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Ag PhD

Agriculture is the most important industry in the world, and we bring you the information you need to best manage your business. At Ag PhD, we have one mission, to serve farmers.

Hosted by Brian and Darren Hefty, Ag PhD is the #1 agronomy show in the country. Each week, we bring new information covering a variety of topics focused on improving crop health throughout the season, while protecting the environment and producing more yields cost-effectively.

Ag PhD
  • Ag PhD Full Episodes

    5 seasons

    Hosted by Brian and Darren Hefty, Ag PhD brings new information on how to improve crop health throughout the season, protect the environment, and produce more yields at harvest. New episodes weekly.

  • Ag PhD Ag Minute

    5 seasons

    A companion piece to Ag PhD, the Ag Minute is a weekly 60-second vignette designed to provide a quick burst of insight into how and why farmers do what they do.

  • Ag PhD Farm Basics

    5 seasons

    In these Farm Basics segments taken from Ag PhD, Brian and Darren Hefty present on-farm topics to a non-farming audience, peeling back the curtain with down-to-earth explanations that help viewers achieve a better understanding of the truth of agriculture.

  • Ag PhD Iron Talk

    5 seasons

    Equipment technology is constantly evolving. In these Iron Talk segments taken from Ag PhD, Darren Hefty discusses the latest trends in equipment technology. If you’re looking for anything that has to do with tractors, combines, planters, tillage, trucks, and fleet management, including researc...

  • Ag PhD Show Segments

    5 seasons

    Each week on Ag PhD, Brian and Darren go in-depth into various agronomic topics, covering anything that could help your crops grow better.

  • Ag PhD Weed of the Week

    5 seasons

    In these Weed of the Week segments taken from Ag PhD, Brian and Darren Hefty discuss hundreds of yield-robbing weeds and how to kill them out in your fields.

  • Ag PhD Winter Workshops

    7 items

    Thanks for joining us for the 2023 Ag PhD Winter Workshops! To submit a question during the live event, enter it in the comment section below the video. (Only available on a computer or mobile device)

    If you're unable to catch the livestream, a recorded version of each workshop will be availabl...

  • Neal Kinsey Soil & Fertility Seminar

    3 items

    Save the date, February 21st - 23rd!

  • Behind the Scenes at the Ag PhD Field Day

    Glenn Herz, Ag PhD Research Lead, gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the planning, plot preparation, and planting that leads up to the annual Ag PhD Field Day.