Ag PhD Ag Minute

Ag PhD Ag Minute

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A companion piece to Ag PhD, the Ag Minute is a weekly 60-second vignette designed to provide a quick burst of insight into how and why farmers do what they do.

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Ag PhD Ag Minute
  • Carbon
    Episode 1152


    Episode 1152

    Darren Hefty talks about carbon credits and how farmers can help in the fight against climate change.

  • No Till Weeds

    Episode 1151

    How do no till farmers eliminate "super weeds" like marestail and dandelions? Darren Hefty explains strategies for weed control in fields without tillage.

  • Acidic Soil and Lime

    Episode 1150

    Darren Hefty explains why farmers sometimes apply lime, or calcium carbonate, to their soils.

  • Seed Bed Preparation

    Episode 1149

    It takes the perfect seed bed to get the perfect crop. Today Darren talks about tillage and soil conditions to get the seed off to a good start.

  • Phosphorus Fertilizer

    Episode 1148

    Have you ever wondered where fertilizer actually comes from? Darren Hefty explains in this week's Ag Minute.

  • Early Corn Planting

    Episode 1147

    How early is too early to plant? Darren Hefty talks about the many factors that need to be considered before you put the seed in the soil.

  • Cold Temperatures Are Good For Soil

    Episode 1146

    Learn why freezing weather can be a benefit for farmers when it comes to soils in winter.

  • White Mold in Wet Weather

    Episode 1145

    Farmers sometimes pray for rain. Yet, today Darren Hefty talks about how too much rain can bring a killer disease to some crops.

  • Salt and Plants

    Episode 1144

    Darren Hefty talks about how too much salt is harmful to plants.

  • Refuge Corn Hybrids

    Episode 1143

    Darren Hefty talks about why farmers almost always have different types of corn plants in one field.

  • Pounds Of Pressure On Soil

    Episode 1142

    Learn about one way that farmers decide whether or not they should be in fields in the spring.

  • Drought Fixes

    Episode 1141

    What can farmers do after a drought season? Darren Hefty says extra tillage and fertility testing are two ways you can get next year's crops ready after a dry year.