How do you achieve better plant health and higher yields? Agronomy is the science of soil management and crop production, and these videos feature a wide array of topics that help protect and improve crops all throughout the season. If you want to build better crops, this is the place to start.

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  • An Inside Look at Monier Seed Cleaning Facility // Dirt Poor Episode 6

    Dive into the heart of agriculture with us as we explore a vital yet often overlooked part of the farming process. Join Grayce and Gavin on an exclusive tour of Monier Seed’s cleaning facility, where we uncover the intricate steps taken to ensure the purity and quality of seeds before they make t...

  • Nutrient Know-How: Hard to Pronounce, Molybdenum Has a Vital Role | XtremeAg

    You won't hear about Molybdenum at the local coffee shop in the mornings, but Mo plays a very important role in converting atmospheric nitrogen into a plant available form. The XtremeAg team explains more.

  • Defining Success | AgroLiquid B2B

    Whether it’s yield, return on investment, or overall profit, every farmer has goals for their acres. Clearly defining those goals helps determine best crop nutrition management strategy. Join Brad and Ryan as they explore ways to define success on your farm.

  • Disaster Management | AgroLiquid B2B

    Whether it’s mother nature or human error, crop damage happens on the farm. Many times, we can mitigate damage and salvage the crop. But sometimes it’s wise to walk away for the season. Join Ryan and Brad as they discuss how to evaluate these situations.

  • Evaluating Risk vs Reward | AgroLiquid B2B

    You’ve probably heard the most expensive words in agriculture are “we’ve always done it this way.” Weighing the costs versus the rewards of an investment can help determine if the expenses – in both time and money – are justified.

    Join Ryan and Brad as they dive into this important topic in this...

  • On-Farm Research | AgroLiquid B2B

    With social media and other online resources, there are a lot of opportunities to learn about new techniques, products and practices that pay out for growers around the country. But will it pay on your farm? Doing your own research on a prospective change will help make informed decisions for you...

  • Tank Mixing | AgroLiquid B2B

    A bad mix in your tank can result in a big mess with incompatible products, or it could cause antagonism between products or reduce efficiency in the field. Following proper tank mixing procedures can save you time and money in the long run.

  • Jar Testing | AgroLiquid B2B

    Nearly every crop input label includes a recommendation to jar test before tank mixing the product. But is it worth the time to do the test, and what is the proper procedure for jar testing?

    Join Ryan and Brad as they discuss the proper procedure for jar testing - and why it's important in the f...

  • Season Four Introduction | AgroLiquid B2B

    We're excited to introduce Season Four of the Back 2 Basics video series. This season, Brad and Ryan are taking everything we've learned thus far in the series and bringing it together to make on-farm decisions. We hope you'll join us!

  • The Hero | The XtremeAg Show, S1. Ep7.

    A hero swoops in to save a transformer, a truck and a few grain bins from devastation at Kelly Garrett's farm. Kevin Matthews uses new aerial technology to manage the crops on his small, odd-shaped fields. Matt Miles and Chad Henderson start irrigating using very different methods. Matt helps an...

  • Corn Leafing Out Underground | Ag PhD

    Keep your corn and your profits from getting stuck in the soil. The Hefty brothers outline 10 factors to consider.

  • Lady's Thumb Smartweed | Ag PhD

    This water-loving weed isn't one to thumb your nose at, but the Heftys will help you outsmart this annual in a variety of crops.

  • Dicamba Burndown | Ag PhD

    Need to get your field of weeds ready for your seeds? Brian and Darren have the hottest burndown tips, including a crucial one that many farmers miss.

  • Gibberellic Acid, Corn Leafing Out Underground, Dicamba Burndown | Ag PhD

    The Hefty brothers explain the science behind crop growth, why plants can fail to grow out of the soil, and how to spray your way to clean fields for planting. A smartweed is the Weed of the Week. And Iron Talk spotlights Morton Buildings.

  • Gibberellic Acid | Ag PhD

    Why does grass grow faster in warmer weather? The Heftys explain how this natural plant hormone can be used to regulate crop growth.

  • Be a Farmer of Your Lawn | Ag PhD

    Agriculture expert Darren Hefty encourages you to think of the grass in your yard as a crop, and provides wisdom from the farm, to keep your summer weed-free.

  • 2024 Fendt Momentum Crop Tour

    Watch Fendt's 2024 Momentum Crop Tour video to discover the secrets to successful planting. Dive into cutting-edge agronomy trials, innovative planting research, and invaluable educational content. Revolutionize your farming operation and grow your profitability with the Fendt Momentum planter - ...

  • The Sensation | The XtremeAg Show, S1. Ep6.

    They risk their lives to deliver payloads to over 127 million acres of farmland each year. Chad's plan to install drainage hits a rock. Temple makes sure his kids have their "day in the sun" as farmers. Matt focuses on boosting his soybean yields.

    The XtremeAg Show is presented by Concept Agri...

  • Frost After Planting | Ag PhD

    A late spring frost can hurt some crops more than others. Darren Hefty lays out the cold hard truth in today's Ag Minute.

  • Windgrass | Ag PhD

    Brian and Darren outline how to identify and control this large winter annual in wheat, as well as corn and soybeans.

  • Types of Root Systems | Ag PhD

    Brian and Darren dig into why knowing your roots below the surface, can help protect your profits above it.

  • Early Planting Soil Conditions | Ag PhD

    How early should you plant? Do you check soil moisture, the temperature, or a calendar? The Heftys tell you exactly what they do.

  • Types of Root Systems, Spray Water Quality, Early Planting Conditions | Ag PhD

    Brian and Darren untangle the types of roots competing with crops. They explain why the quality of the water in your spray tank matters, and how to know the right time to plant. Windgrass is this week's weed, and Iron Talk introduces a new planter innovation.

  • How to Permanently Repair Fragipan Soils Without Tillage | Griggs Farms

    Matt has Dr. Lloyd Murdock, a renowned soil scientist, out on his farm to look at the progress he's made using cover crops to repair his soils after decades of monocropping and plowing. More specifically, he's looking to see what 9 years of including annual ryegrass in the cover crop mix has don...