Ag PhD Ag Minute

Ag PhD Ag Minute

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A companion piece to Ag PhD, the Ag Minute is a weekly 60-second vignette designed to provide a quick burst of insight into how and why farmers do what they do.

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Ag PhD Ag Minute
  • Farmers Diversify Crops | Ag PhD

    Episode 1193

    There's a reason farmers don't plant just one crop each year. Darren Hefty says variety is the spice of life, and good for your yield, too.

  • Farmers Like Snow | Ag PhD

    Episode 1192

    Darren Hefty explains why farmers may like having some snow on their crops.

  • Cold Can Be Good | Ag PhD

    Episode 1191

    It might sound like cold comfort, but frosty weather can be advantageous for your farm? Darren Hefty uncovers the benefits of cold days in today's Ag Minute.

  • Calcium and Magnesium | Ag PhD

    Episode 1190

    It's not just the big nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium that can make great crops. Find out about two other nutrients that can help soils be more productive.

  • Composting on the Farm | Ag PhD

    Episode 1189

    Darren Hefty talks about how the world is turning what was once considered waste, into a natural way to feed future crops.

  • Fall Tillage | Ag PhD

    Episode 1188

    Darren Hefty talks about various reasons that farmers are out tilling fields in the fall.

  • Piles o' Corn | Ag PhD

    Episode 1187

    Why is grain sometimes seen sitting in huge piles? Darren Hefty helps you get to the bottom of it in today's Ag Minute.

  • Fertilizer Rates | Ag PhD

    Episode 1186

    There are many things you cannot control when growing plants, but you can control how much plant food you apply. Darren explains how farmers decide how much fertilizer to put on their fields.

  • Fallen Late-Season Corn | Ag PhD

    Episode 1185

    Darren Hefty talks tipsy harvest corn in today's Ag Minute.

  • Late Night Harvest | Ag PhD

    Episode 1184

    Darren Hefty explains why you'll sometimes see farmers harvesting through the night.

  • Shatter Loss | Ag PhD

    Episode 1333

    Why are soybeans harvested so quickly? In this Ag Minute, Darren Hefty explains why a timely harvest prevents shatter loss due to weather, drying, and disease.

  • Fall Lady Beetle Control | Ag PhD

    Episode 1182

    Find out how to stop lady beetles from invading your home or shop this fall.

  • Corn Residue | Ag PhD

    Episode 1181

  • Deep Tillage | Ag PhD

    Episode 1180

    Darren Hefty explains why farmers sometimes till a little deeper in their fields.

  • What is Different About Silage Harvest? | Ag PhD

    Episode 1179

    Chopping silage isn't the same as harvesting for corn kernels. Darren Hefty explains what goes into raising this crop used for livestock feed.

  • Fall Pasture Management | Ag PhD

    Episode 1178

    09/17/23 Ag MInute #1178

  • Why Is There Foam In Rivers? | Ag PhD

    Episode 1177

    Bubble trouble? What causes the foam you sometimes see in rivers? Darren Hefty explains the likely cause of this foamy phenomenon.

  • Farmers Are Environmentalists | Ag PhD

    Episode 1176

    Darren talks about why American farmers care about and protect the land they farm on.

  • Late Summer Insects | Ag PhD

    Episode 1175

    It's never too late for uninvited dinner guests to feast on your harvest. Darren Hefty reminds you stay vigilant for late-season pests.

  • Gypsum Fertilizer and Drywall | Ag PhD

    Episode 1174

    Learn about the possibility of using drywall waste as farm fertilizer.

  • A Wind Workout | Ag PhD

    Episode 1173

    Darren Hefty talks about a useful way Mother Nature prepares corn for the future.

  • Weeds On Field Borders | Ag PhD

    Episode 1172

    Darren explains why farmers sometimes control weeds around their fields.

  • Hot Crops | Ag PhD

    Episode 1171

    Plants like it hot. Darren Hefty explains how crops can thrive in extreme heat.

  • Acres Of Pasture Per Cow | Ag PhD

    Episode 1170

    Learn how farmers and ranchers maximize grass production in pastures.