How do you achieve better plant health and higher yields? Agronomy is the science of soil management and crop production, and these videos feature a wide array of topics that help protect and improve crops all throughout the season. If you want to build better crops, this is the place to start.

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  • Nebraska farmer still weeks away from soybean harvest | Fridays in the Field

    Drive across the state and you'll see dozens of combines already cutting soybeans due to this year's dry conditions.

    But one farmer in south central Nebraska said he still has two to three weeks before his crop will be ready for harvest.

    Don Batie, who farms in Dawson County, said timely rains...

  • Soybean Harvest Moisture | Ag PhD

    09/17/23 from Episode #1328

  • Extreme Drought Forces Early Harvest for Nebraska Dryland Crops | Rural Radio

    Much of eastern Nebraska was in a D3 extreme to D4 exceptional drought the entire 2023 growing season. Consequently, the combines have started rolling much earlier than normal across the area.

    Despite a few rains, the dryland corn and soybeans in the region matured very quickly.

    The September 5...

  • Soil Testing: Grids vs Zones | Ag PhD

    Soil sampling is fundamental to getting the best yield for your farm. The Heftys probe with orderly grids, but finding zones in each acre could be a more accurate way to see your fertility.

  • Fall Pasture Spraying | Ag PhD

    Brian and Darren talk about the products they use on the Hefty farm and how the cooler weather can effect your weed control.

  • Automatic Bin Fan Controls, Fall Pasture Spraying, Grids vs Zones | Ag PhD

    The coming of fall means keeping your grain at the right moisture now through technology, weeding your livestock grass for a spring grazing, and soil sampling in a clear and organized fashion. Plus the Hefty brothers discuss creeping charlie and deep fertilizer placement.

  • Creeping Charlie | Ag PhD

    Keep the creepers out! Brian and Darren discuss how to control this perennial ivy in your yard.

  • Regenerative Ranching — For Environment AND Economics | Damian Mason

    Regenerative practices have become a new area of focus in production Agriculture. But what about our grazing lands — are we managing those lands for healthier soil, a healthier environment AND a healthier bottom line? Hugh Aljoe and Jim Johnson with Noble Research Institute, an Oklahoma-based ran...

  • Nebraska's Gamble: Crop Conditions Vary Statewide | Fridays in the Field

    Crop conditions across Nebraska are widely varied this year.

    Some areas received ample moisture and ideal growing conditions, while other areas were pummeled by hail and scorched from heat and dryness. In some cases, those two scenarios occurred just miles apart.

    Glenn Miller of Miller Farms i...

  • Fertilizing Our Crops With Bugs??? | Griggs Farms

    6/26/23 | With wheat harvest over with, all the other crops at Griggs Farms need some attention. Matt starts out by putting in some test plots for Corteva of a product called Utrisha which is supposed to provide nitrogen to the crops using a certain species of bacteria.

    We have new merchandise!...

  • Re-Entry Intervals, Herbicide Carryover, Pasture Fertility Programs | Ag PhD

    The Hefty brothers talk pesticide safety for humans, animals, and next year's crop. Soil sampling is the key to great pasture grasses. The Weed of the Week is fall panicum and Iron Talk covers cleaning up after a downed corn harvest.

  • Fall Panicum | Ag PhD

    Despite the name, it's a summer annual grass that can quickly overtake an area in the heat of August. The Hefty brothers help you identify and control fall panicum in wheat, soybeans, and corn.

  • Life After Downed Corn | Ag PhD

    Down but not out. Darren Hefty explains how to deal with this season's fallen corn, and prevention tips for next year.

  • Pasture Fertility Programs | Ag PhD

    It's important to go beyond soil sampling when considering the nutritional needs of your livestock. Brian and Darren talk nitrogen, sulfur, boron, potassium and more, for healthy pasture grasses and animals.

  • Using the UV Method to Evaluate Coverage and Adjust Your Sprayer Setup | Pentair

    Evaluating the effectiveness of your sprayer and its coverage can be tricky in the field. Using this UV dye method in your sprayer can help analyze droplet size and coverage. This allows you to assess consistency and customize your setup for better results.

  • Tips on Checking Nozzles for Build-Up or Damage | Pentair

    Inspecting your nozzles for physical damage or build-up is important to ensure spray pattern uniformity. Here are some tips for how and when to ensure you use the best nozzle technology for your spraying setup.

  • Understanding the Lifespan of Spray Nozzles | Pentair

    Discover how long spray nozzles typically last and the impact of wear on flow rate and spray pattern uniformity. Learn when to replace your nozzles and where to look for signs of wear.

  • The Impact of Crop Canopy on Coverage and Nozzle Selection | Pentair

    When selecting a spray nozzle for your crop, it is important to consider the type of crop you are spraying and choose the appropriate nozzle accordingly. Take these factors into account to ensure that your crop receives. By taking the time to consider these factors carefully, you can improve the ...

  • Seeds of Progress: Empowering a Sustainable Future | Pentair

    We are continually inspired by the unwavering dedication of our farmers, who work tirelessly to sustain our communities and inspire us to innovate and enhance their efforts with quality solutions.

  • Nebraska Farmer Experiments with Nitrogen Application on Corn | Rural Radio Net.

    Dawson County has been fortunate to avoid major rain or hail damage, which has allowed for crops to grow in excellent conditions in many areas.

    Don Batie, a central Nebraska farmer, has been utilizing Sentinel Fertigation to track his nitrogen levels in each yield zone of various corn fields.


  • Soybean Reproductive Stages, Wheat Herbicides, Cover Crop Conversation | Ag PhD

    The Hefty brothers talk flowers and pods in beans, what exactly to put down on wheat, and how two months of late oats save the soil. The Weed of the Week is horsenettle. And Iron Talk is buzzing with bees.

  • A Cover Crop Conversation | Ag PhD

    The Hefty brothers are planting oats but not hauling oats. Fall seeded non-cash crops are good for your soil in so many ways.

  • Pre-Emerge Wheat Herbicides | Ag PhD

    Brian and Darren talk about all the weed killers that can be used in front of spring and winter wheat.

  • Soybean Reproductive Stages | Ag PhD

    R1 to R8. Brian and Darren discuss flowering through pod.