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  • XtremeAg Trials the Fendt 936 Vario

    Watch the full video to see what XtremeAg's Matt Miles says about the performance of the CVT transmission and the efficiencies of the Fendt 936 Vario tractor.

  • XtremeAg's Planter Showdown: The Results | Fendt

    The results are in from a recent XtremeAg planter trial and the winner is the Fendt Momentum planter by seven bushels per acre! Kelly Garrett was skeptical at first, but now admits, “Momentum is a very impressive planter.”

  • The XtremeAg Show Trailer | Premieres January 2024

    Discover the untold stories of real American agriculture as America's top farmers challenge the norm, define the future and most importantly, have a lot of fun doing it. Starting January 30th, tune in to The XtremeAg Show for a season-long adventure that will showcase modern farming like never be...

  • Fendt Momentum Planter Versus John Deere 1770 NT | XtremeAg

    Kelly is kicking the tires on the Fendt Momentum Planter this spring. Engineered with innovative features that promise to increase planting uniformity, he is putting the Fendt Momentum Planter up against his John Deere 1770 NT in a head to head yield contest in the rugged hills of Western Iowa. S...

  • Side Dressing With A Sprayer | XtremeAg

    Johnny Verell does things a little different than most when it comes to laying down a side dress solution on his corn. He talks about how he uses his sprayer and how he mitigates the burn.

  • Is Drip Irrigation Right For Chad's Farm? | XtremeAg

    We're talking about irrigation, specifically subsurface drip irrigation. You have questions, so do we. Chad asks the questions and Kurt Grimm answers them.

  • Managing Matt's Sharkey Clay | XtremeAg

    Matt conducted a drain tile trial last season in an attempt to better manage his Sharkey Clay. He explains how the drain tile led to a 10 bpa increase in his bean crop.

  • The XtremeAg Show - Pilot Episode

    The XtremeAg farmers talk about fungicide applications, beans after beans, how to use tissue sampling to improve crop health, corn diseases and more in the pilot episode of The XtremeAg Show. Full season begins in January 2024.

  • Nutrient Deficient or Imbalance? | XtremeAg

    Kevin and Matt talk with Mark Coots from Teva about correcting nutrient deficiencies while maintaining balance in your soil.

  • A 2 in 1 System for Your Planter | XtremeAg

    Kevin and Kelly talk about the versatility of the CapstanAg SelectShot system they trialed last season and how it can be used as a modified 2x2 system.

  • Why You Should Consider Variable Rate Seeding on Corn | XtremeAg

    Integrated Ag Solutions’ Mike Evans began writing variable rate seeding prescriptions when both he and Kelly Garrett realized they were wasting money on seed. Too much seed was being planted in low performing soils that couldn’t possibly produce the yield necessary to justify high seeding rates. ...

  • Spring Applied Biology | XtremeAg

    Kevin Matthews and Matt Miles talk about biologicals and their plans for spring applied biology with Concept AgriTek's Mark Glastetter while at the 2023 National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky.

  • Winter Sprayer Nozzle Maintenance | XtremeAg

  • Residue Management in Wheat | XtremeAg

    Chad takes a look at the relationship between uneven residue distribution and emergence in his wheat crop.

  • Are You Losing Yield in Your Water? | XtremeAg

    Is your water source working against your fertility plan? If you you have irrigation on your farm, you likely sleep a little better at night knowing that you have some control over stress levels of your crop throughout the season. But, as Kelly and Mike discovered, the EC of their water was a pre...

  • Are Your Soybeans Strong Enough to Hold Pods? | XtremeAg

    Kelly Garrett and Mike Evans have identified that one of the biggest yield limiters for soybeans is branch strength. They have spent a lot of time getting enough fertility into the plant in order to grow more pods, but if the branches can’t hold the pods, that’s a problem.

  • A Nitrogen Punch | XtremeAg

  • Chasing Francis - Episode 2: A Key Stage | XtremeAg

    One month since planting, the crop is up and out of the ground. Now the hard work of keeping the crop happy begins. The sudden onset of extremely hot weather presents a challenge to the young corn plants. Nutrient deficiencies threaten yield.

    Follow Kelly Garrett as he attempts to grow the h...

  • Chasing Francis - Episode 1: A Big Deal | XtremeAg

    After losing his shot for a big yield last year in the blink of an eye, Kelly Garrett and his team begin the quest to make farming history with the highest yield ever recorded in the state of Iowa. Setting their sights high, the team faces immediate challenges right from the start.

  • A Sprayer Built for Control | XtremeAg

    The first Fendt badged Rogator Sprayer in North America, the 900 series is built around enhanced control for farmers. Damian talks with Fendt Rogator brand manager, Dave Fickel, about some of the unique features on this new sprayer.

  • Enhanced Boom Control | XtremeAg

    With 35 sections of control on this 120' boom, the first Fendt branded Rogator Sprayer in North America delivers enhanced section control for spray applications. Chad gets a first hand look.

  • Cab Control | XtremeAg

    Take a look at the new features of the enhanced cab on the Fendt Rogator 900 series sprayer. Designed for comfort, control and efficiency.

  • What Goes Into Chad's Contest Corn? | XtremeAg

    The Alabama state corn yield record holder likes what he sees so far with his contest corn. It also happens to be the location for the Lab trial he is conducting with AgXplore.

  • To Tissue Sample Or Not? | XtremeAg

    An estimated 5% or less of all farmers actually engage in regular tissue sampling of their crops. So, if you are not doing it, you are not alone. But that may not make it right. Chad believes in tissue sampling, sort of, and in certain situations, but he certainly does not live or die by the almi...