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Back 2 Basics Video Series

Iron | AgroLiquid B2B

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  • Copper | AgroLiquid B2B

    This week we're taking a closer look at copper. This nutrient is needed for plants to produce chlorophyll, as well as for reproduction, and it can help the plant fend off disease. Join Brian and Stephanie in the latest Back 2 Basics video about copper.

  • Boron | AgroLiquid B2B

    Boron aids in transporting sugars and hormones within the plant and is especially involved in seed and cell wall formation. While this micronutrient is vital in the production of crop yields, it is needed in very small amounts and requires careful management. In this week's Back 2 Basics video, B...

  • Other Micronutrients | AgroLiquid B2B

    So far in the Back 2 Basics video series, we have explored the primary, secondary and micronutrients that are most critical to plant health. But there are some other nutrients that, while still important, aren't as commonly discussed in conversations about crop fertility.