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Tillering Grasses, Increase Soybean Population, Breaking Yield Plateaus | Ag PhD


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    Brian and Darren explain the importance of getting soil packed tightly around seed when planting. They also discuss various insecticide products you could use besides pyrethroids, and what products you should include in your soybean seed treatment.

  • Gibberellic Acid, Corn Leafing Out Un...

    The Hefty brothers explain the science behind crop growth, why plants can fail to grow out of the soil, and how to spray your way to clean fields for planting. A smartweed is the Weed of the Week. And Iron Talk spotlights Morton Buildings.

  • Fertilizer Analysis, Using High Rates...

    Brian and Darren explain what the numbers mean on fertilizer packaging. They also discuss how to use high rates of herbicide without damaging your crop, and how do decide how deep to plant your seed.