Ag PhD Weed of the Week

Ag PhD Weed of the Week

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In these Weed of the Week segments taken from Ag PhD, Brian and Darren Hefty discuss hundreds of yield-robbing weeds and how to kill them out in your fields.

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Ag PhD Weed of the Week
  • Virginia Ground Cherry

    Episode 1264

    Brian and Darren discuss identifying and controlling Virginia ground cherry.

  • Velvetleaf

    Episode 1263

    This annual large-seeded-broadleaf is not difficult to manage. Brian and Darren Hefty talk velvetleaf control in corn, soybeans, and wheat.

  • Pineapple Weed

    Episode 1262

    Learn how to control pineapple weed on and around the farm.

  • Ivyleaf Morningglory

    Episode 1261

    Learn about options to control ivyleaf morningglory in corn, soybeans, and wheat.

  • Wild Carrot

    Episode 1260

    You may find wild carrot in pastures and especially in your ditches. Brian and Darren tell you what to spray in the fall to control this not-so-tasty weed.

  • Wild Oats
    Episode 1259

    Wild Oats

    Episode 1259

    Wild oats can be a yield robber, especially in wheat. Learn how to get this troublesome weed under control in various crops.

  • Barnyardgrass

    Episode 1258

    Barnyardgrass is an annual grass weed with no ligules that can easily be controlled in corn, soybeans, and wheat.

  • Toothed Spurge

    Episode 1257

    The Hefty brothers discuss control options for toothed spurge.

  • Shepherd's Purse

    Episode 1256

    This winter annual broadleaf is easier to control if you start in the fall. Brian and Darren give you all you need to know about Shepherd's Purse in corn, soybeans, and wheat.

  • Bur Cucumber

    Episode 1255

    Learn about herbicide control options if you have bur cucumber in your fields.

  • Volunteer Canola

    Episode 1254

    The canola you planted last season is now coming up in this year's corn and soybeans. Don't worry, Brian and Darren have the answers to control that unwanted canola.

  • Wild Buckwheat

    Episode 1253

    The Hefty brothers discuss herbicide options to control wild buckwheat on the farm.

  • Texas Panicum

    Episode 1252

    Brian and Darren discuss herbicide options you could use for controlling Texas panicum.

  • Foxtail Barley

    Episode 1251

    Foxtail barley can be tough to get under control. Darren and Brian discuss some herbicides you could use on your farm.

  • Leafy Spurge

    Episode 1250

    Brian and Darren discuss the challenges that come with managing leafy spurge in the field.

  • Bromegrass

    Episode 1249

    Brian and Darren discuss herbicides you could use to control bromegrass in your fields.

  • Common Burdock

    Episode 1248

    Learn how to control common burdock in shelterbelts, pastures, and crop ground.

  • Wild Four O'Clock

    Episode 1247

    The Hefty brothers talk about the best products to use to control wild four o-clock on the farm.

  • Green Pepperweed

    Episode 1246

    The Weed of the week is the annual Green Pepperweed. Brian and Darren Hefty offer the right inputs to control this annoyance in wheat, corn, and soybeans.

  • Tansy Mustard

    Episode 1245

    The Hefty brothers discuss options for controlling tansy mustard on the farm.

  • Italian Ryegrass

    Episode 1244

    Italian ryegrass is an all too common weed in winter wheat. Brian and Darren Hefty tell you about a great new mode of action to help you with this week's Weed of the Week.

  • Volunteer Trees

    Episode 1243

    Brian and Darren Hefty talk about various ways to control volunteer trees in fields and pastures.

  • Curlycup Gumweed

    Episode 1242

    The Weed of the Week is curlycup gumweed. The Hefty brothers tell us how to control this pasture weed.

  • Volunteer Alfalfa

    Episode 1241

    Darren and Brian Hefty discuss the challenge of getting volunteer alfalfa under control on the farm.