How do you achieve better plant health and higher yields? Agronomy is the science of soil management and crop production, and these videos feature a wide array of topics that help protect and improve crops all throughout the season. If you want to build better crops, this is the place to start.

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  • Are your Soybeans strong enough to hold pods?

    Kelly Garrett and Mike Evans have identified that one of the biggest yield limiters for soybeans is branch strength. They have spent a lot of time getting enough fertility into the plant in order to grow more pods, but if the branches can’t hold the pods, that’s a problem.

  • Switch Up Your Corn Rootworm Control with an Adult Beetle-Targeting Insecticide

    Corn rootworms, or the “billion dollar bug,” can have a serious impact on growers’ bottom line. Join Senior Technical Service Manager Brent Neuberger as he discusses the importance of managing all stages of the pest’s life cycle, including adult beetles. He’ll discuss Steward® EC insecticide, an ...

  • Soybean Moisture, Grids vs. Zones, Baling Residue

    Brian & Darren Hefty discuss what is best to do with your corn residue, if it's better to harvest soybeans too wet or too dry, and if grids or zones are better for soil sampling maps. Plus there's cone bottom bins and dandelions in today's show.

  • Bale or Leave Residue?

    To bale or not too bale, that is the question. Brian & Darren say both choices can add value to your farm.

  • Soybean Harvest Moisture

    Is it better to harvest soybeans too dry or too wet? Brian and Darren give their money-making advice on what to do with beans that aren't at 13%.

  • How To Pull Soil Samples

    Brian and Darren Hefty go over various practices to ensure a successful soil sampling program for your farm.

  • FMC Tech Talk: Add Flexibility to Your Burndown Program With Panoflex® Herbicide

    In Indiana and across much of the Midwest, marestail and common lambsquarters are tough to control. A solid burndown program is an important step in starting clean and staying clean each season. In this Tech Talk, join FMC Technical Service Manager Nick Hustedde on-site at a no-till burndown stud...

  • Corn Silage, Off-Season Alfalfa, & Wheat Pre's

    This show features corn silage harvesting, "winterizing" alfalfa fields, & products to put in front of wheat. Plus, the Hefty brothers talk ragweed control and air reels for harvesting lodged soybeans.

  • Common Ragweed

    This annual is nothing to sneeze at in your soybeans. Ragweed is becoming resistant to many products, Brian & Darren Hefty tell you exactly how to kill it in today's Weed of the Week.

  • Pre-Emerge Wheat Herbicides

    Brian & Darren Hefty give their top products in front of wheat.

  • "Winterizing" Alfalfa Fields

    Brian & Darren give their advice on the many things you can do to keep your alfalfa healthy through the off-season.

  • What is Corn Silage?

    Reaping the whole corn plant vs. only the grain makes for two different ways to manage your harvest. Brian & Darren Hefty talk about silage in today's Farm Basics

  • Ordering Seed Early, Grain Bin Preparation, and Reducing Corn Lodging

    Learn why farmers order next year's seed so early, how to prepare your grain bin for harvest, and the true causes of corn lodging.

  • How To Reduce Corn Lodging

    Learn the real reasons that your corn fell over in high winds.

  • Control Resistant Annual Grasses and Broadleaf Weeds With Unique Modes of Action

    As resistant foxtail and brome grasses continue to emerge, rotating your herbicide mode of action is increasingly important. Join FMC Technical Service Manager Ryan Hunt just outside of Bismarck, North Dakota. He’ll provide an overview of the attributes and flexibility of Anthem® Flex herbicide, ...

  • What Goes Into Chad's Contest Corn?

    The Alabama state corn yield record holder likes what he sees so far with his contest corn. It also happens to be the location for the Lab trial he is conducting with AgXplore.

  • Brace Roots, Cover Crops, & Tiling

    Why do corn plants have those roots that appear above ground along the base of the stalk? Why should you plant oats or turnips in the fall? What exactly is drain tile & will it work on your farm? Plus Brian & Darren Hefty talk milkweed and combine fires in this Ag PhD Show.

  • Organic Matter

    Decaying plant and animal waste is essential for good soils. Darren Hefty digs into organic matter in this week's Ag Minute.

  • Common Milkweed

    It's a big perennial with waxy leaves & long roots that the pre-emerge herbicides don't control. Brian & Darren give the solution to milkweed mitigation in this week's Weed of the Week.

  • Brace Roots in Corn

    The final of the 4 root systems in corn are brace roots. Brian & Darren tell us the different reasons why and where exactly they appear, if at all.

  • Cover Crops

    Do you worry about losing nutrients and topsoil during the off-season? The Hefty brothers say cover crops are the answer, but there are several to choose from.

  • Managing Water Tables with High Tech Tile

    Drain tile systems have come a long way in the last 20 years. What started as a functional way to drain water off a field has now become a a complete water management system that delivers precision control of the water table in a field.

  • What Is Your Sugar Content?

    We are out in the field now with Mark and Caleb from Teva Corporation as we measure the sugar content of Chad's corn. Measuring sugar content tells us how much energy the plant has.