty good hei...

  • Beef Cattle Herd Shrinks to Lowest in 52 Years | Cattle Call

    The Doldrums of summer usually bring a change within the cattle, but this summer they are doing good.

    On this week's Cattle Call, Brad Kooima with Kooima, Kooima, Varilek looks at the north cash, weather concerns, the inventory report of last week and this last full trading week of July.

  • Long-Awaited Moisture Brings Bountiful Blooms at West Mill Flowers | Rural Radio

    In a matter of six weeks, parts of central and eastern Nebraska transitioned from battling severely dry conditions to receiving timely, consistent rainfall.

    Becca Monroe, owner of West Mill Flowers near Raymond, said the rainfall allowed her cut flower crop to bloom and flourish for all of her s...

  • Confidence on Cattle Supply | Cattle Call

    Welcome to this week's edition of Cattle Call! Get ready for valuable insights into the cattle market as we delve into two significant reports: the Cattle on Feed report and the semiannual cattle inventory report. Join Brad Kooima, an expert from Kooima Kooima Varilek, as he analyzes the upcoming...

  • 'It hailed for 48 minutes' Nebraska Farmer Deals with Extreme Storm Damage

    Just when he thought he was going to have one of his best years yet, Steve Rice of SR Farms Alfalfa Company in Wilsonville said one storm brought over 9 inches of rain and another brought hail for 48 straight minutes.

    “We cut some hay on May 20 trying to build some inventory and 5 days later it ...

  • Corn Has an Influence Over Cattle This Week | Cattle Call

    It comes as no surprise that the corn market has an influence over the cattle market.

    On this week's Cattle Call, Brad Kooima with Kooima, Kooima, and Varilek looks into this relationship.

    He also looks at the cost of gain, fund rolling out of August and some early sales happening in Kansas.

  • Drought-Stricken Crops Hold on With Spare, Timely Rains in Nebraska

    Jeff Baker, a dryland farmer, elaborates on various decisions he has made to keep steady crop production.

    “We’ve been dry, we’ve been hot, to this point though it's been alright and things look decent.”

    Baker discussed his approach to weed control, especially water hemp. Baker concludes with h...

  • Cattle Trading Off the Corn Market | Cattle Call | Rural Radio Network

    The cattle market midweek reacted to the lower grains and it's ties to the weather models.

    On this week's Cattle Call, we hear from Brad Kooima with Kooima, Kooima, and Varilek on how current the market is at the moment, the lower cattle weights and what the long-term picture is for the market.

  • Nebraska Farmer Injects "Good" Nematodes via Chemigation | Rural Radio Network

    A central Nebraska farmer is conducting various field trials this year, including one trial to study the impact of "good" nematodes on his field's soil.

    Don Batie said the "good" insect-eating nematodes eat insect larvae in the soil.

    The nematodes were diluted in water and injected through the...

  • Cattle Markets: Feeders Drop in Weather-Driven Market | Rural Radio Network

    The cattle market encountered challenges at the beginning of the week, primarily influenced by the crop progress report and ongoing dry weather conditions.

    In this episode of Cattle Call, we gain insights from Brad Kooima, representing Kooima, Kooima, and Varilek, regarding the south's shift to...

  • Irrigation Keeping Crops Alive in Eastern Nebraska | Rural Radio Network

    According to the June 15 U.S. Drought Monitor, Eastern Nebraska is in a D4 exceptional drought - the worst rating the monitor gives.

    Polk County farmer Randy Smith said this is the earliest he has put out pipe irrigation to keep is corn and soybeans growing. He said he utilizes no-till and ridge...

  • Flower Farm Prepares for Summer Farmers' Markets | Fridays in the Field

    With summer approaching quickly, West Mill Flowers near Raymond, Nebraska, is preparing their flower crop for the farmers' market season.

    At the Lincoln Farmers' Market, owner Becca Monroe said attendees can find Betty White the School Bus filled with buckets of cut flowers from their farm. Cust...

  • Cattle to Crops: Ranch in Western Nebraska Blessed With Recent Rain

    Join us as we visit Schuler Red Angus, a ranch located in the panhandle of Nebraska, known for its flagship seed stock of Red Angus cattle.

    David Schuler shares the progress made with their diversified agriculture production.

    The bread and butter of their operation focuses on Red Angus cattle...

  • Extreme Drought Causes Tight Hay Supply in Nebraska | Fridays in the Field

    Extreme drought has made for a tight hay supply, and SR Farms Alfalfa Company in southwest Nebraska is doing everything they can to get quality hay to customers.

    SR Farms is a family owned and operated business nestled in the Beaver Valley near Wilsonville.

    Owner Steve Rice said he strives to ...

  • Kansas State FFA Convention

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    MAY 31, 2023
    Session 1 | 7:00 pm

    JUNE 1, 2023
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    State Band & Chorus Concert | 5:30 pm
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