Ag PhD Iron Talk

Ag PhD Iron Talk

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Equipment technology is constantly evolving. In these Iron Talk segments taken from Ag PhD, Darren Hefty discusses the latest trends in equipment technology. If you’re looking for anything that has to do with tractors, combines, planters, tillage, trucks, and fleet management, including research and maintenance, these are the videos for you.

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Ag PhD Iron Talk
  • Spray Boom Care | Ag PhD

    Episode 1290

    Darren Hefty talks about protecting your spray boom from corrosion.

  • Incorporating Soybean Herbicides | Ag PhD

    Episode 1289

    Do you need to till in your pre-emerge soybean herbicides? The answer depends on your product. Some must be instantly incorporated, Darren breaks it down in today's Iron Talk.

  • Engine Coolant | Ag PhD

    Episode 1288

    Darren Hefty goes over the steps to take to keep your tractor's engine coolant system in good shape.

  • 3RIVE 3D System | Ag PhD

    Episode 1287

    What if your insecticide could get 50% more surface area in the furrow? Foam may be the future of farming.

  • Dry Seed Treatments | Ag PhD

    Episode 1286

    Darren offers tips on getting the most out of your dry planter box seed treatments.

  • Fertilizer Storage Tanks | Ag PhD

    Episode 1285

    Everything you need to know about keeping bulk inputs on your farm from Darren Hefty.

  • DEF Storage | Ag PhD

    Episode 1284

    Darren Hefty talks about best practices for storing DEF in cold temperatures.

  • Your Combine After Harvest | Ag PhD

    Episode 1283

    You finally finished the harvest, but you're not done with the combine just yet. Darren gives you his late-fall checklist to insure it is ready the next time you start it up.

  • Shatter Loss In Corn | Ag PhD

    Episode 1282

    Learn how to calculate shatter loss in corn, and steps you could take to reduce your losses.

  • Deep Fertilizer Placement | Ag PhD

    Episode 1281

    Putting fertilizer 10-16 inches into your soil has several benefits says Darren Hefty. Fall is the best time to drop your shanks in your fields.

  • Tillage Performance | Ag PhD

    Episode 1280

    Darren Hefty explains the value of getting behind your tillage implement to evaluate its performance.

  • Raise Your Yields with Lime | Ag PhD

    Episode 1279

    Applying a little calcium carbonate could be the difference in keeping a consistent high yield on your farm. Darren talks the importance of pH in today's Iron Talk.

  • Combine Automation | Ag PhD

    Episode 1278

    Darren has some pointers on how to improve your harvest by using tools such as AFS Harvest Command from Case IH.

  • Fall Drain Tile System Maintenance | Ag PhD

    Episode 1277

    Autumn is the perfect time to take a deeper examination into the drain tile systems on your farm.

  • Spraying In Challenging Field Conditions | Ag PhD

    Episode 1276

    Darren Hefty talks about minimizing compaction and successfully spraying with the 50 Series Patriot Sprayer from Case IH.

  • Cone Bottom Bins | Ag PhD

    Episode 1275

    Darren says a sturdy new cone bottom vertical grain bin can be expensive, but can also be a big money-maker on your farm.

  • Dealing With Downed Corn | Ag PhD

    Episode 1274

    Darren Hefty talks about chopping up downed corn stalks, and how to identify and fix the problem for next year.

  • Harvesting with Air Reels | Ag PhD

    Episode 1273

    If your soybeans, wheat, or lentils are leaning you may need a special tool to harvest them. Darren Hefty discusses lodging causes and solutions in this Iron Talk.

  • Chopping Corn Heads | Ag PhD

    Episode 1272

    Darren explains the benefits of installing automatic bin fan controls on your grain bins.

  • Preventing Combine Fires | Ag PhD

    Episode 1271

    Safety first says Darren Hefty. Keeping a clean machine is the first step in avoiding a tragedy this harvest.

  • Grain Bin Fan Controls | Ag PhD

    Episode 1270

    Darren talks about the benefits of adding automatic bin fan controls.

  • Spraying Near Bees | Ag PhD

    Episode 1269

    Darren Hefty tells us how you can control insects and still not harm the bees.

  • Cover Crop Seeding | Ag PhD

    Episode 1268

    Darren Hefty talks about the challenge of seeding cover crop blend.

  • Wheat Burndown | Ag PhD

    Episode 1267

    Darren Hefty gives advice on the best products and equipment to keep your harvested wheat field clean of weeds.