Ag PhD Weed of the Week

Ag PhD Weed of the Week

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In these Weed of the Week segments taken from Ag PhD, Brian and Darren Hefty discuss hundreds of yield-robbing weeds and how to kill them out in your fields.

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Ag PhD Weed of the Week
  • Bull Thistle | Ag PhD

    Episode 1312

    The Hefty brothers discuss controlling bull thistle in crop ground and non-crop ground.

  • Compass Plant | Ag PhD

    Episode 1311

    This perennial forb is not usually a terrible threat to your crop, but Brian and Darren can help you understand the best ways to handle compass plant.

  • Volunteer Soybeans | Ag PhD

    Episode 1310

    Darren and Brian Hefty talk about the best ways to get rid of volunteer soybeans in corn, soybeans, and wheat.

  • Cursed Crowfoot | Ag PhD

    Episode 1309

    This buttercup is not only a yield robber, but a livestock killer. Brian and Darren talk cursed crowfoot control in pastures, wheat, soybeans, and corn.

  • Palmer Pigweed | Ag PhD

    Episode 1308

    The Hefty brothers discuss the challenge of controlling Palmer pigweed (AKA Palmer amaranth) in soybeans and other crops.

  • Western Whorled Milkweed | Ag PhD

    Episode 1307

    Whorled milkweed is a tough perennial with rhizomes that kills pasture animals. Get it under control with Brian and Darren's prescription for eliminating this dangerous weed.

  • Kochia
    Episode 1306


    Episode 1306

    Kochia can be a challenging weed for many farmers. Brian and Darren offer some advice and herbicide options for controlling this weed.

  • Yellow Nutsedge

    Episode 1305

    Brian says he loves talking about this weird weed that is not a grass nor a broadleaf. The four things you need to stop this highly misidentified sedge.

  • Blackseed Plantain

    Episode 1304

    Brian and Darren discuss control options to get blackseed plantain under control on the farm and in your lawn.

  • Stink Grass

    Episode 1303

    Brian and Darren Hefty share their trick to stop this foul smelling summer annual in wheat.

  • Lambsquarters

    Episode 1302

    Brian and Darren Hefty discuss identification of and control methods for lambsquarters.

  • Spotted Spurge

    Episode 1301

    This summer annual can be nuisance in your yards and landscaping during the hottest parts of the year. Brian and Darren tell us how to easily control spotted spurge in corn, soybeans, wheat, and your lawn.

  • Scouring Rush

    Episode 1300

    Brian and Darren discuss the challenge of getting rid of scouring rush in your crop fields.

  • Volunteer Corn

    Episode 1299

    Volunteer corn is the worst yield robber among all weeds! Brian and Darren think this year will be a difficult one for unwanted corn. All the control answers for your crops in this episode.

  • Waterhemp
    Episode 1298


    Episode 1298

    Darren and Brian Hefty discuss identification of waterhemp and what products you should use to get it under control on your farm.

  • Puncturevine

    Episode 1297

    This summer annual is a sharp weed found in crops and lawns. Brian and Darren give you the two product choices they recommend to eliminate puncturevine.

  • Yellow Woodsorrel

    Episode 1296

    Learn about control options you could use if you have yellow woodsorrel in your lawn.

  • Crabgrass
    Episode 1295


    Episode 1295

    Brian and Darren are no fan of crabgrass in their lawns, corn, soybeans, and wheat. They talk about how you can eliminate this always growing weed problem.

  • Catchweed Bedstraw

    Episode 1294

    Brian and Darren discuss identifying catchweed bedstraw and what products will control it in corn, soybeans, wheat, and lawns.

  • Musk Thistle

    Episode 1293

    This biennial can tower over your fields if you don't get a high-dose to it early. Brian and Darren talk the specifics of musk thistle control for pastures.

  • Redroot Pigweed

    Episode 1292

    The Hefty brothers discuss how to identify and control redroot pigweed.

  • Johnsongrass

    Episode 1291

    This is quite a difficult perennial to stop on your farm. Brian & Darren talk johnsongrass control in soybeans, corn, wheat, and alfalfa.